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The Ultimate Guide on How to Make a Tribute Video

Posted on: Dec. 09, 2019

Summary: Check out this how-to guide on making a tribute video. Keep on reading and learn the detailed steps of how to make a tribute video for your loved one and the practical tips on how to create meaning memorial tribute videos.

Honor the life of your loved one by creating a memorial tribute video. Say goodbye to a family member or friend in a meaningful way with a tribute video.

However, it's never been easier to make a memorial tribute video. This blog will show you everything you need to know about making a memorial tribute video. Follow us and learn how to make emotional and meaningful tribute videos with minimal efforts.

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Part 1 Step-by-Step Tutorial for How to Make a Tribute Video

Step 1 Choose the Footage for Your Tribute Video

Make a tribute video step 1: choose footage

Image Board: Make a tribute video step 1: choose footage

You will feel overwhelmed when sitting in front of a mountain of photos or video clips. How can you pick the perfect footage for a memorial video from such many resources?

Do not worry! Here we show you some examples to help you pick the footage for your tribute video easier. Consider the photos or clips that:

  • Show the hobbies, passions, and personality of the person.
  • Showcase relationships with family, friends, or other community.
  • Highlight special moments and memories, such as births, graduations, holidays, weddings.

Keep in mind, the tribute video should reflect the person’s life, and it should help people honor and remember their loved ones. So make sure your footage can tell an engaging story and show the full spectrum of the person's life.

Step 2 Choose the Music for Your Tribute Video

Music is an essential emotion in your tribute video. Select a song that represents the person to accompany your video. The music you add will envelop the video and level up the memorial tribute.

Choosing the right music for the tribute video can be tricky. Generally, gentle instrumental music and peaceful music must be your best choices. Besides, warm guitar chords with smooth vocals and a soft drum beat are another good option for the memorial video background music. You can also pick the person’s favorite song as the background music if it fits the flow of the tribute video.

Note:When you're choosing the music for the tribute video, you should pay attention to the music copyright. If not, you could end up in hot water. Learn more about How to Get Permission to Use a Song for Your Video.

Step 3 Choose a Tribute Video Maker to Create Your Memorial Video

There are several tools you can use to create a memorial tribute video. iMovie by Apple, Windows Movie Maker by Windows, and some by Adobe are among the common ones.

But here, we want to share an easy-to-use and powerful online tribute video maker for you to create your memorial video.

The Best Tribute Video Maker - FlexClip

  • Easy to use. No video-making experience required!
  • Online video maker. No download!
  • Incredible features, like add text, music, record voice-over, etc.
  • Powerful editing tools: video/music trimmer, text editor, recorder, etc.
  • Abundant free resources: dynamic texts, images, clip, music, etc.
Get Started Free Now

Step 4 Start Creating Your Tribute Video

Once you've got your footage, music, and tool ready, it's time to start making your tribute video.

Go to FlexClip with Chrome, register your account and Get Started Free to create a new video project. You can start with a video template or start from scratch, here we choose the latter.

# 1 Upload your tribute video footage. Go to the storyboard to add your photos and clips with the "+" button.

Upload footage

Image Board: Upload footage

# 2 Add text to your tribute video. Pick a dynamic text effect you like and enter the text. Then you can change the font, adjust its color, size, position, etc

Aad text

Image Board: Add text

# 3 Upload the music to your tribute video. Go to the Music section to upload your music by Browse Your File. FlexClip’s media library also offers millions of free music that you can use in your tribute video.

Upload music

Image Board: Upload music

# 4 (Optional )Make more edits and effects to your tribute video. Split and trim your video, record voice-over, add transitions and animations, etc.

More edits

Image Board: More edits

# 5 Finally, preview and save your tribute video.

Part 2 Practical Tips For Tribute Videos

Diversify content (but avoid making it too long)

Diversifying content allows you to personalize the memorial in unique ways. But you should never make a long, exhausting tribute video. Regardless of what you use, your tribute video shouldn't last longer than 10 minutes.

Gather the footage in chronological order to tell the life story

Chronological order is the most popular way to organize your footage and do it in this way can tell the story of the person’s life in a beautiful way, from beginning to end.

Pro Tip: Group your photos and clips by topic ( like "growing up", "friends", "school", "taking care of business") is another excellent way to gather your footage for the tribute video.

Include a beginning and an end in the tribute video

It is fashionable to display the person's name at the beginning and a phrase at the ending. Create a title card in the opening of the tribute video will tell viewers what they are about to watch. Do not let your video stop suddenly; just make a simple phrase to end the video gently.

Check in with the whole family

Make sure every family member is happy with the tribute video to avoid any hard feelings. You can achieve this by encouraging them to give you photos and video clips.

Remember, tribute videos aren't just for funerals

Keep in mind, never limit the tribute video to the funeral! This particular video can be presented as part of the funeral or memorial service and can often bring a positive atmosphere of celebration. Get creative and create tribute videos for birthdays, weddings, graduations, or even anniversaries and other celebration occasions!

Don't let your precious memories fade away! Team up with FlexClip video maker to make those memories extra memorable with a tribute video honoring all the things.

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