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[Quick and Easy] Make Great Graduation Videos Online for Free

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Summary: This blog aims at providing some graduation video making tips and detailed steps to make graduation videos and slideshows. Follow us to learn how to make a more memorable graduation video and slideshow quickly and easily.

Graduation day is a big day for the graduate as well as their parents. Making a graduation video is a great way to celebrate this import event for the graduate. Customizing a unique video to capture those fantastic memories is also a lovely gift that parents can give to their children on the day. There is no doubt that a valuable graduation video will be treasured even more as time goes by. Such a great idea it is! Why not you make it now.

In this blog, we shared some tips about making graduation video. In addition, it is also focused on the detailed steps for making graduation video online for free.

In this blog, we will talk about how to add text in iMovie for both Mac and iOS mobile devices. Besides that, we will also share a best iMovie alternative for adding text.

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Part 1: Prepare for the Graduation Video Making

Here are what you need for making a graduation video:

*Graduation video clips or photos

*Background music

*A free online graduation video maker application – FlexClip

How to Make Graduation Videos with FlexClip

FlexClip – Free and Easiest-to-use Online Graduation Video Maker

Handy Video Editing. The easy-to-understand editing process of FlexClip allows everyone to create videos in minutes, no video design experience is required!

Professional Editing Tools. FlexClip is equipped with extensive editing tools to make your video perfect, like video merger, music trimmer. Those professional editing tools can meet all of your needs: combining multiple video clips and photos into one single video in a few minutes, adding background music and editing it to match your video perfectly.

Rich Elements. There are lots of dynamic text animations, photos, and videos resources built in FlexClip. With those exquisite multiple resources, you can achieve a far more attractive video.

Real-Time Preview. Preview your videos while editing in real time. What you see is what you get!

Steps for Making a Graduation Video with FlexClip

Step 1: Visit FlexClip main page with Chrome and sign up for free. Click on Get Started-Free to create a new project.

Step 2: Add photos or video clips to the storyboard by clicking the "+" button.

Making Graduation Video Step 2

Image Board: Making Graduation Video - Step 2

Step 3: Add text or logo to the video or photo by clicking on "T" button on the sidebar.

Making Graduation Video Step 3

Image Board: Making Graduation Video - Step 3

Step 4: Click on the "Music" icon to upload music from the computer and then set it as background music.

Making Graduation Video Step 4

Image Board: Making Graduation Video - Step 4

Step 5: Preview and export. Click on the Preview button. Download the video or continue editing.

Making Graduation Video Step 5

Image Board: Making Graduation Video - Step 5

Part 3 Tips on Making Great Graduation Videos or Slideshows

1. Photos or video clips selection to make your graduation video simpler

Absolutely, there are lots of photos that the graduates took in their graduation day, but it is not wise to add all of them into your video. Make sure what you really want to record for the graduation day. Select the memorable and enjoyable moments to create a simpler video.

2. Add music to make your graduation video more attractive

A piece of perfect background music makes the video more vivid and attractive.Finding your best video background music is much helpful for your graduation video making. Do not forget that those graduation songs can be the best choice of background music for your graduation video, such as "Graduation (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C, "My Wish" by Holly Tucker and so on.

3. Add quotes or wishes to make your graduation video more thoughtful

To make your graduation video more thoughtful, it is advisable to add some quotes or wishes on the video. A favorite quote or belief helps you to keep persevering! Sweet wishes come from families or close friends contain their love and blessing, it's worth keeping forever.

4. Capture the most important moments to make your graduation video more meaningful

Beyond all doubt, there are many important and special events during the graduation day, while what are the most memorable moments. Here are two moments that never miss adding to the graduation video for the graduates, which are worth being with you throughout their life. The one is that when you get your degree or receive the achievement certificate. Another one, when you throw out your hats with your classmates together.

The Bottom Line

The above focuses on some tips and detailed steps for making a great graduation video. With FlexClip and above graduation video making tips, you can create a great graduation video easily and quickly for free. Actually, FlexClip not only can help you make graduation video but also can assist you to create many other videos, such as Anniversary Video, Training Video and so on. So helpful this software is, why not you go to FlexClip main page to have a try and explore more.

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