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Top Wedding Invitation Makers to Create Loving Wedding Invitation Videos without Watermark

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021
This post is also available in:Chinese(Traditional)
In this blog, we summarized the top free wedding invitation video makers online to help you create a romantic watermark-free wedding invitation video. Check out these excellent wedding invitation video makers online and decide which one is the best.

Marriage is for twos, wedding, however, is for all to come together and send best wishes. A unique wedding invitation can surely make your big day more lively and fun.

Gone are days when people like to get paper invitations. At present, it is a trend to work on wedding invitation videos. If you are creative enough, you are not likely to have the same wedding invitation videos with others. Moreover, you can easily send wedding invitation videos through social media. That is to say, you don’t have to meet someone in person to send the invitation.

This blog introduces you three easy-to-use wedding invitation video makers and shows you how to use them to create a loving wedding invitation video. Some tips and ideas are also followed.

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Wedding Invitation Video Templates

Save The Date Invitation 2
Save The Date Invitation 2
Use This Template
Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation
Use This Template
Free Wedding Invitation Video Maker Online without Watermark

Best Online Wedding Invitation Video Maker without Watermark - FlexClip

FlexClip is a wedding invitation video maker online that is user friendly for all. Numerous wedding invitation video templates offer you endless ideas and saves from confusion. You can also start from scratch with easy-to-use and powerful video editing tools like photo animation, transitions, video speed changer. They help you realize all your ideas in clicks. No editing skills, no download required.

Now, click the Create a Video button and follow the steps below to get started. You are also welcomed to view more templates for more inspirations.

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video

Step 1
Pick one template, drag and drop to add all your photos and videos to the Media section. Click on the "+" button will also do.
How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 1

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 1

Step 2
Tap on the “Text” to select dynamic text animation you like and enter text.
How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 2

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 2

Step 3
Go to the Music section to add background music to the invitation video.
How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 3

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 3

Step 4
Add some interesting emojis or special effects to level up your video.
How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 4

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 4

Step 5
Preview and save. If you are satisfied with the wedding invitation video, save it to your computer or send it to your friends.

Best Wedding Invitation Video Maker Online - Inviter

Inviter is a website specialized in creating all kinds of invitation videos. It provides all sorts of wedding invitation templates and you can search them according to your needs. Log in to download directly or make edits. The results won't contain any watermark. However, some wedding invitation templates are only for premium, which means you have to pay for a single template.

Inviter doesn't provide users much room for editing. All you have to do for creating a wedding invitation video is picking the right template, replacing the text and photos/videos.

Wedding Invitation Video Maker No Watermark - Inviter

Wedding Invitation Video Maker No Watermark - Inviter

Best Wedding Invitation Video Maker Online No Watermark - Makewebvideo

Makewebvideo is also a video editor with numerous elegant wedding invitation video templates. Even though each wedding invitation video template has a price tag below, you can create a low-resolution version without watermark.

Wedding invitation video templates from Makewebvideo are quite versatile. You can use them anywhere you like.

Wedding Invitation Video Maker No Watermark - Makewebvideo

Wedding Invitation Video Maker No Watermark - Makewebvideo

Tips & Ideas to Make a Wedding Invitation Video

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you make a special wedding invitation video.

Words you fill

As for a wedding invitation video, you can simply put words like “You Are Invited.....”. Some couples can also show their love story or how the groom proposed. All these ideas are OK. No matter what you want to add, don’t forget your names, time & date and where the wedding will be held.

Stick to the theme

The pictures and video clips should match with each other from beginning to the end. A wedding invitation video that starts with romantic floral scenes and ends with a carton image may be strange. Besides that, it is also suggested you use the same light and filters for the whole video.

Get proper music

Soft and romantic country music can never be wrong with a wedding invitation video. You can also use some fun music to make the invitation more interesting. Check the top 8 video background music resources. If necessary, adding voice over to the video would be cool.

Your families

Most wedding invitation videos are made in the name of the couple, but maybe your parents or other families have their friends to invite. Try to introduce them and invite people in their names.

Wedding invitation video length

The best wedding invitation video length is about 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Don’t make it too short or too long.

The Bottom Line

With the above ideas and the best wedding invitation video maker, FlexClip, an excellent invitation video is only a few clicks away. Make a unique wedding invitation video right now! Besides wedding invitation video, FlexClip also helps you make other videos like Tik Tok video, Facebook cover video. Refer to other blogs to know more. If you find this post helpful, share it with others.

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