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Last Updated: Sep. 30, 2020

Summary: This blog tells you where to find beautiful wedding invitation video templates, besides that, it also offers you an easy-to-operate wedding invitation video maker FlexClip to help bring more people to celebrate your big day. Keep reading and get more.

Marriage is for twos, wedding, however, is for all to come together and send best wishes. A unique wedding invitation can surely make your big day more lively and fun.

Gone are days when people like to get paper invitations. At present, it is a trend to work on wedding invitation videos. If you are creative enough, you are not likely to have the same wedding invitation videos with others. Moreover, you can easily send wedding invitation videos through social media. That is to say, you don’t have to meet someone in person to send the invitation.

This blog offers you one-stop service in making a special wedding invitation video. Keep reading to know where to get templates and detailed steps to create one. Some ideas and tips are followed.

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Wedding Invitation Video Template

Wedding Video Invitation

Wedding Video Invitation

Free Wedding Invitation Video Maker Online without Watermark

To begin with, FlexClip is friendly to all. As for greenhands, it is easy to catch up. If you are experienced in video editing, its powerful editing tools realize all your ideas. Moreover, you have access to FlexClip’s elegant video templates and rich media resources like music, video clips and photos to level up your video. Last but not least, it is completely free to use FlexClip. The exported wedding invitation video will contain no watermark.

Now, click the Create a Video button and follow the steps below to get started. If you have no ideas, view more templates to be inspired.

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video

Step 1 Click the “+” button to add photos and video clips from your computer or the stock library to the storyboard.

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 1

Image Board: How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 1

Step 2 Tap on the “Text” to select dynamic text animation you like and enter text.

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 2

Image Board: How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 2

Step 3 Go to the Music section to add background music to the invitation video.

How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 3

Image Board: How to Make a Wedding Invitation Video - Step 3

Step 4 Preview and save. If you are satisfied with the wedding invitation video, save it to your computer or send it to your friends.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you make a special wedding invitation video.

Words you fill

As for a wedding invitation video, you can simply put words like “You Are Invited.....”. Some couples can also show their love story or how the groom proposed. All these ideas are OK. No matter what you want to add, don’t forget your names, time & date and where the wedding will be held.

Stick to the theme

The pictures and video clips should match with each other from beginning to the end. A wedding invitation video that starts with romantic floral scenes and ends with a carton image may be strange. Besides that, it is also suggested you use the same light and filters for the whole video.

Get proper music

Soft and romantic country music can never be wrong with a wedding invitation video. You can also use some fun music to make the invitation more interesting. Check the top 8 video background music resources. If necessary, adding voice over to the video would be cool.

Your families

Most wedding invitation videos are made in the name of the couple, but maybe your parents or other families have their friends to invite. Try to introduce them and invite people in their names.

Wedding invitation video length

The best wedding invitation video length is about 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Don’t make it too short or too long.

The Bottom Line

With the above ideas and the best wedding invitation video maker, FlexClip, an excellent invitation video is only a few clicks away. Make a unique wedding invitation video right now! Besides wedding invitation video, FlexClip also helps you make other videos like Tik Tok video, Facebook cover video. Refer to other blogs to know more. If you find this post helpful, share it with others.

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