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Vintage Video Guide: How to Give Your Video a Vintage Look

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Last Updated: Jul. 23, 2020

Summary: Here is an easy guide showing you how to create a vintage look for your video. Check it out and make your own vintage video with great ease.

Recently, vintage videos have become extremely popular among social media, especially Instagram. Such videos will give the very modern social media a nostalgic feel. And we all love the vintage video that reminds us of footage from old films, don’t we?

Depict video: Vintage Video

If you want to try to create a vintage video, give your modern video an old-film feel, you’ll be happy with this post. Read below our complete guide on how to make a video look vintage via a lot of ways, from vintage footage shooting to retro video post-production. Create your own stunning vintage video with these video tips now.

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Vintage Video Shooting Tips

Here are several tips you need to know to get some vintage footage. Follow us to make your footage looks like an old-film's.

Shooting with Vintage Lenses

One of the easiest and most direct ways of getting vintage look footage is to shoot with a vintage lens. They tend to distort colors around the edge of the frame when you are shooting, which is perfect for a vintage video.

Turn Down the Sharpness

We all know that the images of a vintage video degrade over time. So you should turn down the sharpness in your camera menu settings when you want to shoot vintage footage.

Change the Frame Rate

May you have noticed that vintage videos always look a bit choppy and scratched. How can you achieve this effect when shooting? Just lower your camera’s FPS now!

Vintage Video Editing Tips

Edit makes a video perfect! And you can also give your video a vintage look via editing. Here, we’ll show how you can make your video look retro using a free online video editor, FlexClip.

FlexClip video editor comes with abundant video templates, and you can view the templates for inspirations or start making your video vintage from scratch directly.

Add Vintage-Style Filters

Adding a vintage-style filter is the quickest way to give your video a vintage look. There are various custom filters you can use to make your video go vintage in FlexClip. Here we’re going to introduce the most popular ones to you.

Grayscale Filters

A grayscale filter can make your video go black & white by removing the color on your footage, and then your video may seem like an old film pre-1940s.

Grayscale Filters

Image board: Grayscale Filters

Sepia Filters

Sepia filters are less severe and somber than Grayscale ones. Their warm and brown tint can remind you of the passage of time and old memories.

Sepia Filters

Image board: Sepia Filters

More Vintage-Style Filters

Besides, Vintage filters and Retro Filters also are good choices for you to give you video a retro look. You can try them out to age your video clip.

More Vintage-Style Filters

Image board: More Vintage-Style Filters

Start Color Grading

Color grading can also make your video seems much older. Here are some tips for you to make your video looks vintage by color grading.

Low Contrast, Low Highlights, Low Saturation, High Vignette

Color Grading

Image board: Color Grading

As we said before, vintage film degrades with time, so they do not hold black or white levels as well as modern video, and they also lack bright colors. How can you achieve this effect by color grading? Just turn down the contrast, highlights, and saturation.

How about the vignette? It can help you to create a vibe of the darkness and periphery blur that will make your video like an old film. Just add a vignette around the edges of your video to make it feels nostalgic.

Create Retro-Style Intro

The first impression is all most everything! An old-film style intro can help you to set a vintage cinematic tone for your video. Make a retro-style intro to start your video.

FlexClip offers a wide range of stock resources for you to create a vintage intro. Browse its media library for some footage you want to use. Then customize it freely with logo, text, and more.

Depict video: Retro Intro

Add Old Fashion Music

Give your video a vintage tone by adding old fashion music that reminds people of old films. You can search for a specific music track or sound effects in FlexClip’s extensive media library and pick one to apply in your video, or you can also upload your own one from a local folder.

Add Old Fashion Music

Image board: Add Old Fashion Music

Final Words

Hopefully, this vintage video guide can help you make your video look sand feels more vintage like an old film. Happy vintage video making starts now! Do not forget to use FlexClip video editor to make your video looks more retro and level it up.

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