Add Arrows to Video in iMovie to Highlight Items

Last Updated: 2022. 05. 10

When we shoot a video, often we need to highlight a specific object or person in the clip. To make them more prominent and highlighted, arrows are used. The small arrows lingering over an object let’s you add details and attention to minor details that would otherwise be forgotten or ignored.

To create such unique content iMovie is one of the most popularly used platforms. It’s professional results and impressive tools make it the first choice for many. If you also wish to learn how to add arrows to a video in iMovie, then you are at the perfect place.

Explore below to learn the techniques to add arrows to video in iMovie to highlight the items:

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Birthday Typography
Birthday Typography
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Baby Collage
Use This Template

How to Add Arrows to Video in iMovie to Highlight Items

Let’s learn how to add arrows in iMovie that will follow a subject throughout the video. You can create a small circle or other shapes and bring them into iMovie. When you will animate it, it will follow the person along. First of all, you will have to create an arrow or a circle using a graphic app that creates a transparent image like pixelate or Photoshop.

Step 1: Make a nice big red arrow with white borders.

Export this as a transparent image. Then go to format slide layout and change the background to no fill. Otherwise you’ll get a black box with a red arrow in it. Instead of just the red arrow. Now go to file export to and images and in here select the format png. And make sure that export with transparent backgrounds is checked and then export it out.

Step 2: Import Images You Want to Add Arrows

Take any picture in which you want to follow one particular person by having this arrow above. So let’s bring the arrow in here in the iMovie. Create a folder for arrow image and inside it is all of the slides. Just drag that into the timeline here above the clip. Reposition the arrow so it’s all the way to the left and it stretches.

Step 3: Select the Video Overlay

Make sure you select the video overlay settings change from cutaway to picture in picture in the drop down menu. Now you’ll see it as a small picture in picture and its transparent effect. You will notice there are keyframes animation controls click on them to add various keyframes and adjust them.

Step 4: Add Arrows to the Entire Video with Keyframes

Keyframes move the arrow and it’ll do that for the entire video. You could play it back and see the result or you can add a shadow by just clicking the shadow button on the top. When you add that it actually gets a little bit of a dark shadow around the object to make it stand out even more from the video behind it and when you’re done you can always adjust things so you can click at the keyframes and go anywhere where you want to make adjustments.

Step 5: Use the Left and Right Arrows.

Use the left and right arrows in the tools box to go back and forth between all of the keyframes that you’ve set. And adjust any one of them so if something is off, you could adjust it you could also add extra arrows once you identify the jumps between these five frames set above. Going to a keyframe and then maybe advancing two or three adding another keyframe in between those existing two to fine-tune a section or maybe the actions happening a little bit faster.

How to add arrows to a highlight film in iMovie on a Mac

Now you have got a red arrow following the chosen object in the video religiously. Adding an arrow in iMovie is a complicated task that many beginners cannot manage to ace. Below we have another easier way to add an arrow to your video.

An Easier Way to Add Arrows to Video

iMovie is software that requires some practice to perform even simple tasks flawlessly. Especially for the beginners, this becomes a huge NO when they have to add an arrow or a circle following a specific person or object at iMovie.

The better simpler alternative to iMovie is FlexClip. It is a professional video editor that offers numerous arrow animations that are extremely easy to use. You can add the arrows directly to your video. Plus, the other exciting editing features allow you to level up your work like no other.

Here’s a quick tutorial to add arrows to the video with FlexClip.

Step 1. Upload your video clips to the Media section, and add them to the storyboard.

Log in with your account at FlexClip. Go to the Media > Local File to upload your video clips or images that you want to add shapes. You can also get some beautiful clips and photos from Flex Clip’s extensive media library with the Stock. Add your video to the storyboard.

Upload Media Resources to FlexClip

Upload Media Resources to FlexClip

Step 2. Go to Element Section > Arrow. Find one you like.

Now, pick the desired shapes in the Elements section. Simply go to the sidebar and switch to the Elements option, then choose from different shapes, arrows, emojis, bubbles, and more beautiful icons.

Go to the Arrow Section

Go to the Arrow Section

Step 3. Apply to the video

Once you picked the desired shape, you can customize it on the position, size, color, etc. (FlexClip offers you both animated shapes and still ones, if you choose a still one, FlexClip also allows you to add motion to it to make more attractive moving shapes.

Apply the Video to Your Video

Apply the Video to Your Video

Step 4. Export.

Once satisfied with the result just click on the orange button if Export on the top. You will get different file formats to choose your preferred option and the video will be downloaded on your desktop.

The Bottom Line

It takes a huge amount of effort and expertise to add a simple arrow to a video on iMovie. Therefore many content creators and photographers prefer FlexClip because of its easy-to-use and user-friendly procedures. Try it out yourself and get ready to be amazed by astonishing results.

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