How to Add Drop Shadow to Text in Video

Last Updated: 2021. 10. 20

A Drop Shadow is a computer graphics term. It pertains to a computerized drawing that is positioned beneath or relatively close to an object on the screen. Because this graphic imitates a shadow effect, it's usually a dark replica of the original object on a light background.

Drop shadows are mostly used for aesthetic purposes. They give the illusion that an otherwise flat object is raised above its surroundings, appearing three-dimensional. Giving the shadow text soft edges or making the shadow darker in certain places can add more realism. Drop shadows can be used on websites to draw attention to specific written passages or images or general background effects.

How to Add Drop Shadow to Text in Video Online?

The majority of video editors are designed to be used on a computer. You must first download them to your desktop to use them. However, using a free online video editor to add shadow to text is a better option for those who have limited CPU and RAM on their computer or are concerned about security issues. We'll show you the best free method to add drop shadow in text in video online in this blog, so you can add cool drop shadows to text in the video without having to download anything.

FlexClip is an excellent lightweight video editor for those who are new to video editing. It allows you to create videos that are both impactful and enticing, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Its powerful features help content creators and businesses succeed in their fields.

The Following are some of its Key Advantages:

  • Different Fonts Meets all your Needs: Understanding all categories is critical for finding the right fonts for your project personality. Each category has its unique traits (this is sometimes referred to as font psychology). Flexclip's extensive font library will aid you in narrowing down your search and determining the right tone as per your requirement.
  • Beautiful Effects on Texts: Your design will be more appealing if you use attractive text or typography. Flexclip’s web design tool will aid you in the styling of designs by incorporating various text or typography effects like shadow, glow, and hollow.
  • Animations to Animate the Text: Animated designs are very good at grabbing our attention, so use this platform to create a design that stands out from the crowd. Choose from a variety of text animations, including fade, slide, typewriter, flicker, and more, all of which can be further customized.
  • No download, No Register Required: It does not require registration and allows you to create beautiful music clips and slideshows online using photos, clips, and music. All of the essential features are accessible.
  • How to Add Drop Shadow to Text in Video Online

    Step 1
    Drag, Drop the video to the Media Section, and Apply to the Storyboard

    Initially, you have to decide on your working video. Then click on the Create a Video button below. select, drag, and drop the respective to the media section. Once the video is uploaded, apply it to the storyboard where you can make changes as per the need.

    Create a Video View Templates
    Step 2
    Go to the Text Panel and Enter any Text you Like

    Navigate to the Text panel on the right side and write a text of your choice. It could be a heading, sub-heading, or plain text.

    Step 3
    Select the Text, click the Effects on the Top, Choose a Shadow

    Select the entire text, and now you have a variety of effects to choose drop shadow from. Change the shadow direction also accordingly.

    Step 4
    Other Edits

    You can change the size, font, and color too

    Step 5
    Download Your Work

    Once you are satisfied with the overall look & feel. Click the download button to save your final edited video.

    How to Add Drop Shadow to Text in Video on Desktop

    Logos, watermarks, and other types of text animations often lack depth. Animators frequently use the drop shadow to create the 3D effect in the video on desktop using Adobe After Effects. Adding a drop shadow to a text illustrator using Adobe After Effects, below or behind the text during the creation of a handwritten animated text can help the animation look more professional. The simplest process to add a drop shadow to text in the video on a desktop is discussed below:

  • To merge all layers in the animation into a single layer, select them all and hit Precompose before you begin. By selecting the animation layer and pressing the CMD+D keyboard shortcut, you can duplicate it. To make the animation layer a 3D layer, check the 3D checkbox. Alternatively, toggle the switches on modes and select the 3D option. To access the Position properties, press the R button while the animation layer is selected. To reposition the text, adjust the X-rotation and Z-rotation properties, then play to see if both text layers are animating simultaneously.
  • To find the Fill effect, go to the Effect & Presets panel and use the Effects Browser. Drag and drop the effect onto the shadow layer, then use the Effect Controls panel to change its color. To bring up the Opacity parameter, click on the shadow layer and press the T button. Reduce the value to about 20% & start the rendering process. It may take some time, especially if the computer you're using isn't very powerful.
  • How to Create a Drop Shadow Effect in Adobe After Effects

    The Bottom Line

    That's all, for the best way to add a drop shadow to text in video with stunning text animations and how to add a drop shadow to text in your video for free. Have you got your favorite animated text effects? Go to FlexClip to find more and apply your ideal drop shadow to text in your video now. It's so simple! You can now share amazing videos having drop shadow on Instagram, Facebook, and anywhere else you want!

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