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How to Create Your Own Countdown Timer Video

Last Updated: Aug. 31, 2020

Summary: Need a countdown timer on your project? You’ve come to the right place. This post will show you the detailed steps on how to create a countdown video online for free with an easy-to-use video maker, FlexClip.

Want to draw attention to a particular point in a video?

Wondering how to build a little suspense before a special moment?

Or need to add production value to your live video on Facebook, YouTube, and beyond?

Just try a countdown timer! A countdown timer can build suspense and draw attention to your video or the significant moment, or help you synchronize live accompaniments.

Let's look at how to create a countdown timer for your video, special moment, or live streams.

Countdown Timer

Image Board: Countdown Timer

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Part 1. The Tool We Need to Make a Countdown Video

Designed as a powerful yet user-friendly video maker/editor, FlexClip proves to be the best tool to make a high-quality, custom countdown video for free & online, without any prior video editing experience.

You can use FlexClip to customize your own countdown timer that is the best to fit your video, special moment, or live streams. FlexClip lets you get really creative on your countdown timer - personalize the text and background, create an outline and animation, and add the music or sounds.

Below are some highlights of FlexClip to help you know more about it:

✓ Easy to operate: no video making/editing experience required to craft a countdown video.

✓ No download, no installation: the web-based program allows you to make a countdown video online.

✓ Powerful features: add text, set BGM, record voice-over, apply transition effects, add filters, etc.

✓ Extensive media library: video clips, photos/images, music tracks, etc.

✓ Rich video templates: comes with stunning video templates for various occasions enabling you with endless inspiration.

Part 2. How to Make a Countdown Timer Video

As you can see, FlexClip is a leading video editor packed with rich video editing tools and options, just click the Create a Video button below to start making your own countdown video using a couple of features provided by FlexClip:

Step 1 Set Your Countdown Video Background

First, decide on how many seconds you want your countdown to run. 5 or 10 seconds should be plenty of time.

Once you've decided, just add as many slides as you need and adjust the duration to make it 1 second each slide. You can also change the background color of the slide to fit your need.

Set Background

Image Board: Set Background of the Countdown Timer

Step 2Highlight Your Countdown with Animated Elements

You can highlight your countdown or make it much more fun with background animations using our stunning widgets.

Just go to the sidebar and switch to Elements option, scroll down to pick the one you like, and apply it in your countdown video, then customize it on size, position, and color.

Highlight Your Countdown

Image Board: Highlight Your Countdown

Step 3 Add the Number to Your Countdown

Now, it's time to add the numbers for the countdown. If you want a 5-second countdown, just start with the number "5"; for a 10-second countdown, just start with the number "10".

Add Number

Image Board: Add Number to the Countdown Video

Step 4Add Music to Your Countdown Video

Whatever the video type is, the right background music can touch it up effectively. Just upload your own music from a local folder or pick one from our fantastic collection.

Add Music

Image Board: Add Music to the Countdown Video

Step 5 Preview and Export Your Countdown Video

Congratulations! You made an amazing countdown video. You can preview it with the Preview button on the top right corner. If you love it, just export the countdown video now; if not, you can also continue editing.

    Pro Tip: FlexClip's extensive media library offers millions stock media for you to create a countdown video. You can find various countdown clips here and pick the one you like to customize as your own countdown timer with a few clicks.

    Countdown Clips

    Image Board: Countdown Clips

Final Words

That's all for making a countdown video. Hopefully, with the tool and tutorial we shared above, everyone can customize a countdown timer video with great ease. Turn to FlexClip and make the best countdown timer to impress your visitors right now.

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