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How to Make Aesthetic Edits for Your Video

Last Updated: Jun. 24, 2020

Summary: If you'd like to create some aesthetic videos, this is the guide for you. It will share an easy-to-use aesthetic video editor and top tips on how to make aesthetic edits for your video.

  • Can you make your own "aesthetic" video clip right now?
  • Where can I find aesthetic video clips to edit together?
  • How can I make my home videos look aesthetic?

- Questions from Quora

May you encounter the same questions as above? Are you struggling to create an aesthetic video that impresses your audience?

Then you've come to the right place, and we're here to help you out!

Making an aesthetic video is easier than you might think. Just pick the right tool and pay attention to a few key details to take aesthetic edits for your video, and everyone can make aesthetic videos for Instagram, Tumblr, or TikTok with great ease.


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Recommend Video Editor for Aesthetic Edits

There's a ton of different video editors that let you make aesthetic edits for your video - apply filters, edit color settings, and more. But most of you guys may be so busy these days that rarely have the time to look through the various video editing tools available to the best aesthetic apps.

Now, we are here to save you the time by sharing a secret weapon, FlexClip, for you to make your own aesthetic video.

✓ FlexClip is a powerful video editor that packs with different filters, features, and editing tools to enhance the overall quality of your video project and make it aesthetically pleasing.

✓ Besides, FlexClip video editor is incredibly easy to use. It has been designed so that anyone could use it without having thorough knowledge or experience in video editing.

Aesthetic Video Maker - FlexClip

  • Rich Video Templates - inspire your minds and transfer to your ideas.
  • Online Customization - don't need to download or install any app.
  • Advanced Features - trim, split, merger, watermark, etc.
  • Abundant Stock Resources - clips, photos, music, animations, etc.
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We believe FlexClip can give you the aesthetic you need for your videos. Try it free now.

How to Make Aesthetic Edits for Your Video

Step 1 Get Started

Go to FlexClip and start making your own aesthetic video. Here you have two options to begin with - you can view the templates and pick one to customize or start from scratch:

# To begin with a video template - Browse our wide range of video templates and pick the one you like the most, then start customizing freely.

Get Started

Image Board: Get Started

# Or, you can start from scratch - Have all the footage and ideas in hand? Just get started from scratch to upload your media and sparkle your ideas now.

Add Media

Image Board: Add Media

Step 2 Make Aesthetic Edits

Once your footage is selected or uploaded, it's time to edit your video with different filters, effects, and tools to fit the aesthetic you want. Here we go:

# Apply Filters

An easy way to start is to filter your video. FlexClip has lots of free filter effects to choose from, all of them are beautiful and in a variety of different styles. Just pick the one you like and apply it to your video.

Apply Filters

Image Board: Apply Filters

# Color Grading

You can also make different adjustments such as contrast, brightness, temperature, and more in FlexClip to color grade your footage. By making these adjustments to your video, you can easily maintain a consistent aesthetic.

Color Grading

Image Board: Color Grading

# Make or Add Animations

Animation may sound like something difficult, while FlexClip video editor makes it incredibly easy. It allows you to animate your still photos by a few clicks, or you can bring your photos or clips to life by adding animated elements, like widgets and overlays.

Make or Add Animations

Image Board: Make or Add Animations

# Add Text

Adding some text can also make your video a bit more aesthetic. FlexClip allows you to add simple text and dynamic text; just pick one text effect you like and customize its font, color, style, outline.

Add Text

Image Board: Add Text

# Add Music

Give the finishing touche to your video with the handpicked music. Selecting the "Music" icon and you can upload your own music from a local folder by browsing your file, or you can pick one from the extensive music library of FlexClip.

Depict video: Add Music

Step 3 Preview and Export

Once you're finished, hit Preview to check out the final result. If you're satisfied, just turn to the export button to save your aesthetic video; if not, you can also continue editing.

Preview and Export

Image Board: Preview and Export

Final Words

That's all for how to make aesthetic videos. Hopefully, with tips above and the tool we recommend, everyone can make aesthetic edits for their favorite videos and get a stunning result. Turn to FlexClip and start making your own aesthetic video now!

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