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Last Updated: 2021. 09. 09

Summary: This post shares 9 video ideas you must try in your video content marketing strategy with an infographic. Follow us and master some effective video content ideas that your audience will love.

Not surprisingly, video content is one of the most entertaining and easily consumable forms of content on the internet, and it is very addicting when used correctly. But only the smart few are really killing it with brilliant video content ideas.

Coming up with excellent video ideas to make a viral video isn't always simple. Most people are stuck in video ideas when they want to start a new stunning video production. To help you out in your video production journey, we've collected some of the best and most engaging video content ideas you can start doing right away.

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Video Content Ideas 1: Videos with How-to Tutorials

Tutorial videos provide your audience with detailed steps to do something, like a beauty makeup tutorial, a tutorial to better explain your product or service, and more.

Actions speak louder than words. Show your audience how to do something in a video rather than just telling them how to do something. Create a step-by-step tutorial video to help people out.

Video Content Ideas 2: Video with People's Stories

We all love watching other people's stories. And we always like to know the opinions of others who have undergone a similar experience or purchase process.

Just dig into some engaging stories you can tell that are related to your niche or business. Or you can also tell some customer stories. Having a customer testimonial video or a review video could help the audience make that decision to support you and transact with you.

Here are 2 ways you could make videos with customer stories: user-generated videos and videos of you interviewing others.

Video Content Ideas 3: Videos that Answer Questions

Answering questions can help the audience in a big way, and it will also increase your search engine visibility because people always search in Google with some questions.

There is no doubt that your audience always has some questions about your product or service. Maybe you've already got a lot of emails or comments with a few often repeated questions. All you need to do is that gather those questions and then make a list of them for your Q&A video series.

Video Content Ideas 4: Videos about What You Offer

Make videos about what you offer - show the audience what they can get from your work, service, or product. And here are some tips for you to make a perfect one:


  • Highlight the features that solve the problems of the audience. It means that you should focus on 'why this feature solves a problem' rather than 'how cool this feature is'.
  • Keep one video for each feature. Doing in this way, you can create a series of short videos that can increase anticipation and keep your audience coming back for more. Besides, it also helps you focus on one feature and dive deeper into the details.
  • Keep it simple; don't get too technical. Videos reach a wider audience, so you should try your best to make most of your audience can understand your video.

Video Content Ideas 5: Videos with Educational Content

This one is a little bit like educational how-to tutorials. People are willing to learn to keep up with the always-changing world, so jump in on this train of personal and professional development. Educational content can take many forms: it can be video quizzes, step-by-step instructional guidelines, or just simply sharing your personal best practices.

Video Content Ideas 6: Videos with Helpful Tips

Have you ever told some helpful tips or tricks to your audience? Share them in a quick video and post it on social media must be a great idea.

Videos with helpful tips are great for showing off your expertise and building credibility and authority status in your business or personal brand.

Video Content Ideas 7: Videos about Your Organization

Create a video about your organization that will let you get more close-up and personal with your audience because it can unveil your company and your own brand and allow them to understand exactly who you are.

People like putting a face to the name. So whether it's just you or a whole team of individuals, doing in this way and telling your audience who's behind the brand can help you build authority.

Video Content Ideas 8: Videos with News or Some Hot Topics

Trust me! Most people are curious about new things. Big news? A hot political issue? Or a hot movie? Just go ahead and make a video about them.

How to make a connection between your own business and news or hot topics? You can do a weekly or fortnightly recap of key events, important updates, and new developments in your area of work. Remember that your video should focus on the industry and think about what news will make sense to your audience and what will be useful for them instead of talking about your organization merely.

Video Contenting Ideas 9: Live Videos

Live streaming is widespread, and it is one of the fastest-growing trends of digital marketing today. Make a live video can help you connect with your audience at a deeper level.

Here are some key points when recording a live video:


  • Sharing something useful to your audience
  • Do not worry about perfection, camera shakes or lighting, take it easy
  • For the subject, breaking news, event or conference experience, press conferences, travel notes and launch could always work well

This infographic presents 9 killer video ideas that you should try in your video content marketing strategy:

9 Video Content Ideas You Should Never Miss

Image Board: 9 Video Content Ideas You Should Never Miss

Pro Tip:Notice that there are no good or bad video content ideas. Any video that could help your audience is a good idea.

Final Words

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