60+ YouTube Video Ideas to Help You Get Started in 2019

Last Updated: 2021. 07. 20

Summary: Check the list of 60+ YouTube video ideas before you get started with shooting. The videos you made will always be fun & creative.

According to YouTube content marketing strategies from SEO experts, it is recommended to publish at least one video in a week. Posting videos regularly add more weights on your channels and makes it easier for videos to get a higher rank.

However, for most bloggers, coming up with a brilliant YouTube video content is really a headache. Well, no struggle anymore! We have selected top 100 video ideas for YouTube - from first YouTube video ideas to marketing video ideas. Let's dive in.

The following YouTube video ideas will be based on video types. Refer to suggestions according to the video types.

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1. First YouTube Video Ideas

1 - Introduce

For the first video of your YouTube channel, bloggers should be acquainted with viewers. Tell them who you are, what you do, what your hometown is like, or anything you want the audience know most.

2 - Vlog

Vlog is a popular way for bloggers to show their daily life. It might not help you win too much traffic. However, Vlog gives viewers a chance to know you better.

3 - Express your opinions about some hot topics

A hot political issue? A hot movie? Go ahead and make a video about them. The great minds with similar opinions will come to you.

4 - Make a response video

Other bloggers may hold views that you are not in favor of. Make a response video to go against them. This kind of video may seem like a comment, but it drives much traffic to your channel.

5 - Fun videos about your occupation

On last year's National Nurses Day, a nurse gained 1m subscriptions on YouTube. In the video she posted, the nurse makes fun of the hardships in their work. This video arouses people's understanding and sympathy right soon.

6 - Hobbies

Everyone has hobbies. Show it in front of everyone! Maybe you can meet like-minded people.

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2. Food YouTube Video Ideas

1 - Share Secret Recipes

All people follow their own recipes to cook. Got any special recipes? Share it while making a palatable food. Be confident! You are a good cook.

2 - Cook with friends

Cooking with a bunch of guys can be fun. If you have a YouTube blogger friend who is willing to cook with you, that's better! Your friend's subscribers may like you and subscribe to your channel as well.

3 - Tour your fridge

A variety show about touring fridge gets great popularity. Why not simulate it? By diving into the fridge, audiences can know your lifestyle and even your story.

4 - Recreate food from a movie

Don't just stare at the food in the movies and be mouthwatering. Bring it to real life. The problem is that it can be hard to get a recipe. You need to observe the food carefully and try many times.

5 - Eat it up

Audiences will love to see you eating, especially varieties of delicious foods. Food Ranger, a famous food blogger, travels to different countries and eats. The food videos he made are liked by millions of subscribers all around the world.

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3. Technology YouTube Video Ideas

1 - Problem fixing

Each year when Apple launches a new iPhone, Apple users in older version encounters lots of problems. Besides Apple's iPhone, lots of computers, software, other e-products may also go wrong from time to time. Share audiences fixes that might work. They will thank you.

2 - Open boxes

Many people are in e-product favor. Whenever the new product launches, they are eager to know what the product is like. Open the delivery box and introduce them all the details. Please inform that making a video like this can be expensive.

3 - Show your favorite gadgets

Have some cool tech gadgets? Why not talk about them with your audiences? Since you have already bought it, it can be regarded as economic.

4 - Comparison

In a market intermingling with good and bad, people can easily get lost. Trying them and making a comparison one by one would do your audience a big favor.

5 - Hot tech topics

Hot tech topics this year would be 5G, UFO, iPhone 11, etc. They seem close to our life, but they have profound concepts and principles. Do a thorough survey and surprise your viewers.

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4. Educational YouTube Video Ideas

You can teach whatever you want on YouTube. Here are a few hot topics of educational video.

1 - Academic videos, including philosophy, literature, language, history.

2 - DIY videos, including making gifts, origami, pet clothes.

3 - Chorus. Tips to show people how to do chorus quickly.

4 - Dance. Make sure audiences get all points.

5 - Time managing.

6 - Animal's care and feeding.

7 - Video making and movie shooting.

8 - Fitness video.

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5. Fashion & Beauty YouTube Video Ideas

1 - Share what you bought within a limited budget

Buying clothes in different styles is easy. How about doing that within a limited budget? Make shopping a challenge!

2 - Discuss fashion history & trends

If you have ever studied fashion history, you will find that fashion is an interesting subject. The design elements go viral every ten years. That's how most fashion advisers give suggestions.

3 - Makeup tutorials

Most girls do makeups every day. Show them how to do different makeups in a few minutes. No one really wants to spend that much time on it in the morning.

4 - Skincare

Doing makeups is complicated, so the skincare is. Does your beauty routine work? Tell all audiences how you take care of your face.

5 - DIY clothes

This is one of the most popular video forms in the fashion field. With a little change, your old clothes can turn into completely new ones. Help give viewers' wardrobe a new look.

6 - Share what's on your wardrobe

It might be personal, but these types of video connect you and your audiences. You can show your most beautiful clothes and give advice on styling, or make fun of the ugliest clothes. It is also a great way to share tips about organizing.

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6. Music Related YouTube Video Ideas

1 - Sing a song just for your audiences

No matter it is music you created or music you love, grab a guitar, sing along with it. People will admire your talent.

2 - Sing on Karaoke

Karaoke has the best microphones. Sing a song that you and your friends all love. Pay attention to any noises that may affect the audio quality.

3 - Dive into everything about a song

Have a song that you really like? Dive into everything about this song. Time of release, lyric meanings, or even how it is remixed.

4 - Make a lip-sync video

You don't have to be a perfect singer to make a music video. Whenever you have the urge to sing a song, film yourself. All you need to do is making movements along with the music.

5 - Duet

See, you don't have to be in the same place to have a jam session. Find another channel that you are willing to work with, perform your own part and then synchronize your videos.

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7. Health & Lifestyle YouTube Video Ideas

1 - Diet Suggestions

With the increase of living standard, people pay more attention on healthy diets. The healthy diet is more than just more vegetables, fruits, proteins. Study this subject and show all people your outcomes.

2 - Give proper workout suggestions

Generally speaking, doing exercise is good for health. Too much exercise, however, is bad for your joints and muscles. If you are an expert in exercising, make a plan for your viewers.

3 - Health Q & As

Check your previous videos' comment section, collect all questions about health and answer them one by one.

4 - Workout challenge

If you feel that you are not motivated to do exercise, challenge yourself. For example, tell your subscribers that you plan to do exercise every day in the following week. In the following week, make videos about how you exercise for each day. You can also call upon others to join you.

5 - Teach people how to do different exercises

Exercise can be divided into aerobics, strength exercise, and HIIT. Give a lecture about these exercises in details.

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8. Game YouTube Video Ideas

1 - Show how awesome you are

Cut the small talk, challenge your friends or other bloggers and play the game you are good at. Remember to control your emotions and don't use curses while playing. Highlight the best moments if necessary.

2 - Talk about MVPs

If you can't beat them, then talk about them. Highlight their game videos and see how they manage it.

3 - Deep dive the game

Each video game has a history. Talk about how and when the game is made. By the way, some games are adapted to serials. Image the plot.

4 - Hidden secrets that other people don't know

Ever discovered a secret from your favorite game? Tell everyone about it in a video.

5 - New video game introduction

A new game is coming out? You happened to love it? Show it so that it gets more attention than it deserves.

6 - Make fun of the video figure

You can think of a fun dialogue of the features in game video and make duets. Subtitles are preferred.

7 - Share your optimized gaming setup

With the recommend setups, you might only get average scores. With customized setups, you might be the MVP. Don't be selfish! Share your setups with others and talk about why you would set up things like that.

8 - Compare two games

Find two similar games and make comparisons between them. You don't have to judge which one is better, just list their similarities and differences.

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9. Top Things YouTube Video Ideas

1 - Post a top films/serials list

What are the best films/serials you've ever seen? This kinds of video can go viral on summer/winter holidays.

2 - Share the best things you like to use

It can be anything you like to use. A shampoo, an eyeliner, napkin or a cup. Tell audiences the story behind them and why you like these stuff.

3 - Post a top sports list

If like to do sports, talk about your favorite sports. If possible, teach the audiences.

4 - Share your favorite varieties show

Varieties shows can be changeable, fun or relaxing. Make a compilation video about them.

10. Other Interesting YouTube Video Ideas

1 - Draw your ideas

Drawing helps people understand abstract ideas. Drawing videos also significantly decreases bounce rate.

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2 - Make a serials

As for wide topics, you can make a serial so that your audiences can know better about it.

3 - Film introductions

For people who are too busy to enjoy a movie, they are desperately to find videos that summarize the plot. You can do it in a serious or funny way.

4 - Magic tricks

If you perform a magic in public but failed, it is a doom. Make a video about it and post it to YouTube, nobody will ever notice.

5 - Adventures

Adventure doesn't mean taking the risks of life. Do things that you are scared of. Maybe go hiking on your own, walk through a haunted corn maze.

6 - Have a debate

Get a friend or other YouTuber and have a nice debate over civic affairs. A couple of months ago, Liu Xin & Triver's debate video win billions of views.

7 - See how you react toward strange things

Film your friend or how you react to strange things. For instance, the photos of a well-groomed ladies and photos of them without any makeups.

8 - Trailer video

If you plan to go alive or publish a long video, a trailer guarantees you a great number of audiences. Create a trailer video now!

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