What Are Unboxing Videos & How to Make an Unboxing Video that People Will Like?

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021
This unboxing video creating tutorial will tell you what unboxing videos are and how to make an unboxing video that people will like. Follow us and make unboxing video creation easy and efficiency.

Unboxing videos are videos that record yourself opening items for the first time. They are rather advertisements than reviews about a product’s pros and cons. Lots of YouTubers have been making unboxing videos. Originally, the unboxing video focus on fashion or high-tech items, but now, most unboxing videos are about latest mobile phones or game consoles.

Why people enjoy unboxing video? Watching unboxing video give viewers the experience of feeling the product, and get to know the product better without purchasing. On festival, unboxing video will also give people inspiration on what present to give for families and friends.

Unboxing Video Example

Part 2. How to Make an Unboxing Video that People Will Like

Step 1
Decide on Unboxing Items

A fashionista? Well, then create fashionable items unboxing video. If you are a game enthusiast, then make some unboxing videos about gaming equippment, or play games with it! A foodie? Then open more food boxes!

Deciding on what to unbox could be vital. Once you decide to create a certain type of product unboxing video, don't switch suddenly otherwise you will lose your fans.

Step 2
Script Writing

A brand new equippment at your hand may lead you to silence, especially when you know nothing about the item. We suggest you find some interesting features of the product and introduce them one by one, or give them a try!

Step 3
Footage Shooting

With a camera or a phone, and some practices, you can become an expert in film shooting. Keep in mind that you need a clean background and right angle to shoot at.

Step 4
Unboxing Video Editing

Loads of video editors can be used to make unboxing videos. Our recommendation is FlexClip.

FlexClip, the best free online video editing service, can help you make unboxing video edits with great convenience and efficiency. It is said to be the best video editing service because it has:

Professional Editing Tools. FlexClip contains editing tools like video trimmer, music cutter, text editor, live preview window. You can make any edits as you wish.

Simple Interface. Even laymen use FlexClip due to its simple interface. Any edits can be done in a few clicks.

Rich Elements. FlexClip has 20+ dynamic text animation. In the future, FlexClip will be equipped with a media library so that you can use it more freely.

Moreover, FlexClip is a totally free online tool. It is totally free to use, and no download is needed.

How to Make an Unboxing Video that Everyone Likes

Image Board: How to Make an Unboxing Video that Everyone Likes

Here are detailed steps to use FlexClip.

1# Go to FlexClip main page https://www.flexclip.com and then click Get Started – Free button to continue.

2# Add all video clips and photos to the storyboard by clicking on the "+" button.

3# Go to the sidebar, click on the Text to add text and logo to the video.

4# Click on Music, upload music from the computer and then set it as background music.

5# Preview and save. Click on Preview button then save it in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD, you can also continue editing.

Step 5
Share & Post

You need to post your unboxing video as soon as possible. Some popular products can be outdated rather quickly.

Part 1. Tips on Making Unboxing Videos

1. Find the most recent products. Get the newest products! People don't like unboxing video about products they've already known.

2. Find the best shooting place. An unboxing video should be attractive. The best shooting place should be rich in light.

3. Practice makes perfect. This also applies to unboxing video making. Practice for a few times so that you don’t waste much time on the camera.

4. Engage with viewers. Make sure you are engaged with customers and stand on their ground. Ask more questions at the end of video instead of "that’s all, goodbye", this will make people be more inclined to engage with you and subscribe to your channel.

5. The right time is crucial. Most people watch unboxing videos from October to December when it is time for people to look for gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Figures indicate that unboxing videos win 60% of the views in those three months. So, the best time for posting an unboxing video is from September to November.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to make an unboxing video. As you can see, it is not hard to make an unboxing video with FlexClip. Actually, FlexClip can also help you with other videos, like Mother’s Day video, Father’s Day video. Go to FlexClip main page https://www.flexclip.com and explore more.

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