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Last Updated: 2023. 03. 02

Prepare for the birthday card for your loved one? Looking for the best birthday gift ideas? A birthday video must be a great choice for you. Celebrate the birthday of your loved one and surprising him/her with a happy birthday video. Just combine your photos and video clips into one video and adding the right birthday song to it!

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However, most of the people will be trapped in choosing the right happy birthday background song for their video.

To help you pick the perfect birthday video song quickly, here we share the best online birthday video maker with songs and also share our top list of the best birthday songs for video making!


Pink Cute Heart Friend Happy Birthday Message Slideshow
Pink Cute Heart Friend Happy Birthday Message Slideshow
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21st Birthday
21st Birthday
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Kids Birthday Wishes
Kids Birthday Wishes
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Birthday Wishes From Team
Birthday Wishes From Team
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Part 1 Best Online Birthday Video Maker with Song

Want to pick your song quickly and make a happy birthday video with music and photo easily? FlexClip, an online birthday video maker with songs, integrated with resource-rich stock media providers to offer you royalty-free music, high-quality videos and photos, ready to be your intimate small assistant.

With FlexClip, you can find your desired birthday song or any other resources needed for your video making in its extensive library quickly. You can also upload your birthday photos, clips and songs from a PC or mobile phone and start customize your happy birthday video with its templates with great ease. No software download and experience is needed.

FlexClip can meet all your needs of making happy birthday videos with songs and photos:

  • You can access thousands of high-quality and royalty-free music and sound effects in its music library and find the right background music for your birthday video.
  • You can upload audio file in various formats with FlexClip to add your own birthday song in your video.
  • It provides you with powerful editing tools to help you trim and edit the music even if you are just new to video editing.
  • A wide array of fully-customizable happy birthday video templates are readily available, which inspire you to craft your own birthday video easily.
  • Powerful editing tools to level up your birthday video, from basic trimming, splitting, transitions to advanced features like removing background, animation, pip, etc.
  • Now, let's see how you can easily pick your happy birthday song and make a birthday video with song and photos with FlexClip.

    Get Started Now View Templates
    Step 1
    Click the Get Started Now button above to access the FlexClip's video editor, then upload your birthday video footage form your PC or mobile, and apply them to the Timeline. Then feel free to edit your footage, trim, rotate, add transition, etc.
    Birthday Video With Song - Upload

    Birthday Video With Song - Upload

    Step 2
    Switch to the Audio tab to find the right background music for your birthday video by searching with keyword. Want to use your own birthday song? You can simply upload it in one click and start editing your music, trim it and adjust the position where the music starts and ends, adjust the volume, apply the fade in/out effect, etc.
    Birthday Video With Song - Find Music

    Birthday Video With Song - Find Music

    Step 3
    Make more edits to make your birthday video far more appealing: animated text, interesting overlays, emojis and more are waiting to be applied.
    Birthday Video With Song - More Edits

    Birthday Video With Song - More Edits

    Once you done the edits and satisfied with the final effect, you can download your birthday video with song directly or easily share it via a link, or post to social media and beyond.

    Best Happy Birthday Songs with Name

    Here are some of the best birthday songs that will give you more options for making your birthday video. Traditionally, of course, the list of birthday songs is led by "Happy Birthday to You," sung just before you blow out the candles on your cake, but there are more options. Whether you need a funny birthday song for children, a passionate birthday song for adults, or a romantic one for your special one, you can effortlessly find the best birthday song for everyone in your life here.

    Best Birthday Song for Children

    Happy - Pharrell Williams

    Happy by Pharrell Williams is easy to dance to, and lots of kids recognize it, so it is an excellent happy birthday song for children. Besides, if you use this as your happy birthday video background song, you are bound to get smiles.

    Best Birthday Song: Happy - Pharrell Williams

    On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons

    On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons, with its funny rhythm, is a good choice for a children's birthday, and it just makes them want to dance.

    Best Birthday Song: On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons

    Happy Birthday - Weird Al Yankovic

    You may always want a funny birthday song for the children, Happy Birthday by Weird Al Yankovic is just the one you need. Have fun with this one!

    Best Birthday Song: Happy Birthday - Weird Al Yankovic

    Best Birthday Song for Adults

    16 Candles – The Crests

    16 Candles is a song performed by The Crests and written by Luther Dixon and Allyson R. Khent. This song features a young man who wishes his"teenage queen" a happy birthday. With a typical slow dance tune, it is perfect for 16th birthday celebrations.

    Best Birthday Song: 16 Candles – The Crests

    Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen - Neil Sedaka

    Neil Sedaka's Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen is another great choice for a 16th birthday song, also a classic hit for any teen turning sweet 16.

    Best Birthday Song: Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen - Neil Sedaka

    Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift

    Never Grow Up always hits you in the feels every time: everything we have is someday going to be gone, so if we could freeze the time at the best moments. Never grow up must be the best birthday wishes.

    Best Birthday Song: Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift

    My Wish For You – Rascal Flatts

    My Wish for You by Rascal Flatts expresses sincere wishes to someone: "the days come easy and the moments pass slow", "each road leads you where you wanna go", "life becomes all that you want it to", "your dreams stay big, your worries stay small". How passionate it is! And it must be one of the best choices for the birthday song for adults.

    Best Birthday Song: My Wish For You – Rascal Flatts

    Best Birthday Video Song for Your Special One

    Birthday - Katy Perry

    Although Katy Perry's Birthday isn't a traditional song about birthday, it is a good idea to wish someone on his/her birthday: "Make it like your birthday everyday; I know you like it sweet; So you can have your cake; Give you something good to celebrate."

    Best Birthday Song: Birthday - Katy Perry

    You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker

    You are So Beautiful by Joe Coker sincerely expresses the compliment to someone: "you are so beautiful", "you are so wonderful", "you're everything I hope for"… Why not you show your admiration to your favorite on the birthday video?

    Best Birthday Song: You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker

    Happy Birthday, Darlin' – Conway Twitty

    Happy Birthday, Darlin' by Conway Twitty tells a narrative about a man who wants to give his wife a gift by taking away the trust issues between them. He wants to replace suspicion, lonely moments, and doubt with faith and proclamations of love.

    Best Birthday Song: Happy Birthday, Darlin' – Conway Twitty

    Best Song for Generic Birthday Videos

    Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder

    A birthday classic, right? Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday, as one of the happy birthday song, is a fun, high-energy song, and it is widely used for birthday celebrations.

    Best Birthday Song: Birthday - Katy Perry

    Birthday – The Beatles

    Birthday is a song written by Lennon–McCartney and performed by the band the Beatles. This song is about having a good time on one's birthday: go to a party, dance. How suitable it is for your birthday video background music!

    Best Birthday Song: Birthday – The Beatles

    Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac

    Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac is a hopeful, forward-looking song that urges the listener to forget the past and concentrate on all the promise of the future, which can be the best wishes for someone's birthday.

    Best Birthday Song: Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac

    Tips on Choosing the Song for Your Happy Birthday Video

    Set the Tone of Your Video - Setting a specific tone of your birthday video, a fast-paced, a slow one, or an emotional one? Which kind of feeling do you want to evoke in the people? Funny, romantic, or inspired? Doing in this way can help you pick the right song for your best video easier.

    Pay Attention to Music Copyright - Adding a piece of copyrighted music without getting permission to your video (especially a public one), you will suddenly find yourself in legal trouble. So you should pay close attention to the rights listed on the song. For more information about using a song in your video, check out our post on How to Get Permission to Use a Song for Your Video >

    Don't be trapped specific birthday song - Here are many great happy birthday background music (instead of some specific birthday songs with lyrics) that you can use for celebrating someone's birthday. You can found them in FlexClip video maker and pick your favorite one to apply in your birthday video for free, and do not worried about the music copyright at all.

    Final Words

    That's all for how to find the best happy birthday songs and make your own birthday video with song and photos. We hope this guide was helpful, and you were able to craft a stunning birthday video for your loved ones using FlexClip.

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