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Choose the Best Happy Birthday Video Song – Birthday Music with Sincere Wishes

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Summary: This blog aims at providing some useful information about happy birthday video songs for you, including tips on choosing the best song, specific birthday songs with name, and a right tool for you to apply the music to your video. Check it out.

It is a great way to celebrate the birthday of your loved one by making a happy birthday video. Just combine your photos and video clips of your favorite into one video and adding the right birthday song to it!

However, most of the people will be trapped in choosing the right happy birthday background song for their video.

To help you pick the perfect song for your video, here we share some practical tips, a list of some best birthday songs, and a tool to help you apply your music to your video in this blog.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Song for Your Happy Birthday Video

* Set the Tone of Your Video

Setting a certain tone of your birthday video, a fast-paced, a slow one, or an emotional one? This can help you pick the right song for your best video easier. Besides that, a song with the right tone gives the additional boost to your birthday video.

* Pick a Kind of Feeling You Want to Evoke in the People

Which kind of feeling do you want to evoke in the people? Funny, romantic, or inspired? This may much depend on the people whom you are making the birthday video for. You can choose a funny song for children, a romantic song for lover, and the inspired one for adults. Of course, you can choose a generic one as you wish.

* Pay Attention to Music Copyright

Adding a piece of copyrighted music to your video, you will suddenly find yourself in legal trouble. So when choosing the song for your birthday video, you should pay close attention to the rights listed on the song.

List of the Recommended Best Songs for Happy Birthday Videos

# Birthday – The Beatles

Birthday is a song written by Lennon–McCartney and performed by the band the Beatles. This song is about having a good time on one's birthday: go to a party, dance. How suitable it is for your birthday video background music!

# My Wish For You – Rascal Flatts

My Wish for You by Rascal Flatts expresses sincere wishes to someone: "the days come easy and the moments pass slow", "each road leads you where you wanna go", "life becomes all that you want it to", "your dreams stay big, your worries stay small"…

# Forever Young – Rod Stewart

Forever Young by Rod Stewart shows encouragement and support to someone: "sunshine and happiness surround you", "you grow to be proud, dignified and true", "be courageous and be brave", "in my heart you'll always stay"… Adding this song to your birthday video offering best wishes.

# Happy Birthday, Darlin’ – Conway Twitty

Happy Birthday, Darlin’ by Conway Twitty tells a narrative about a man who wants to give his wife a gift by taking away the trust issues between them. He wants to replace suspicion, lonely moments and doubt with faith and proclamations of love.

# Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder

A birthday classic, right? Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday, as one of the happy birthday song, is a fun, high-energy song, and it is widely used for birthday celebrations.

#16 Candles – The Crests

16 Candles is a song performed by The Crests and written by Luther Dixon and Allyson R. Khent. This song features a young man who wishes his "teenage queen" a happy birthday. With typical slow dance tune, it is perfect for 16th birthday celebrations.

# You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker

You are So Beautiful by Joe Coker sincerely expresses the compliment to someone: "you are so beautiful", "you are so wonderful", "you’re everything I hope for"… Why not you show your admiration to your favorite on the birthday video?

What's your favorite song to use for birthday videos? We hope you can find your birthday song on the list.

Apply the Song to Your Happy Birthday Video with FlexClip Video Maker

Now you have found the best background song for your happy birthday video, it’s time to apply your song to your video. FlexClip Video Maker is a great software to craft your birthday video and to add background music to it.

Step 1: Visit FlexClip homepage, and register a free account.

Launch FlexClip

Image Board: Launch FlexClip

Step 2: Click on "+" to add your birthday videos.

Add Photo or Video

Image Board: Add Photo or Video

Step 3: Tap on music icon to add background music to your video from the local folder.

Add Music to Your Happy Birthday Video

Image Board: Add Music to Your Happy Birthday Video

Step 4: Preview and Export. Click on the Preview button. Download the video or continue editing.

Preview and Export Your Happy Birthday Video

Image Board: Preview and Export Your Happy Birthday Video

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this blog provides some useful information for you to choose the best song for your happy birthday video! Inspired? Try FlexClip to craft your happy birthday video with perfect background song right now!

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