Best Free Tools to Combine Photos and Videos

Last Updated: Aug. 09, 2021

The video is a sequence of photos! Even though videos, the most preferred content online, are engaging by nature, extra photos make it more persuasive and interesting.

If you need combine photo and video, you’ve come to the right article. In this post, we will the best free tools to combine photos and videos. Check them out and pick the best tool to help you out!

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Part 2. Best Online Tools to Combine Photos and Videos
Part 3. Best Software to Combine Photos and Videos
Part 4. Best Applications to Combine Photos and Videos

Easiest Way to Combine Photos and Videos

To combine images into video, you need to try FlexClip’s online video editor! It allows you to merge video and photo in clicks on all computers. More than justing merging, FlexClip also allows you to embed photos to videos with PIP feature in clicks. The whole process will be easy and effective. Click the Create a Video button to have a quick start.

Step 1
Drag and drop all your videos and photos to the Media section. Apply all videos and photos to the storyboard.
Combine Photo and Video - Trim
Step 2
While applying a video to the storyboard, you will be brought to the trimming page. Trim the video if necessary. If you need to combine a photo into the video, trim the video from the beginning and where you want to insert the photo, and then upload the original video again, trim it again from where you want to insert the photo to the end.
Combine Photo and Video - Trim
Step 3
Insert your photo to video

You can change the order of the storyboards and insert the photo to anywhere you want by drag and drop. If necessary, you can use PIP feature to embed any photo to a video.

Combine Photo and Video - Change Order

Combine Photo and Video - Change Order

Step 3
Preview and export

Continue editing or export the video directly if you are satisfied with it.

Best Software to Combine Photos and Videos


Clideo combines multiple videos, images, and audios with one click. There no download, no experience required. The supported formats include MP4, AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, and more. The video files you uploaded are protected with the highest security encryption. You don’t have to worry about any security issues.

Besides combining photos and videos and adding music, Clideo’s merge tool doesn’t offer you other editing features. The good thing is that Clideo provides numerous video export formats. Give it a try!

Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online combines videos and photos for free without registration, watermarks or software/application download. Free music and photos are also available to level up your video. Some basic video editing features like text editor, transition, video trimmer help make the merged video look natural.

Since Movie Maker Online is a completely free tool, there are ads on its interface. Besides the ad, there are detailed instructions. You will never get lost.


Veed is an application and an online tool that you can use to merge, join, and combine your video, image files for free! Its timeline editing mode allows you to cut, trim multiple video clips into one single file within several drag and drops.

Of course, Veed provides more video editing tools on the Basic and Pro version. Have a try!


iMovie is a video editor that is equipped on every Mac devices. Even though iMovie is a great video editing software for professionals, it would be handy for green hands to combine photos and videos. You only have to add all media resources to the timeline and then export.

The problem is that iMovie can only create videos in 16:9. Other basic video editing features can be hard to master.

Windows 10 Photos App

Photos app is not only a video/photo browsing tool, but also a video editing application. It could be somewhat complicated to use it to combine photos and videos. Other video editing tools are also hard to use. So, we recommend Photos app for those who don’t have much video editing experience or one-time user.


Openshot is an open-source video editor that has powerful editing tools. Combining photos and videos is just a piece of cake with Openshot. The detailed steps are quite similar with that of iMovie. Import, arrange position, and export.

Best Applications to Combine Photo and Video


VivaVideo is a free video editing app that helps you cut, merge, copy, add transitions and more. The merging is based on the timeline, but easy to catch up with. Some features and resources are for Premiere members.


PicPlayPost is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It is a good slideshow maker for combining photos and videos. It is even capable of making video collage. Beautiful transitions, HD quality make it one of the best photo and video mergers on iOS devices.


Nearly all video and photo mergers are the same. However, Magisto generates a video automatically. Image you upload videos and photos, and soon you get a video. That sounds like getting an unexpected surprise.

The Bottom Line

That’s how to combine photo and video online. If you find this post helpful, please do share it with others. By the way, FlexClip also helps you add background music, add filters and more. Do remember to give it a try!

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