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Last Updated: 2022. 02. 11

A transition between two parts of your video contributes to making seamless and eye-catching videos. To add a transition to video, all you need is a video editor with transition effects. Now you don't need to look around to get one since this blog has already listed 4 best video editors with cool transitions. Follow reading to know more.

Part 1. The Best Online Video Transition Maker - FlexClip

Packed with a wide range of transition effects, FlexClip is the best tool to add transition effects to video online. Using FlexClip, you can insert transitions among two different parts of your video or several clips of the same scene after splitting. Besides, if you don't know how to apply transitions in a creative way, you could turn to ready-made templates that contain the transition designs you want for help.

It also packs powerful editing tools including trimming, adding text, filter, elements and more to flow your creation process. Most importantly, as a user-friendly and free video transition maker, it always comes with a high-quality result no matter what types of transition effects you're looking for.

Cool Transition Video Templates for You

Youtube Intro Travel Alone
Youtube Intro Travel Alone
Use This Template
Romantic Proposal
Romantic Proposal
Use This Template

Key Features:

  • Handy editing tools to unleash your creativity
  • User-friendly and requires no editing experience
  • Free to make professional-looking transition videos
  • Tons of video templates with transitions you can rely on
  • Able to add a voice over or background music to video
  • Video Editor with Transition Effects - FlexClip

    Video Editor with Transition Effects - FlexClip

    Part 2. The Built-in Video Editor with Transition Effects for Mac

    Developed by Apple, iMovie comes bundled with your Mac computer to help you solve photo and video problems. When creating transition videos, iMovie packs 30+ transition effects to make your video fluently and flawlessly. Besides, it has two paths to add transitions: automatically or manually, and both of them allow you to insert cross-dissolve transitions between clips effortlessly.

    Apart from transition effects, iMovie can also add audio to video, edit the length of a clip, and change the speed of your video. Therefore, if you're a Mac user who wants to edit video with transition, use iMovie to match your needs right away.

    Key Features:

  • Packed with 30+ transition effects
  • Accessible to basic editing functions
  • Pre-installed on every Mac Computer
  • It enables you to automatically or manually add transitions
  • Video Editor with Transition Effects - iMovie

    Video Editor with Transition Effects - iMovie

    Part 3. Free Video Transition Effect App for Windows

    Windows Movie Maker has made it possible to create smooth and interesting videos by adding stunning transitions. As for video transition, this program offers 130+ transition effects that are classified by different themes. Moreover, it has three transition modes: overlap, prefix and postfix to decide how the transition would be played.

    Furthermore, making basic adjustments is also reachable with Windows Movie Maker, which features animation, zooming, adding a caption to level up the video. In a nutshell, it's easy to make engaging transition videos using Windows Movie Maker.

    Key Features:

  • Abundant transition effects to choose
  • Capable of trimming, converting, rotating and more
  • Available for Windows users (except for Windows 10)
  • Add soundtracks from the built-in library or local files
  • Video Editor with Transition Effects - Windows Movie Maker

    Video Editor with Transition Effects - Windows Movie Maker

    Part 4. The Best App to Make Video Transitions on Mobile

    Inshot is one of the most popular video transition effects apps available for Android and iOS users. It provides cinematic effects to bring an interesting vibe to videos. Once you've inserted a transition, you can modify the slide to change the duration.

    Besides, you can use Inshot for basic or advanced editing since Inshot lets you trim, split, remove background from video, add stickers and more.

    Key Features:

  • Available for Android and iOS users
  • Free transition effects to improve video
  • Able to remove background from video
  • Basic editing functions to level up your video
  • Video Editor with Transition Effects - Inshot

    Video Editor with Transition Effects - Inshot

    How to Add Transition Effects to Videos in Three Steps

    Here we set FlexClip as an example to discuss how to add transition effects to videos in three steps.

    Step 1: Upload Video Footage

    Click "Create a Video" below to import all necessary assets and drag them to the storyboard.

    Step 2: Add Transition to Video

    Go to the "Transition" button between any two clips, click it. Then choose from multiple effects and set the duration as you want.

    Add a Transition to Video

    Add a Transition to Video

    Step 3: Edit and Export

    Level your video up by adding dynamic text, changing speed and more. When you finish editing, export or share the video with links.

    Make Editing to Video

    Make Editing to Video

    Tips to Make Better Transitions in Videos

  • Avoid Overuse: With multiple transition effects, it's tempting to add as many transitions as possible. However, adding a flashy transition to every section makes the video look muddled and distracts the viewer's attention. Therefore, you'd better insert transitions in an appropriate amount.
  • Keep Consistency: Transition videos will be better if they are of the same or similar style. Too many transition types make the audience confusing and dizzy. So try to be consistent when editing videos with transition effects.
  • Use Simple Tool: A simple tool saves your time and energy when adding transition effects. If you're looking for a tool, select the simple-operation yet full-featured one like FlexClip.
  • The Bottom Line

    This blog introduces 4 video editors with transition effects available for online, desktop and mobile users. Pick your favorite one and start to add transition effects now!

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