Proposal Video: Create Surprises & Save Your "Marry Me" Day

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12

Briefs: If you want a surprising proposal, DIY an elaborate proposal video will take your proposal to a "Wow" level. Also, it's worthwhile & meaningful to clip and edit recording videos on proposal day, it'll save your "Marry Me" day.


Part 1 - How to Make a Proposal Video to Surprise Your Girlfriend?

It's easy to create a proposal video to create amazing surprises for your girlfriend. It's OK to have no design experience, and you just need an easy proposal video maker for help.

FlexClip proposal video maker is a free video editor for all people. Anyone can easily upload their lovely videos to it, and edit as they wish. There're millions of beautiful proposal music, videos and pictures for users as extensive resources.

Propose with Video

Propose Video

Propose on Birthday

How to Make a Beautiful Proposal Video for Your Girlfriend in Minutes?

  • Step 1 Open a proposal video template or start from scratch.
  • Step 2 Upload your love/family videos & photos as storyboards.
  • Step 3 Edit & customize your proposal video - You can add text or scripts, record sounds that you want to say to your girlfriend, etc.
  • Step 4 Choose to insert transitions, proposal intro and outro.
  • Step 5 Preview and download your proposal video.

Only having the tool and knowing video creating steps, you are far from an "OMG" proposal video. You'll need some advanced tricks and plans to make your proposal video creative & unique.

7 Must-have, Advanced Tips & Tricks to Make a Touching Video for Your Proposal

When planning and preparing the best ever video for your proposal, you can try collecting and merging these videos into your proposal video.

#1.Focus on Your Girlfriend, Telling Who She Is in Your Eyes & Life

Use some video footage or slideshow that captures your girl only. Show the bright & attractive sides of her.

#2.Share Her Family Times

Playing back your girl's time with her closed families will touch/warm your girlfriend and show how much you care about her.

#3.Family Blessings & Wishes

Family wishes and blessings will create a nicer atmosphere for your proposal. Let her know that she has supporters. Her families love her and support her decision.

#4.Your Dating, Those Beautiful/Difficult Moments Together

Find videos recording your days like, Your first date, the most unforgettable day for you two, and more. These videos will bring these memories & good times back. These clips will impress your girlfriend and show how you care about your time together.

#5.Ask Your Girlfriend to Do Something in The Video

If you want to impress and touch your girlfriend, don't make your proposal video like a stand-up video. Invite your girlfriend to unveil/find some surprising you've made for her.

#6.Create Mysteries & Surprises throughout Your Proposal Video

The key to a successful proposal is creating surprises & mysteries. You'll need them in your proposal video, and they will reflect your true heart and delight your girl.

#7.Sincerely Invite Your Girlfriend to Consider a Marriage Life with You

At the end of your proposal video, ask your girl, "Will you marry me?". Come to girlfriend with a ring & one knee down when your girl is watching this part.

Best Time & Ideal Holiday for Proposal

Choosing a good date for proposal is imperative. Holidays are the most joyful time of the whole year. People are together, expecting good things to happen. Therefore, holidays are the perfect time to propose:

  • Christmas Proposal
  • New Years Day
  • Thanksgiving Proposal
  • Valentine Day Proposal

Christmas proposal is the prior option. It has everything for proposal: relatives, loved ones, a good time, and perfect timing to make surprises.

Besides proposing on holidays, you can also consider proposing on special days, like her birthday, the day of your first date, your first meet, a special day for both of you, etc.

Part 2 - Clip & Edit Recording Videos on Your Proposal to Save Your "Marry Me" Day

Many years after a successful proposal, it's sweet, romantic & meaningful for the couple to lie on the couch and playback their own proposal day. Such a proposal video will make the atmosphere of anniversary, birthday, etc.

Without any professional skills, you can easily make your own proposal video for playback via FlexClip video editor. Only 4 steps, you can save the "Marry Me" day in a video:

Change video sound with quality audio.

Image: Change video sound with quality audio.

  • Step 1 Upload proposal shots & footage to FlexClip video editor.
  • Step 2 Clip the proposal videos via drag-and-drops.
  • Step 3 Edit your proposal video to make it beautiful. You can add expression texts, together pictures, happy memes, transitions, etc.
  • Step 4 Preview and download your precious proposal video production.

Note: If you've registered a free FlexClip account, it'll save all your edits on the proposal video. You can go back anytime to re-edit your proposal video.

If you like, you can rip your proposal video & wedding video into a DVD. It'll be a perfect romantic gift & symbol.

Part 3 - At Last

Hope you've found wanted video tips for your proposal. Let FlexClip help you make your proposal video as you wish. Bless to your proposal and marriage life!

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