How to Record an Interview Video on Zoom

Last Updated: 2021. 08. 16

Nowadays, in-person interviews are often impossible for hiring managers and video journalists because of the epidemic. Therefore, recording a remote interview is certainly something that has become more popular with the change in times following COVID-19.

As one the the popular video conference services, Zoom allows you to record your computer webcam and voice to create a video, and you can also use its recording feature to film your video interview with great ease.

In this article, we will illustrate how to use the ZOOM Recording option to record a live interview. Follow us an get more.


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Part 1 How to Record an Interview on Zoom

You can use Zoom to record interactive sessions such as interviews or other activities with more than one participant. It can capture video of each/all participant/s on the screen at the same time.

Before you start recording an interview on Zoom, you need to toggle on a few different settings in the Zoom desktop app preferences to get the best settings for recording a Zoom interview:

  • In the Zoom desktop app, open "Preferences", from the top nav menu. Click on "Video" in the screen that pops up, to tick 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, and enable HD video, etc.
    Zoom Recording Setting

    Image Board: Zoom Recording Setting

  • Back in the Zoom desktop app, then click "Recording" to adjust the setting like this:
    Zoom Recording Setting

    Image Board: Zoom Recording Setting

    When you change the settings, remember to ask and guide your interviewee to do the same because any settings you change on your computer will only affect your camera settings.

    Once you've get the settings readying, follow these steps to record your interview on Zoom.

    Step 1
    Start a new Zoom meeting, and make sure that your interviewee and you are running the latest Zoom Meetings Client.
    Step 2
    Tap "Invite", then "Copy Invitation" to get the meeting ID and passcode, and send it to your interviewee.
    Step 3
    Once your interviewee has joined the Zoom call, you need to grant your participants permission to record the meeting by hover over their name in the Participants listing, then click More button and "Allow Recording".
    Step 4
    Now, you can start recording your Zoom interview by hitting "Record", on the bottom bar, and selecting "Record on this Computer" (this will allow for higher quality video than cloud recording).
    Start Recording Zoom Interview

    Image Board: Start Recording Zoom Interview

    You can finally get to the business of recording the interview. ZOOM allows for Speaker View or Gallery View to record your interview. The "speaker view", technology can automatically record the screen of the person who's speaking. And the "gallery view" can show all the speakers at once to help you record a split screen interview on Zoom. And a separate audio file of each speaker.

    Record Zoom Interview

    Image Board: Record Zoom Interview

    Once you are finished, tap "End Meeting" and then "End Meeting for All". Wait for Zoom to save all recordings and ask your participants to do the same.

    Part 2 How to Edit Your Zoom Interview Recording

    When you get your Zoom interview video recording, may you need a video editing software to trim the videos, merger the video and audio files, and title cards and logos. FlexClip online video editor must be the best choice for you.

    FlexClip provides both the storyboard and timeline editing model. The storyboard mode is supper easy to use, which is ideal for a beginner; an the timeline mode with multiple track is much more flexible, allowing you to edit every details with great ease. So it doesn't matter whether you're a pro or novice on video editing, you can use FlexClip to you edit your ZOOM interview recording with great ease

    Edit the Zoom Interview Recording - FlexClip

    Image Board: Edit the Zoom Interview Recording - FlexClip

    You can use its intuitive interface to add transitions, make lower third, or change video speed in a matter of few clicks. What are you waiting for? Just turn to FlexClip right now.

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