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Interview Video Guide: How to Make an Interview Video

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Summary: This blog shares the killer tips and detailed steps to make an interview video using an easy online interview video maker. Read on and learn how to make an interview video.

Interview videos are widely used for various purposes and occasions, from documentaries and job applications to marketing and customer testimonial.

Whether you're going to make a job interview video or any other interview videos, you can find the best way and killer tips in this blog. Keep on reading and learn everything you need to know about how to make an interview video.

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Killer Tips for an Interview Video

Before we start making an interview video, let's walk through some practical tips for a killer video interview to help you record the best interview video footage and edit your interview video easily.

✓ Choose the Right Setting for Filming

Choose a good background for filming your video interview. The location and what appears in the background when you film your video interview will affect the tone of your final video. Ideally, it would be best to choose a place that says something about your interviewees, such as the interviewee's home or workplace.

Can't find a suitable backdrop for the video interview? A common and simple solution is to seat your subject in front of a blank wall.

✓ Light Your Subject

To film the high-quality footage, you may want to set up some lights. While depending on the location of your video interview, the light set-up may be different. The general rule is that try to have your subject facing natural light or use the basic three-point lighting setup, which can really enhance the subject's look.

3-Point Light Setup

3-Point Light Setup

For more information on lighting, head to our post on 7 Lighting Tips for Video Shooting You Must Know >

✓ Warm-up before Turning the Camera on

Make yourself and your subject feel relax and comfortable by warm-up even before you turn the camera on. A little small talk can be a great choice, besides having small comforts like water and snacks available on set will also help your interviewee feel at ease on camera. When your interviewee feels more relaxed, your interview will flow more naturally and go more smoothly.

✓ Use B-Roll

When you film the video interview, remember to use some b-roll shots to record the footage outside of the interview, which can add visual interest to your interview and also help to make smoother transitions for your interview video.

For more information about b-roll, you can check our post on B-Roll, A-Roll Film Tricks - Know Exactly When and Where to Use Each >

✓ Choose the Right Interview Video Editor

Online Free Interview Video Maker - FlexClip

  • User-Friendly Interface - ease of use; no experiences required.
  • Free Online Customization - edit your video online for free.
  • Professional Editing Tools - trim, split, record voice-over, and more.
  • Rich Stock Resources - clips, music, pictures, animations, etc.
Get Started Now

Once you finished the video interview recording, it's time to make magic happen with edits. You can get creative in editing - add background music, on-screen text (like a lower-third with the subject's name and title), and anything else to level up the video interview.

Then choose the right interview video editor can make your editing process easy and quick and achieve the perfect result. Here we highly recommended FlexClip video editor, an easy-to-use yet powerful online video editor, to edit your video for free.

How to Make an Interview Video

Get your interview video footage ready? Let’s make an interview video with FlexClip follow the simple steps below now.

Step 1 Get Started

Visit FlexClip homepage and click the Make a Free Video button to pick a template to customize or start from scratch and upload your footage. Or you can click one of the buttons below to get started directly.

Video Template Page

Video Template Page

Step 2 Upload Your Interview Video Footage

Go to the storyboard and upload your interview video footage to the editor with the "+" icon > Add Local Media. If necessary, you can add some transition effects between each storyboard to make your video flow better.

Upload Your Interview Video Footage

Upload Your Interview Video Footage

Step 3 Add Text to Your Interview Video

Add text to your interview video, like a lower-third with the subject’s name and title, and more other messages to make your ideas and information get across easily.

Add Text to Your Interview Video

Add Text to Your Interview Video

Step 4 Add Music to Your Interview Video

Pick a piece of music from the media library or upload one from your computer to set as your interview video BGM.

Add Music to Your Interview Video

Add Music to Your Interview Video

Step 5 Preview and Download

When you finished the edits, you can preview and download your interview video directly.

  • Pro Tip: FlexClip provides you with more edit options for level up your interview video, including split & trim the footage, record voice-over, add filters, adjust brightness or color grade, and animations, etc.
  • Make More Edits to Your Interview Video

    Make More Edits to Your Interview Video

Final Words

That's all for how to make an interview video. Hopefully, with the video interview tips and the video editor, FlexClip, we shared, everyone can create a killer interview video with ease.

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