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WhatsApp Status Guide: How to Make & Download a WhatsApp Status Video

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Last Updated: Jul. 23, 2020

Summary: This blog is an ultimate guide for WhatsApp Status. It will tell you what it is and how to use it, including making, sharing and downloading a WhatsApp Status video. Besides that, it will also show you how to make a unique WhatsApp video with FlexClip.

In the age of information explosion, we can get all kinds of information from various sources, and we are much attracted to show off our own thoughts and ideas with each other in different ways.

Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter still, is a great way to share your ideas by videos with your friends, family, and colleagues - and even with the world.

WhatsApp is another one of those social media. It was first released in 2009, Status is one of the most intriguing features allowing you to put text in the field. In 2017, WhatsApp revamped its Status feature. Now WhatsApp Status offers a feature similar to Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories or Snapchat.

WhatsApp Status lets you share videos, photos, and GIFs with your contacts that disappear after 24 hours. While how to play with WhatsApp Status? How to make a WhatsApp Status video? In this blog, we'll show you everything you need to know about how to get started with WhatsApp Status videos.

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Part 1 What is WhatsApp Status?

What exactly is WhatsApp Status? In short, it is a feature of WhatsApp that allows you to share videos, photos, text, or GIFs with your WhatsApp contacts that disappear after 24 hours. As we mentioned in the intro, this features is quite similar to Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories or Snapchat, if you know how to use them, you will feel at home using WhatsApp Status.

WhatsApp Status is only activated between two users who have each other's contact details. If you don't have someone's number saved in your contacts, they can't see your Status message. In addition, WhatsApp has the privacy settings that you can choose who can and cannot see your WhatsApp Status.

How to Make Privacy Settings in WhatsApp

When you are in the Status tab, tap on "Privacy" on the top left corner. Then it will show you a new tab asking you who will see your updates with three options:

    3 Options

  • My Contacts - share your status with all your contacts.
  • My Contacts Except… - share your status with your contacts except people you select.
  • Only Share With… - only share your status with select contacts.
WhatsApp Privacy Settings

Image Board: WhatsApp Privacy Settings

Part 2 How to Make and Share a WhatsApp Status Video

We all that that video is the most effective way to share your thought and ideas. Naturally, we want to share some information about WhatsApp Status Video.

Videos for WhatsApp Status can be up to 30 seconds per update, this is much longer than Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories, which is limited in 15 seconds.

Here we'll show you how to create your video in WhatsApp, and how to make a unique video to upload as a WhatsApp Status.

How to Make a Video Status in WhatsApp

Make your video directly in WhatsApp:


  • Step 1 → Go to the Status tab and tap on the camera icon next to "My Status". Then it will show you a new screen where you can record your video directly.
  • Step 2 → Hold down on the record button to record your video. (If the video you record is longer than 30 seconds, you need to choose a 30-second piece of it.)
  • Step 3 → Edit your video with the icons in the top right. You can add emojis, sticks, text, or crop or draw on your video.
  • Step 4 → When you are satisfied, share your video to your WhatsApp Status by taping on the share icon in the lower right corner.

How to Make a WhatsApp Video to Upload with FlexClip

If you want a unique WhatsApp Video that will stand out, you can make a video to upload as a WhatsApp Status Video.

You need a professional video editor like FlexClip that is helpful to create a WhatsApp Status video with pictures or video clips that are already on your devices.

FlexClip, an online free and easy-to-use video maker, allows you to make professional and excellent videos with great ease. Here are the reasons why FlexClip is recommended to make a WhatsApp video.


  • Professional Editing Tools. → It is equipped with extensive editing tools to make your video perfect, like video merger, music trimmer.
  • Rich Elements. → There are various resources built in FlexClip: dynamic text animations, videos, photos, and music. You can achieve a far more attractive video with them.
  • Multi-device Friendly. → It works on mobile devices and computers (both PC/Mac). You don't have to worry about if it would not be compatible with your devices.

Follow us to make a great WhatsApp video with FlexClip:

Step 1 Visit FlexClip homepage with Chrome. You can also download it to your devices on the app store. Sign up for free and then click on the Get Started - Free button.

Step 2Choose a video template to get some inspirations or start from scratch.

Choose a Video Template or Start from Scratch

Image Board: Choose a Video Template or Start from Scratch

Step 3Click on the "+" button to add a photo or a video to the storyboard.

Add Photos or Videos

Image Board: Add Photos or Videos

Step 4Customize your video - trim and add text, music to your WhatsApp video.

Customize Your WhatsApp Status Video

Image Board: Customize Your WhatsApp Status Video

Step 5Preview and save. Click on Preview button to enter live preview window. Continue editing or download and share to WhatsApp Status.

Part 3 How to Download a WhatsApp Status Video

When we view status and find a favorite, how can we save it?

WhatsApp saves the status video files locally on the phone, but just in 24 hours. After 24 hours, those files will be erased automatically. Therefore, what you need to do is just to copy them out the temporary folder. Here's how to do it:


  • In this way, you need a File Manager app. Most phones, like Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, and OnePlus, have it installed by default. You can find it by searching for an app names "Files" or "File Manager". If there is none, just download it.
  • This way is just for Android devices, if you use an IOS device, it's going to be different.


  • Step 1 → Go to the status which you want to download. Then it will make a temporary copy on the phone's storage.
  • Step 2 → Open your File Manager app and enable "show hidden files".
  • Step 3 → Navigate to the WhatsApp folder - Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses.
  • Step 4 → Find the video you want to save and copy it.
  • Step 5 → Paste the video file into a different folder. Then the copied videos will be stored forever.

The Bottom Line

Now you know what WhatsApp Status is and how it works, you can use it to make and share your videos. And try FlexClip to make a unique WhatsApp video that stands out.

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