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How to Post a GIF on Facebook - 3 Easy Ways

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021
This article will show you how to post a GIF on Facebook in 3 different ways. Follow us to make sure that you are easily able to post GIFs on Facebook.

You know that you can post still photos on Facebook, but do you realize that Facebook also supports GIFs?

Facebook now allows us to post GIFs in their status updates, comments, and private messages.

Below we'll show you how to post a GIF on Facebook in 3 different ways. Check out now.

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  • How to Post GIF to Facebook with Its GIF Feature?

    The simplest way to post a GIF to Facebook is to use its GIF feature. Facebook provides a built-in GIF library coming with over 1500 GIFs.

    Step 1
    Log in to your Facebook account and then check for the option Make Post on the Facebook home screen, which is present at the top.
    Step 2
    Select the three-dot menu button under the text field, and you'll see the GIF option listed below.
    Post GIF to Facebook with Its GIF Feature 2

    Image Board: Post GIF to Facebook with Its GIF Feature 2

    Step 3
    Click on the GIF button lets you search for the GIF you want to use with relevant keywords.
    Post GIF to Facebook with Its GIF Feature 3

    Image Board: Post GIF to Facebook with Its GIF Feature 3

    Step 4
    Scroll the bar to find more GIFs once you get the desired one. Simply click the GIF you want to share on a Facebook post, add any text if you wish to, and hit the Post button.
    Post GIF to Facebook with Its GIF Feature 4

    Image Board: Post GIF to Facebook with Its GIF Feature 4

    How to Post My Own GIF on Facebook?

    Instead of directly posting GIFs to Facebook with its own GIF feature, you can also upload your own GIF to Facebook.

    Step 1
    Open your Facebook profile and navigate to the status box.
    Step 2
    In the status box, click on "Photo/Video" and select the GIF you want to post. It will take just a second or two to upload the GIF.
    Upload Your Own GIF to Facebook

    Image Board: Upload Your Own GIF to Facebook

    Step 3
    Once your GIF is uploaded, simply hit the Post button.
    Pro Tip:
    Interested in making your own GIFs? Check out our top online free GIF makers, like FlexClip Online GIF Maker.

    How to Share a GIF to Facebook from GIF Websites?

    Besides that, many popular GIF websites allow you to share a GIF to Facebook directly. Here we show you the steps to post a GIF on Facebook from

    Step 1
    Direct to and click on the selected GIF you want to post on Facebook.
    Step 2
    Once you click on the GIF, you will be directed to a new window with several options.
    Step 3
    Click on the Facebook upload button located on this page.
    Step 4
    A new page will appear asking you to write something about the GIF or show any feeling or activity and then ultimately hit the Post to Facebook button.
    Pro Tip:
    Similarly, you can use GIPHY App to share GIFs to Facebook. After selecting your favorite GIF or creating or uploading your own, tap on the share icon given below any of the GIFs.

    Final Words

    So, that is all we have for you. These are the ways that you can consider uploading GIFs on Facebook. Read all the steps carefully, and you will be able to do the task in seconds. All of them are pretty easy, and anyone can do it; just try one now.

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