Social Video Ideas & Templates for YouTube, Instagram & Facebook

Last Updated: 2021. 07. 23

Video content is what social media wants. There is no doubt that most of the internet traffic comes from video content. And the engagement is video-led on social media.

If you're ready to create videos for social media but do not know where to start, this blog is what you need. Follow us in this blog and walk through the top social video ideas with free templates.

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Best Social Video Ideas with Free Templates

Here we'll share the top social video ideas with free templates to incorporate video content into your marketing campaigns on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook.

Promos & Sales

You know that everyone loves the big sale. You can create an eye-catching promo video or sales video for your deal on your channel to grab your social media followers' attention and win more likes & shares.


How-to and tutorial searches are increasing by 70% every year on YouTube, and this kind of content is one of the most-searched-for online. A how-to or tutorial video isn't difficult to produce. Here are fantastic templates from FlexClip Online Video Maker that is free-to-customize.

Making Pizza Tips

Easy Hairstyles


Posting a giveaway video on your channel is one of the easiest ways to increase subscribers and drive traffic, as most people like free stuff. Get people excited and enhance your channel with giveaway videos right now.

Christmas Giveaway

Product Giveaway

New Product or Service Introduction

Nowadays, the brands' social media posts have a huge influence on our buying decisions. The video content is a great way to introduce and highlight a product or your service. Turn your message into a short, informal video, let the world see it, and encourage people to take action.

Daily Care Suite

Travel Guide Service

Saying Thanks

Social media provides a great way to voice your appreciation. For personal use, you can make a sweet thank you video to express your gratitude for others; for business use, you can create a thank you video for your customers or clients to win more trust and faith.

Thank You Customers

Thank You Mommy

Animated Contents

Animated content must be the most fun and engaging way that you should try to dazzle your audience on social media. FlexClip Online Video Maker offers several free animated elements that you can use to create your animated video for social media with great ease.

Black Friday Shopping

Children Toy Sale

Breaking News & Trending

Breaking news and trending topics are a great opportunity to jump into the conversation on social media these days. You can create a video focusing on some breaking news or trending topic and post it on your channel, which is the perfect way to build excitement and hold people's attention!

More Video Ideas for Social Media

Besides, various social videos you can try in your marketing campaigns on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook.

Company Testimonial

Camera Review

The Bottom Line

That's our collection of the best social video ideas that you should try in your marketing campaigns on social media, hoping it can save your precious time to work out the best social video and bolster your social media presence.

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