5 Must-Have Remote Video Editing Software for PC/Mac

Last Updated: 2024. 01. 18

Remote video editing jobs eliminate commuting time, and offer a great balance between life and work. However, remote video editing poses big challenges in terms of self-management, communication and collaboration compared to traditional in-person settings.

In the following parts, we will dive into the 5 remote video editing software that boosts editing efficiency. They are not ranked in a particular order. Let’s see how they can help.

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FlexClip - Remote Video Editing Software Online

FlexClip is an elementary video editing software for handling remote video editing tasks. Based on the browser, it works stably, provides space and tools to realize everyone’s ideas, and shares videos instantly.

Key Features of FlexClip

  • Basic and easy-to-use video editing tools like trimming, editing, animations, filters, transitions. Click on any elements you want to edit, and make any edits in just several clicks.
  • Remote Video Editing Software Overview - FlexClip

    Remote Video Editing Software Overview - FlexClip

  • Over 5000+ elegant video templates in various themes from birthday party invitation to event invitation free to customize. You also have access to millions of stock photos, videos, and music.
  • Travel Slideshow
    Travel Slideshow
    Use This Template
    Photo Collage Video
    Photo Collage Video
    Use This Template
    Documentary Trailer
    Documentary Trailer
    Use This Template
  • Collaborate with others by creating a team space! Invite as many members as you wish and work on the same video project.
  • Team Collaboration with FlexClip Video Editor

  • AI tools that speed up video creation by 10X. AI script writer to generate best-ever video scripts, AI voiceover to generate natural sounding speeches, AI video generator to create a video with texts instantly. More are worth exploring.
  • Create a Video View Templates
  • Easy sharing your video to social media platforms, cloud services, or a simple short link so that others can check it without any delay.
  • Cons of FlexClip

  • Since FlexClip is based on the browser, it is largely dependent on the Internet.
  • You can’t make edits on a team project with others at the same time.


  • Free to access all video editing tools, use 1 stock video and audio per project, free AI credits.
  • $9.99 per month to be able to download 1080P video without watermark. 5 stock videos, and audio per project, and more AI credits.
  • $19.99 per month to be able to download 1080P videos without a watermark, use unlimited stock videos and audio on your project, and business AI credits.
  • AI Manga Generator FlexClip Pricing

    AI Manga Generator FlexClip Pricing


    FlexClip is completely game changer for remote video editing. Easy-to-use video editing tools, rich customizable video templates, and AI tools together allow to accomplish tasks with half the effort. The collaborative feature allows everyone in the team to add their own ideas to the same project, saving the leader from the trouble of merging all people’s work. Wherever you are, you can always be effective in FlexClip.

    Adobe Premiere Pro - Professional Video Editing Software for Remote Teams

    Adobe Premiere Pro would pop up in everyone’s mind when referring to video editing software. As a matter of fact, the ability to use Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most important criteria for employers to find a remote video editor. This is because Adobe Premiere Pro has the most intuitive UI and all professional features to create all types of videos. The same tools similar to Adobe Premiere Pro are Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve.

    Adobe Premiere Pro Overview

    Adobe Premiere Pro Overview

    Key Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Work seamlessly with other Adobe software, for example, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Firefly, Adobe After Effects.
  • Create rough-cuts with text-based editing. Automatically remove silences, clear all awkward pauses with bulk deletion.
  • Auto-color, auto-ducking, reduce noise that allow you to create high-quality videos.
  • Masks, keyframing, greenscreen, motion tracking to realize all sorts of effects.
  • Cons of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Your computer must be in great condition, otherwise Adobe Premiere Pro may not work well on it.
  • It is troublesome to process vertical videos with Adobe Premiere Pro.


  • $27.87 per month to get Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • $70.37 to get all Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing

    Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing


    Adobe Premiere Pro is the entry-level video editing software for professional video editors. You can easily create lots of stunning effects with this software. However, it poses huge challenges to your computer and editing skills.

    SNS EVO - Best Space for Storing and Share Video Projects

    Remote video editing doesn’t only mean collaborating on the same project. SNS EVO is developed to simplify video editing workflow by offering your team a place to tag, organize, find, comment, and review video projects.

    Key Features of SNS EVO

  • Keep all video resources and important projects secure and make them accessible for everyone.
  • Tag, organize, comment, review the video project so that other team members can communicate with others.
  • Supports Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and more.
  • Ultra-fast access and upload projects with EVO.
  • Cons of SNS EVO

  • It doesn’t have a transparent pricing.
  • SNS EVO is not only a software, but also an external device. It might take a few while to figure out how to connect it to the computer.


    SNS EVO is perfect for all post-production teams, creative agencies, universities, and anyone needs better and faster ways to store and manage your video projects. Besides, EVO fosters communication among all team members by allowing you to add comments, reviews and so much more. You can always collaboratively create something big and excellent with EVO.

    SNS EVO Overview

    Parsec - Live Streaming & Computer Remote Control Software

    Parsec is a high-performance, low-latency streaming technology making it extremely easy to collaborate on projects, presentations and most importantly, videos. Whenever you don’t know how to continue working, share your screen with Parsec and finish video editing with other colleagues.

    Key Features of Parsec

  • 4K low-latency streaming ensuring the best interactions between you and your colleagues.
  • Remote access to their computers and virtual machines from different devices.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface to start collaboration with minimal hassle.
  • Supports various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android.
  • Cons of Parsec

  • Parsec is highly dependent on the Internet. Users with slow or unreliable internet may experience lagging issues.
  • Your computer must meet certain requirements for optimal performance.


  • Free to get low-latency, 60 FPS desktop capture and streaming.
  • $8.33 per user each month to get multi-monitor streaming (up to 3 monitors).
  • $30 per user each month for more team management features.
  • Verdict

    Parsec is ideal for video editors with high demand for screen sharing and remote access to other computers. You will enjoy the 4K, no-lagging streaming experience, and easy access to other computers with permission. However, the internet connection, and privacy issues must be taken into consideration before using this software.

    Remote Video Editing Software - Parsec

    Remote Video Editing Software - Parsec

    Evercast - Live Streaming and Video Conferencing Software

    Evercast incorporates video chatting and screen sharing into one place to empower global teams to create videos together! Now, even some major Hollywood studios worldwide, game developers are using it to create videos remotely.

    Remote Video Editing Software - Evercast

    Remote Video Editing Software - Evercast

    Key Features of Evercast

  • End-to-end encryption makes your communication and video project confidential.
  • Streaming from any sources, live cameras, media files, or even multiple sources at a time.
  • Video chat with your colleague just like you were in the same office.
  • 4K screen share with draw/text tools to highlight what’s important.
  • Cons of Using Evercast

  • Short of some basic video conferencing features like hand-raising, and private chat.
  • Evercast’s interface is quite confusing.


    Starts at $549 per month to access all features except for multi-screen recording.

    Remote Video Editing Software - Evercast

    Remote Video Editing Software - Evercast


    Evercast is best for those who always need to discuss video creation issues with their colleagues. With Evercast, you can live stream with any resources and video chat with your colleagues to get suggestions easier than ever. All those features make it a great remote video editor. However, we must say that Evercast is too expensive.

    Remote Video Editing Software FAQ

    1. Can you do video editing remotely?

    Remote video editing is easy. Go to FlexClip, create a team and invite others to start editing.

    2. Can I edit a video in Google Drive?

    Yes. Connect Google Drive and FlexClip, you can directly edit videos in Google Drive and then store it to back to Google Drive.

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