Top 8 Animated Video Makers for Beginners in 2021

Last Updated: Jul. 27, 2021

Capturing people’s attention has never been harder these days. But, surprisingly animated videos can do it so easily. They trigger our childhood conditioning and make viewers love to see and listen to our messages conveyed in cartoons and animated videos.

However, not everyone has the professional skills and time to create stunning animated videos themselves.

But, no worries! In this post, we will be introducing you to the 8 best-value animated video makers. So, you can easily create eye-catching animated videos in minutes with no designing skills and experience needed.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Powtoon: Most Versatile Animated Video Maker

Powtoon is a leading online animated video maker that allows beginners with no graphic design knowledge and skills to create professional-looking animated videos in no time.

Use Powtoon to create professional animated videos

Use Powtoon to create professional animated videos

With an intuitive and stylish interface, you can easily select from hundreds of Powtoon’s pre-made animation templates and customize the scene, animated character, props and add royalty-free music from its music library and do the voiceover. Overall, it’s a powerhouse for making animated videos and content marketing.

Target Users: Content creator, marketer, students and teachers, corporate employees, etc.

Pricing: Free to start; $19-99/month for subscription plans; $4-10/month for the educational plan

Best Features

  • Create a wide array of animated videos: animated explainer, whiteboard video, build branded character, marketing video, animated infographic
  • Customize animated character’s details such as hair, outfit, emotion, motion, skin color, accessories, etc.
  • Screen & cam recording; record voiceovers for animated videos
  • Integrate with PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Hubspot, etc.
  • Hundreds of featured animated video templates covering varied fields
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Horizontal, square, and vertical project modes for different platforms
  • Royalty-free music and objects
  • Limitations

  • Free users can’t download animated videos in MP4
  • No watermark-free for free users
  • 2. Vyond: Animated Video Maker with Contemporary Characters

    Vyond (or formally known as GoAnimate) is an amazing online animated video maker that helps you stay productive and attractive for marketing, corporate training, and E-learning, etc.

    Create engaging animated videos for companies by Vyond

    Create engaging animated videos for companies by Vyond

    You can use Vyond’s full-customizable animated characters, prop, charts, texts to create unique animation for your company’s employees and easily make your storytelling engaging and even improve the working or studying relationship between coworkers and students.

    Target Users: HR, teachers, salespersons, YouTubers, etc.

    Pricing: $49-159/month for essential, premium, and professional plans

    Best Features

  • Use timeline feature to arrange all the animated elements for the video
  • 3 categories for animated characters: business-friendly, whiteboard, and contemporary
  • Lots of pre-made animation templates
  • Customize animated characters’ facial expressions, direction, action, etc.
  • Record voiceovers for individual characters
  • Auto text to speech and automatic lip-sync feature for animated characters
  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Limitations

  • Lack of trending topics for animations
  • A bit pricy for freelancers
  • It may take a while for beginners to get used to the timeline controls
  • 3. FlexClip: Easy, Quick, and Most Affordable Animated Video Maker

    Apart from dazzling online animation makers, some of the versatile online video editors capable of making riveting animated videos are also a great alternative. A great case in point is FlexClip.

    make animated videos by FlexClip’s readymade animation templates

    Easily make animated videos by FlexClip’s readymade animation templates

    You can easily customize its animated texts, elements, and a vast stock of animation videos to create engaging animated videos, esp. if you are pressed for time to meet the deadline. Besides, you can add a customized logo, transition, or record audio narration, etc.

    Target Users: Students, teachers, computer novices, business professionals, freelancers, etc.

    Pricing: Free to start; $9.99-29.99/month for 3 subscription plans (most affordable animated video makers of all)

    Best Features

  • Pre-made templates with customizable animated texts, dynamic elements, etc.
  • Vast media library of royalty-free HD animation videos and music, and photos
  • Dozens of video tools such as trimmer, screen, and voiceover recorder,
  • Storyboard and timeline editing modes for different users
  • 5 aspect ratios for different media platforms
  • Watermark-free for free starters
  • Limitations

  • Can't customize outfit, hair, or skin tone, facial expressions of animated characters
  • No advanced animation tools
  • 4. Animaker: For Studio-like Animations

    Promoting the idea of "Do-it-yourself", Animaker is a cloud-based animation-making platform that helps non-designers and beginners to create studio-like animated videos and live-action videos like a no-brainer.

    Create studio-like animations by Animaker

    Create studio-like animations by Animaker

    You can toggle between Full and Lite mode to select the editing interface that works best for you. In the Full Mode, you can control the animation timeline, video timeline, and camera timeline and add templates, animated characters, props and texts, videos, and audio from its asset library.

    While the Lite mode offers you a much simpler storyboard view to edit all the animated elements, etc. All the elements in a screen are fully customizable with tons of amazing animation effects.

    Target Users: Avid 2D animation fans, YouTubers, students, teachers, corporates for an animated character for branding, non-designers, etc.

    Pricing: $20-79/month for different subscription plans

    Best Features

  • Full and Lite editing modes for different users
  • Extensive actions and facial expressions for 2D animated characters and different scenes
  • Auto lip-sync features for vivid voiceovers
  • 100 million+ stock assets
  • Special effects, together with props, make animations come alive
  • Integration with Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox, Pexels
  • Download 4K videos and easy share to dozens of social platforms
  • Limitations

  • Some of the props are only graphics without moving actions
  • Full editing modes can be a bit overwhelming for beginners
  • 5. Doodly: Best Whiteboard Animated Video Maker

    Doodly is an extremely popular and prestigious animation maker, specializing in creating whiteboard animated videos. Its iconic style is an animated artist hand showing the drawing path of an animated character.

    Iconic drawing hands of whiteboard animations by Doodly

    Iconic drawing hands of whiteboard animations by Doodly

    Besides, Doodly is a desktop app that needs to be downloaded and installed on your PC. You can upload your image and add control points to tell Doodly how to follow the drawing path and create the classic Doodly whiteboard drawing. It's an affordable and straightforward whiteboard animation software for vintage or classic whiteboard animated videos.

    Target Users: Whiteboard animation fans, business professionals, teachers, filmmakers, etc.

    Pricing: Standard $39/month; enterprise $69/month

    Best Features

  • Import photos and create a custom drawing path
  • Automatic align the duration of your drawings to the duration of the scene
  • Easily create offline animated videos and upload to Clouds for storage
  • Limitations

  • Limited assets in the library if you don't upgrade plans or buy Doodly rainbow
  • Can't do voiceovers or lip-sync while creating animated characters in Doodly
  • Not that accurate for the drawing paths for the fonts
  • 6. Toonly: Powerful Desktop Animated Video Maker

    Unlike the online animated video makers above, Toonly is a powerful desktop animation application on your PC. It might sound surprising to you that Toonly was created by the team of highly regarded whiteboard animation maker--Doodly.

    Create funny animated videos by Toonly

    Create funny animated videos by Toonly

    You can instantly preview the animation effects added in Toonly on the timeline. Essentially, the Toonly is a desktop app to create animated video explainers for business or teaching.

    Target Users: Professional animators,salespersons, business professionals, YouTubers, etc.

    Pricing: Standard $ 39/month; enterprise $69/month

    Best Features

  • Use timeline mode for animation editing
  • Lip-sync feature
  • Seamless transitions for an individual animated character to multiple actions in one scene
  • Has key-frame feature to move an object for different motions in a scene
  • Limitations

  • No trial version is available for the free users
  • Don't have pre-made animation templates
  • No trial version is available for the free users
  • Limited animation style and characters until users upgrade to enterprise plans to expand characters, props, backgrounds in the library
  • Characters look robotic while doing lip-sync because there is no way to add extra motion to the character
  • No way to import clips to make live videos combined with real persons and animated ones
  • 7. Renderforest: 3D/2D Animated Video Maker

    Renderforest is an all-in-one online video platform that helps you create animations, intros and logos, and slideshow presentations and music visualizations for branding and promo. Besides, Renderforest is one of the few online animated video makers that offer awesome 3D animation templates for animation creation. Sound cool?

    Create 3D animated videos by Renderforest’s premade templates

    Create 3D animated videos by Renderforest’s premade templates

    The logic and working interface of Renderforest completely focus on beginners who are not pro animators and have limited time for creating animations from the scratch. You choose an animation template and customize the text, style and color, and music and finally preview and export the animated videos. That's it.

    Target Users: Teachers, sales, students, freelancers, etc.

    Pricing: Free to start; $19.99-59.99/month for different subscriptions

    Best Features

  • Easy-to-use storyboard mode for non-designers and beginners
  • Tons of 3D and 2D animated video templates and trendy templates for business promo, etc.
  • Use AI to generate the number of scenes for you if you put scripts to start making animated videos
  • Matching scene features to recommend alternatives
  • Vast music library
  • Directly do or upload voiceovers to animated videos
  • Limitations

  • Can't customize the details of an animated character, prop or scene, etc.
  • No whiteboard animation templates
  • Pick one color palette and it will be applied to all scenes. Quick but not ideal for customization
  • No lip-sync feature for animated characters
  • 8. Biteable: Stylish Animated Video Maker

    With a stylish and colorful animevibe homepage, Biteable is an easy and quick animated video maker. It offers you plenty of 3D and 2D pre-made animation templates for you to choose from and customize yours.

    Quickly create compelling animated videos by Biteable

    Quickly create compelling animated videos by Biteable

    You can customize texts, ribbon and background color and trim the duration of pre-made animation, and add the different motions for the enter and exit of text and animation, etc. That's it. Pretty simple.

    Target Users: Students, teachers, business professionals, freelancers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, etc.

    Pricing: Free to start; $29-99/month for plus and ultimate plans respectively

    Best Features

  • A wide array of 3D and 2D pre-designed animation templates across many industries and with multiple aspect ratios
  • Use Timeline for editing
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Limitations

  • Can't customize the details of an animated character like hair color, facial expressions, body moments, outfits, including props, etc.
  • Not watermark-free for free users
  • Lack of features: only a few transitions, limited styles, etc.
  • No visible undo button
  • Final Thoughts

    So, which animated video maker makes sense to you both for its features and price tag? If you only want to quickly make an animated video for promo or video explainer, then FlexClip could be a great choice as it is the most affordable and only watermark-free animated video maker for free users in this list.

    If you have more time and look for detailed controls of animated characters, props, or scenes, Powtoon, Vyond, and Doodly are flawless alternatives. Hope you enjoy our post. Hopefully, you enjoy our post and don't forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and leave a comment for us as well. Much appreciated.

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