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Step By Step Guide: How to Make a Killer Animated Video

Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary: This blog shows how to use FlexClip video maker to create an animated video and offers you different styles of animated video templates to get some inspirations.

It has no doubt that video makes serious money for business. Adding product videos on your landing page improves conversions by around 80% (source from


Image board: Increase in CVR because of video promo

However, video production is a complex thing requiring different equipment and compositions, while making animated video is much easier, only do you need to use some free video editing software like FlexClip to edit your footage, in this way, you can avoid the annoyance to find a character, a location, etc., and save the cost and investments.

The Best Animated Video Maker: How to Make an Animated Video

FlexClip, as an easy-to-use online video editor, allows you starting to customize an animated video template and make your own animation promo video with only a few minutes.

  • 1.Design your video storyline in advance (4 examples of animated video made by FlexClip inspire your minds.
  • 2.Login and get to start
  • 3.Searching for the relevant animated footage from FlexClip media stock
  • 4.Merge and rearrange your clips
  • 5.Add animated text
  • 6.Add animated video icons
  • 7.Add music and sound effects
  • 8.Export and share

step 1 Design your video storyline in advance

Think about what kind of business you have and choose a corresponding style of animation for your brand, and then login to FlexClip to find and customize an appropriate animated video template.

There are some examples of animated videos made by FlexClip:

For technology:

If your business is related to technology, adding an abstract animated video intro into your corporate video can makes your product and service more professional and trustworthy.

Depict video: The animation video for technology created by FlexClip animated video maker

For education :

If your business involves education, it’s better you have some visual publicity to appeal to children’s eyes, animations/animated videos is a good choice for you.

Depict video: The animation video for school created by FlexClip animated video maker

For delivery:

How to indicate your business scope and how to show your delivering processes? Animation is your choice without doubt. Join in FlexClip animated video maker to introduce customers your products and services in details.

Depict video: The animation video for delivery created by FlexClip animated video maker

For holiday:

Adding animation makes your holiday video more lively and attractive!

Depict video: animation video for holiday created by FlexClip animated video maker

step 2 Login your FlexClip account and get started to create a new editing project to make your animated video.


Image board: Start to make your animated video by FlexClip video maker

step 3 Search for the relative animated footage from FlexClip media stock

Go to the ‘Stock Media’ to search for and add any types of animated video clips, input the keywords in the search engine to find your business animated footage. (If you have your live action video clips, you can also upload the footage).

Depict video: Search for the relative animated footage from FlexClip media stock

step 4 Merge and rearrange the animated clips you find in media stock and other live action video footage in 'Storyboard'.

All uploaded video clips and photos are shown in storyboard mode. You can rearrange them, just drag the clip to wherever you want to reorder your files.


Image board: Merge and rearrange video clips by FlexClip video editor

step 5 Add animated texts

Use animated text to explain the operating processes or stress your company’s information and logo to increase your brand awareness.


Image board: Add animated texts by FlexClip animated video editor

step 6Animated video icons can make your video more lively, and a proper animated video icon may help you get more followers or get more likes.


Image board: Add animated video icons by FlexClip animated video maker

step 7 Add music or sound effects to attract more attentions

Depict video: Add music by FlexClip video maker

step 8 8.Export and Share

Preview your video to check it all right. Then, export your video. FlexClip animated video maker enables you to output resolution options including 480p, 720p and 1080p .

What’s more, you can share your promo animated video to social media such as Facebook directly.


Image board: Export and share your animated video

The Bottom Line

FlexClip animated video maker definitely is your best choice and helps you achieve your video marketing strategy. Come and try it out!

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