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Animated Video Maker: How to Make a Killer Animated Video with Ease Online?

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  • Animated Video Maker: How to Make a Killer Animated Video with Ease Online?
Last Updated: Oct. 20, 2020

Looking for a free and efficient way to make an epic animated video that converts sales and makes compelling storytelling?

You just hit the jackpot!

In this post, you will learn how to make a stunning animated video, using our inspiring animated templates and full-featured online animated video maker FlexClip, plus lots of insider tips.

Without further ado, let’s enjoy the fun editing now.


How to Use FlexClip Animated Video Maker

Honestly, if you are a first-time video user or feel pressed for time, it’s not worth investing hours to figure out complex software like Adobe After Effect for an eye-catching animated video.

An Animated video made by FlexClip animated video maker

An Animated video made by FlexClip animated video maker

With customizable animated video templates and flexible features like animated fonts, dynamic widgets, animated background, powerful color grading, and royalty-free sound effects, FlexClip allows you to make an animated video in just 3 steps.

Step 1: Create a New Project and Choose Animated Video Footage

Firstly, sign up for FlexClip for free and open the pre-made template page. Then click on the “Start from Scratch” button, which will take you to the editing panel.

Create a new project with FlexClip animated video maker

Create a new project with FlexClip animated video maker

Next, press “add stock media” on the storyboard and type “animated + keyword (such as business, education, etc.)” into the search box to look for the ideal animated video clips in FlexClip’s media stock.

Search for the relative animated footage from FlexClip media stock


  • If you have added multiple animated videos, you can simply drag and drop each video in the storyboard to rearrange its order.
Rearrange animated videos and add local media

Rearrange animated videos and add local media

You may also upload your own video footage and photos just by clicking on “add local media”. Meanwhile, FlexClip offers you tons of animated video templates and photos, and 100,000+ free music and sound effects, etc. just take your pick.

Step2: Customize the Animated Video

Now it’s time to customize your animated video. To that end, FlexClip animated video maker offers you powerful tools to make your video unique.

Add Animated Texts :

More than 100 professionally-made fonts and dozens of animated texts are available for you to add your character to the video.

Add animated texts by FlexClip animated video editor

Add animated texts by FlexClip animated video editor

You may also use animated texts or overlay effects to highlight your company’s branding by uploading your logo and stress key information like address, email, etc. Check the best online animated text generator.

Add Animated Widgets :

Animated widgets (or animated video icons), designed by our expert graphic designers, are another powerful tool of FlexClip animated video maker to make your video come alive.

Add animated video icons by FlexClip animated video maker

Add animated video icons by FlexClip animated video maker

You can match your animated video with proper dynamic widgets. It may help you get more followers or get more likes.

Don’t forget to trim the widget (on the top right corner) for the exact time when a widget shows and disappears. Such a time-adjusting feature also applies to videos, texts, and photos, and music.

Add Music and Sound Effects :

It is the appropriate music and sound effects in the video that truly create the mood and atmosphere and make viewers engage in your storytelling.

Add music and sound effects with FlexClip animated video maker

Please feel free to use 100,000+ commercially-licensed music and sound effects in the music library of FlexClip animated video maker. Your anxiety over the shortage of music will be gone forever.

You may also trim the length of music with great ease to make it appear at the right time. If you need, you may also use the “voice-over” feature of FlexClip to record your audio narration to make the video more personal.

Record audio narration with FlexClip animated video maker

Record audio narration with FlexClip animated video maker

Step 3: Export the Animated Video

After everything is done, preview your video to check it all right. Then, export your video in minutes.

Export and share your animated video

Export and share your animated video

FlexClip animated video maker enables you to download a finished video in different resolutions, including 480p, 720p, and 1080p. and add intro and outro to your video effortlessly.

What’s more, you can share your promo animated video on social media such as Facebook and Youtube directly.Look for the best animation makers online.

Make Animated Videos with Inspiring Animated Templates

Whether you are looking for animated video makers for education, for business, or a birthday or holiday, etc. FlexClip offers you plenty of pre-made animated templates and videos for your use and inspiration.

Here are some of the samples for you:

Animated Videos for Education:

If you are a teacher who wants to attract students with a short attention span or a student longing to make an eye-catching explainer video, then the colorful and animated video is the perfect choice for you.

Welcome back to school

Students reading books


  • Unlike the ordinary video templates, currently the animated templates can only be found in the FlexClip video editor. Press “add media stock” and put “animated+ keywords” to find your ideal animated video footage to work with as mentioned above.

Animated Videos for Business :

For video marketing and business promo, FlexClip animated video maker also has lots of pre-made templates for you. You can easily combine them for video transition or introducing the new topic.

Business around the world

Video Marketing

Animated Videos for Birthday :

Surprise your loved one with animated birthday videos of FlexClip animated video maker. It will be a timeless moment for your guys to enjoy.

Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Balloon

Animated Videos for Holiday:

Making visually-appealing animated videos for a holiday is also extremely popular for both individuals and small businesses. Please feel free to look for the expertly-made animated video templates from FlexClip animated video maker.

Merry Christmas

Happy Halloween Costumed Kids

There are so many more inspirational animated videos waiting for your discovery.

Bonus Tips for Making An Animated Video

As you use FlexClip animated video maker to make your animated videos, there are few tips for you to make better videos.

  • When you use the templates of FlexClip, choose the template that has a similar color background or graphical style, which will make your animated video look more uniform.
  • Please feel free to use the royalty-free music, unique sound effects in the music library of FlexClip, even record your video with a voice-over feature. This will add a surprising effect to your video and make it more intimate to viewers.
  • Less is more. Don’t make all the elements in a video animate. Just the delicate balance between words and moving objects. Otherwise, it may distract viewers from getting the key information.
  • Before starting making animated videos, writing an outline or a video script can prevent you from going too far or astray.
  • Keep your ideas original and content entertaining. This helps to keep your audience stay attentive and makes the video go viral online.

The Bottom Line

If you have limited time for making an animated video or know little about advanced software like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effect, the online animated video maker FlexClip can be an answer to your needs.

It is free of charge and filled with awful lots of customizable animated templates. For both small businesses and individuals to make explainer videos, etc. it is a time-saving and zero-cost option.

Just feel free to use it, and you will fall in love with its intuitive editing panel and user-friendly tools.

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