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Last Updated: 2024. 04. 02
Check this post out and get the best Google Drive video editors in the market. This unbiased list is based on several thousand times of trials and comparisons. Do feel free to use any of them to edit Google Drive videos.

Google Drive is a safe place to back up and access your videos. Sadly, it doesn’t come with built-in editing tools. You have to rely on some third-party services to edit Google Drive videos.

A Google Drive video editor is not hard to come by. However, you might have stored other important files on Google Drive too, which may raise concerns over security issues. Here are Google Drive video editors emphasizing both video creation as well as security. Check them out!

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Universal Slideshow Template
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Vintage Video Slideshow
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FlexClip - Google Drive Video Editor Without Limitations

FlexClip is all you need to edit Google Drive videos. It helps you access all photos and videos you previously backed up and and integrates them into your project. Here is how FlexClip helps you edit Google Drive videos.

  • Make basic edits like trimming, splitting, cropping, zooming, and changing aspect ratio in just several clicks. You will never be confused in the sea of editing tools, thanks to the simple interface.
  • Add filters, change saturation, contrast, exposure to give your Google Drive video a different look. You will completely control how the video looks like.
  • Change video speed or do curve speed to create something breathtaking without going through the completed keyframing process. All you need to do is adjusting the speed curve.
  • Speed Curve Feature

  • Equipped with a media library with millions of photos, videos, and music. They are all royalty-free to use. Create any video content without worrying about copyright issues.
  • Add elements, overlays, emojis, GIFs, masks to enrich your Google Drive video. All elements, overlays are designed by FlexClip’s professional designers. They are great for all sorts of videos and totally customizable. The emojis and GIFs are from GIPHY.
  • AI auto subtitle that adds subtitles automatically based on the language and audio source you select. AI text-to-speech tool that does natural voiceover to video with high accuracy. AI image generator can generate an image exactly what you need based on the prompt you input. More AI features are waiting to be explored at FlexClip.
  • FlexClip Google Drive Video Editor AI Tools

    To enhance your Google Drive video editing experience, FlexClip allows you to save edited video clips back to Google Drive. Also, FlexClip guarantees that your information or project won't be send to third-party software. You can even disconnect your FlexClip account and Google Drive, if necessary.

    The detailed steps to edit Google Drive videos are as follows. Click on the Edit Google Drive Video button below to get started. By the way, remember to check FlexClip's customizable free templates that offer great shortcuts to a satisfying output.

    Create a Video View Templates

    How to Use FlexClip to Edit Google Drive Videos

    Step 1. Connect Your Google Drive Account With FlexClip

    Move to the Media section, click on Upload Files, then choose Google Drive. Follow the prompt to connect your Google Drive account and FlexClip.

    Upload Google Drive Videos to FlexClip

    Upload Google Drive Videos to FlexClip

    Step 2. Add to the Timeline

    Hover your mouse over any photo or video and click on the Add as Scene option. Doing so, your photos and videos will be added to the timeline.

    Apply Google Drive Videos to FlexClip Timeline

    Apply Google Drive Videos to FlexClip Timeline

    Step 3. Edit Your Video

    FlexClip offers lots of video editing tools that you can find instantly. Drag the slider, you can trim the video. Click on the scissor icon, you can split the video. You can also duplicate or delete a video.

    Click on any video clip, all available editing tools will pop up above the preview window, like zooming, fliping, color correction, filters, mask, etc. The resources you will need are on the left-side panel. Go to Elements, Effects, Text, or other section for more.

    Edit Google Drive Videos

    Edit Google Drive Videos

    Here is also a video tutorial about how to edit with FlexClip.

    Edit Google Drive Videos with FlexClip

    Step 4. Save the Video

    Click on the Export button. You are now on the downloading page. Click on the Google Drive icon to save your video. You can also share the video via a short link, or post to social media platforms.

    Save Google Drive Videos

    Save Google Drive Videos

    Step 5. (optional)Unlink FlexClip and Google Drive

    If you still worry about information security issues, you can always disconnect FlexClip and Google Drive. Click on the profile icon, go to My Account > Social. Click on Disconnect next to the Google Drive icon. Confirm the change.

    Disconnect Google Drive and FlexClip

    Disconnect Google Drive and FlexClip

    ClipChamp - Google Drive Video Editor for Windows Users

    ClipChamp has replaced Windows Movie Maker to become Windows’ default video editor. As long as you have subscribed to Microsoft 365, you are able to enjoy all features of ClipChamp and download videos up to 1080P without watermark. Similarly, ClipChamp enables you to upload and edit videos from Google Drive to edit and save.

    The following are what we like about ClipChamp.

  • Auto Caption that generates accurate captions in 140+ languages from video’s audio.
  • Text-to-speech tool that speaks out anything for you with perfect pitch, style, and pace with a wide selection of voices.
  • Change the aspect ratio of your video by adding border colors, blur effects, or cropping to fill the entire screen.
  • Record with the speaker coach. ClipChamp can track your pace, pitch, and filler words and you can always learn how to speak better in front of the camera.
  • ClipChamp Overview

    ClipChamp Overview

    How to Edit Google Drive Video with ClipChamp

    Step 1
    Get ClipChamp on your computer. It is a default video editor on Windows, but it is still available on the App Store for Mac users. Launch it right now.
    Step 2
    Click on the down arrow button next to the Import Media button. Select Google Drive. Follow the prompt to allow access to Google Drive content. After signing up and granting access, all Google Drive videos and photos will appear on the left side.
    Step 3
    Start editing the video. ClipChamp’s editing features are listed on the right and left side panels, there are music, video, photos, dynamic texts, graphics, transitions you can add to your video. You are also allowed to add filters, apply some special effects, adjust colors, change video speed and so much more.
    Step 4
    After done with editing, click on Export. Select Google Drive to save the video you just edited.

    MovieStudio - Great Google Drive Video Editing Extension

    MovieStudio is an extension you can find on Google Workspace. The moment you install it to your browser, you can make all basic video edits easily and effectively.

    The video editing tools of MovieStudio include:

  • Do screen recording or record yourself and then import them to your project.
  • Trim, split the video or audio in the timeline.
  • Include texts in your movie, even asking them to appear at different times.
  • Movie Studio Overview

    Movie Studio Overview

    How to Edit Google Drive Video with MovieStudio

    Step 1
    Search for MovieStudio video maker on Google. On the Google Workspace Marketplace page, click Install. Follow the prompt to grant access to Google Drive content.
    Step 2
    Switch to your Google Drive photos or videos. Right-click on one of them and select Open With > MovieStudio. You are now at the MovieStudio editing page.
    Step 3
    Edit your videos. You can add videos to different layers, trim them, add music, texts, or record a video.
    Step 4
    Click on Export > Google Drive. Your video will be saved.

    The Bottom Line

    The above are 3 different Google Drive video editors that work on different platforms. FlexClip is an online video editor, ClipChamp works on Windows desktop, and MovieStudio is an extension from Google Workspace Marketplace. They can meet all your needs in terms of editing Google Drive videos.

    By the way, AI is an unstoppable trend in the video editing sector. Even though it is still under development, it would be unwise to wait until it is fully developed. Explore FlexClip’s AI tools like AI text-to-speech, AI script generator, AI auto subtitle to fasten your video creation.

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