How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow

Last Updated: 2021. 08. 10
After reading this article, you will know some tips and the methods of creating a wedding slideshow. Follow the guidance below and create a wedding slideshow that dazzles your guests.

The wedding ceremony is one of the most important events of our lives. It symbolizes that the relationships between you and your loved one are officially recognized. Along this journey, there must be some wonderful moments that are worth remembering. Let's create an engaging wedding slideshow to tell your love stories in your wedding ceremony.

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Popular Wedding Video Templates

Part 1:Tips for Creating an Attractive Wedding Slideshow

Keep the Slideshow Interesting

As for the viewers, an interesting wedding slideshow video has either fun or engaging video content.

To achieve this goal, you can go to the photo library of your mobile phone or your social platforms to find interesting photos or video clips. You can choose pictures from the childhood to the day you are engaged. Besides, it is also a good idea to add interesting text and effects to the slideshow.

How can we create a wedding slideshow that is related to the guests? If possible, making an interviewing video is a great choice. You can prepare some interesting questions and then interview your friends or families members. Or you can ask your friends if they can send you a wedding congratulation video.

Keep the Slideshow Short

In general, the time of a wedding slideshow should be kept under 10 minutes, or your guests may get bored. But, if the time is more than 10 minutes, how can we adjust it within 10 minutes without deleting photos or video clips? The answer is adjusting the duration of a photo. Use FlexClip's editing tools to speed up the slideshow. In the following part, we will show you the details.

Keep the Slideshow Simple

As we all know, less is more. Don’t make the slideshow too complicated. When you customize the slideshow, please pay attention to the color scheme, including the color of the texts and backgrounds. Generally speaking, it is no more than three colors. The following picture showcases the seven major color schemes that can get you inspired.

Seven Major Color Schemes

Seven Major Color Schemes

Part 2: How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip

Regardless of your experience, FlexClip, a powerful online video maker, enables you to create a wedding slideshow with great ease. The user-friendly interface and well-designed templates are very helpful for beginners to get started quickly. Meanwhile, it provides you with rich resources to level up your wedding slideshow, like royalty-free stock video, stock music, and stylish font.

Now that you have a general idea of your wedding slideshow, it's time to put it into practice. The step-by-step guidance is listed below:

Step 1
Go to the "Tools" and select the "Slideshow Maker."
How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip - Step 1

How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip - Step 1

Step 2
Upload your photos and choose a template.
How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip - Step 2

How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip - Step 2

Step 3
Edit the slideshow by tweaking the size, color, filter, duration, photo animation, etc.
How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip - Step 3

How to Create an Attractive Wedding Slideshow in FlexClip - Step 3

Step 4
Pair the slideshow with music. Click the "Music" button and select a wedding song you like from the stock music. Or you can upload local songs.
Step 5
Preview and export the video. You can update it anytime you want when your project is done, as we saved it in the cloud.

Bottom line

That's all about how to create a wedding slideshow. With FlexClip's slideshow maker, making a wedding slideshow is just a piece of cake. If this article is helpful for you, please share it with your friends or on your social media.

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