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Last Updated: 2021. 07. 29

Forewords: Find the best wedding songs that works for you and your partner! We also present you a free wedding video maker to blend wedding music and wedding video clips to a beautiful wedding video. Refer to the top wedding song list in various genres. Lastly, we talk about wedding mus copyrights.

Eternal love songs picked for wedding will define the mood and the atmosphere of the wedding. If used in a wedding video, it will set the tone of your wedding video.

There is a theory about how to pick your best wedding songs. Now, let's get into the theory of wedding songs!

Many online tips suggest wedding songs in an unexceptional music list. We hope not to do that. Instead, you are going to find the best wedding songs in the genre that you couple both like.

Bonus Package - Applying eternal love music to your wedding video free online:

Add wedding music to wedding video.

Image board: Insert wedding video songs to your wedding video.

1.Open - the free online video editor, and register a free account.

2.Upload wedding videos by [+ Storyboard] > [Add Video]. DIY your wedding video until satisfied.

3.Go [Music] > [Upload My Music]. This step is going to insert your wedding song as the background music for your wedding video. Check the best way to find background music.

In order to find the perfect love songs for your wedding ceremony or a wedding video, first of all, you need to ask yourselves a few questions and figure out your desired feeling for your wedding and from music:

  • *What's your favorite love music?
  • *What's your favorite genre for wedding music?
  • *Maybe your favorite bands, or singers?
  • *What's your first dance music? Do you like it?
  • *Which genres / singers / bands do you (or your partner) dislike?

List out the love songs, singers, or genres that you couple both love, and narrow down the music options for your wedding.

Complete List of Eternal Love Music – Best Wedding Songs

Other than your own list of wedding songs, we've compiled top love songs in genres of romantic pop, country and rock respectively.

Top 10 Romantic Pop Songs for Wedding

Romantic songs can tell the story of how two people fall in love, how important one means to the other, or how beautiful the love is. Discover 8 best sites for royalty-free music.

If you and your partner have an affection for romantic songs, the following list of top 10 romantic pop songs might include what you are looking for:

  • 1.Yes I Will - Backstreet Boys
  • 2.My Love – Westlife
  • 3.Nothing's Going to Change My Love For You – Westlife
  • 4.A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
  • 5.Endless Love - Endless Love Film
  • 6.You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker
  • 7.Time Of Our Lives- James Blunt
  • 8.As Long as You Love Me - Justin Bieber
  • 9.As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys
  • 10.Swear It Again – Westlife

Top 5 Country Music for Wedding

Country love music adds love, which performs beautifully and peacefully in country wedding videography. If your wedding is hosted in a county, or in beautiful countryside, then make sure you've checked the most recognizable country songs below:

  • 1.Love Story – Taylor Swift
  • 2.Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley
  • 3.Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley
  • 4.I cross my heart - George Strait
  • 5.Forever and Ever, Amen - Randy Travis

Top 8 Rock Songs for Wedding

As rock guys, or rock couple, you may not have that much interest in love music above. Rock music may be your top consideration. Check if the following list of top classic rock songs can pique any of your interests:

  • 1.All You Need Is Love – The Beatles
  • 2.Love Will Keep Us Alive - Eagles
  • 3.Take Me to Your Heart - Michael Learns to Rock
  • 4.You Took My Heart Away - Michael Learns to Rock
  • 5.In My Life - The Beatles
  • 6.Eternal Love - Michael Learns to Rock
  • 7.Dream Girl - Kolohe Kai
  • 8.I Love You - Avril Lavigne

The Wisdom in Selecting A Genre for Wedding

Romantic pop music is among everybody's choices. While for other wedding genres, you should concern other situations, such as:

Heavy rocky songs might not be a good choice, given that some of the wedding attendees may not feel very good.

Country music may appear strange when your wedding is hosted in a 5-star hotel in a prosperous city.

The music, the scene, the spot and the people, 4 elements should be in the same style.

Pay Attention to The Music Copyright!!

If you've selected out your favorite songs for your wedding, then congrats! However, before finalizing your music list, remember to check the copyright of the songs. Or, prepare to face lawsuits.

Do some research online, 2 lawsuit cases about music copyright infringement catch our eyes and get us in shock:

*Peloton, an exercise bike maker, got sued of over $150 million for using 1000 music in its biking streaming videos without permission.

*Joe Simon, a wedding filmmaker, was sued for $150,000 for using Coldplay music in a wedding ceremony.

Nobody wants to suffer from such lawsuits. So, grab the song and request a license from ASCAP or BMI, when your wedding songs are sung by Justin Biber, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift or other celebrities. (It can take time.)

Find Free Royalty-free Love Music Instead

Another alternative solution to get away from music copyright infringement trouble is replacing your copyright-protected music list with royalty-free love songs similar (in the same genre or the same style):

Top 3 Free Song Resources to Find Free Royalty-free Music >

Reading Top 3 Free Song Resources, you'll grasp tricks to find right free music from YouTube for download.

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