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Ultimate Guide to Make a Talking Dog Video: How-to, Tips & Inspirations

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Summary: This blog provides you with a detailed tutorial on how to make a talking dog video and the practical tips for creating perfect talking animal videos. Besides, it also gives you some inspirations to make your own one with funny talking animal videos.

When it comes to talking dog video, we must mention the perfectly produced talking dog video, Ultimate Dog Tease; it has been viewed by over 63 million. It was made by Andrew Grantham, a famous Canadian entertainer. He has taken animal dubbing to a new level with his Talking Animals channel on YouTube.

Depict video: Ultimate Dog Tease

Interested in starting a pet channel? Want to show people your awesome pets and have tons of views? Or just to want to have fun with your lovely pet? Just try funny talking animals videos: for a talking dog, or a funny talking cat, and more!


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Part 1 How to Make a Talking Dog Video - Detailed Steps

Here is a tutorial that guides you to make a funny talking dog video in detailed steps. Not only limited in a talking dog video, but you can also follow this guide to make many videos of funny talking animals, such as talking cat videos, like this:

Depict video: Funny Talking Cat Video

How interesting it is! Let's see how to make a funny talking animal video together:

Step 1 Take lots of Footage of Your Talking Dog Video

First, you need to take a lot of footage to make your own talking dog video. Take your camera or your smartphone and start filming.

Film your dog when they're barking and chewing. You'll need as many as possible footage of your pets with their mouth moving.

Tip: Make sure that you focus on proper lighting and try to remove the background noise as well when you're filming.

Step 2 Work out a Script for Your Talking Dog Video

After you have enough video clips, turn to a script. Creating a script based on the footage you already have and coming up with some dialogues that match their mouth movements as closely as possible.

Tip: If there are some funny expressions or gestures of your dog or cat, think about how you can work that into their monologue.

Step 3 Edit and Dub the Talking Dog Video

Here we come to the most exciting part for making a talking dog video - edit and dub the video clips. It's pretty convenient and efficient for you to choose a video-editing program with a voiceover tool, then you can add the voice directly to your talking dog video. So for the video editing and dubbing, we highly recommend that you do it with FlexClip video editor.


  • The super-simple-operate editing interface allows everyone to make stunning videos quickly and easily. No editing experience is required! Even a novice can make cool edits for a talking dog video with ease.
  • Various editing functions meet your every need and always make your video wonderful. You can easily do the voiceover to dud for your dog or cat; besides dubbing, you can make more edits for a funny talking dog video, like add animated text or logo, set background music, add transitions, etc.
  • Rich elements help you to achieve a far more attractive talking animal video. There are various resources built-in FlexClip, and you can apply in your talking dog video for free: dynamic text animations, video clips, images, music, and transition effects, etc.

Editing your video and dubbing your pets with help from FlexClip is actually very easy, here we show you the whole process with detailed steps.

FlexClip video maker comes with stunning video templates enabling you with endless inspirations. You can view the templates and pick one to customize or start from scratch:

# 1 Import footage into FlexClip - Go to the Media to add your own video clips with Local Files option.

Make Talking Dog Video: Import Clips

Image Board: Make Talking Dog Video: Import Clips

# 2 Trimming and sequencing - There may be some unnecessary parts in your clips, just cut them down. You will then want to reorder your footage to combine the clips you like together.

Make Talking Dog Video: Trimming and Sequencing

Make Talking Dog Video: Trimming and Sequencing

# 3 Record voiceover to dub your pet - Start dubbing your pet and do that by adding your own voiceover.( If there is too much background noise in your video clips, you can remove it or just mute it.)

Make Talking Dog Video: Record Voiceover

Image Board: Make Talking Dog Video: Record Voiceover

# 4 Make more edits for your talking dog video - You can add transitions, add text or logo, set background music, and make more edits to your video.

Make Talking Dog Video: More Edits

Image Board: Make Talking Dog Video: More Edits

# 5Preview and export - Once you completed everything, you can preview your talking dog video in real-time. If you're satisfied, just export; if not, you can also continue editing.

Step 4 Share and Show off Your Talking Dog Video

Now, it's showtime! Just share your talking dog video on YouTube and other social media without any problem.

Part 2 Make a Stunning Talking Dog Video - Practical Tips

# Start with video selection

As we said before, you need to take as many video clips as possible because you need a lot of movements and expressions of your lovely pet, allowing you to spark your creativity.

# The story should come naturally

You have to keep in mind that for the talking dog video to work well, it has to make sure the story comes naturally in your talking dog video. In this case, you do need to get to know your pets and understand the range of facial expressions and behaviors that they have and when they do this. And then just imagine what it is the animals might be saying and thinking.

# Voiceover work involves physical expressions

You do not try and put on silly, crazy cartoon voices for your dog or cat, just try and make your face the shape of whatever the animal is and do what they do. Doing everything that the animals are doing on the screen when you do the voiceover.

Part 3 Funny Talking Animal Videos for Your Inspirations

With the easy free talking dog video maker and practical tips for making a perfect talking animal vide, you can easily make your own talking dog video in minutes.

Here we pick some funny talking animal videos on Youtube for you to get inspirations to make your own ones.

* Talking dog wants a kitty

Depict video: Talking Dog Wants a Kitty

It is a hilariously cute talking dog video of a conversation between a dog and his owner about his recent trip to the pet store to get a new kitty. And it is so well done. Timing is brilliant, as is the "conversation" in the video. Funny, sweet, charming.

Funny Talking Cats

Depict video: Funny Talking Cats

It is a really funny talking cat video. With the fine dubbing for the two cats, this video shows us a feline border dispute vividly.

More Funny talking animals

Depict video: More Funny Talking Animals

This video shows more funny talking animals. In this funny talking animals video, you will see a hungry bear who hates spinach, watch a snow leopard tickle fight, sing-along at animal bathtime.

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