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Four Free Tools to Convert Portrait Video to Landscape

Summary: Wondering an efficient way to rotate your portrait video to landscape? Follow me in this article, you’ll find there are some tools you can use to meet your demand. Choose the one you like to start it!

Have you ever had the experience that you shoot videos vertically, but you need horizontal show effect? I believe that most people have suffered from this situation. To solve this problem, we have to rotate the video 90 degrees to watch them.

Fortunately, this is no longer a problem. I’ve found some practical tools that can help you convert portrait video to landscape with keeping the quality. Let’s check them now!

How to Convert Portrait Video to Landscape?

Here are Four Useful Tools:

Part 1.FlexClip

FlexClip, a strong video creator, provides templates and elements that can help you make videos in few minutes. It’s an online free application can be used easily.


  • 1.Open Flexclip, log in your account and then create a free online video.
  • 2. Click the setting icon on the editing page, choose the proper ratio you need. If you want to adjust the video frame size, please change 16:9 widescreen to 9:16.
  • 3. And you can rotate video 90°, 180°, 270° left or right. Following to do this, you can convert your video from portrait to landscape.
  • 4. Click [Save] button to preserve your video, and select [Export Video] button to derive the quality (480P, 720P, 1080P) you need.
How to make Change the Screen Ratio?How to Rotate a Video with FlexClip?

Part 2.Windows Movie Maker

Another free tool highly recommended would be Windows Movie Maker. It’s a video editing tool that should be pre-installed on your computer. It’s a video creating/editing software application, designed for windows.

Windows Movie Maker contains numerous essential editing functions, and you can use it as a portrait video to landscape converter.

  • Open Windows Movie Maker, choose [Tool] on the top of the program interface, and click [Video Editing Tool] under this column. There will be various editing tools to use.
  • Drag your movie in, and then click [Rotate] left 90° or right 90° to correct the orientation until your video is converted to landscape.
  • How to Convert Video with Movie Maker?
  • After that, do not forget to save your movie, and choose the quality you want.

Part 3.Video Grabber

Video Grabber is a web-based program can help you effortlessly edit videos or rotate the orientation. It’s free and can start projects immediately.

Step 1 Visit the official website of Video Grabber by using your favorite browser. Log in your account.

Step 2 Click Convert Video, then select files to upload it from your computer.

Step 3 Click the [Edit] icon to open the editing window. Find the [Rotate] option to turn the video 90 degree left or right.

Step 4 Finally, click [OK] button to save the finished file on your computer.

How to Convert Video with Video Grabber?

Part 4.Video Rotate

There’s another online program called Video Rotate. It’s a tool can be used to rotate videos left and right simply.

Users need to upload videos from computer by this program. No one should require to download or install any software. Follow the tutorial given below to use this convenient tool.

  • Select a browser and visit the site of Video Rotate.
  • On the box of the home page, as the words are written here [Drop your file here], or click the button [Upload your movie], you can upload your video to edit.
  • How to Upload a Video with Video Rotate?
  • Click the [Rotate Left] or [Rotate Right] button to get your desired video orientation.
  • How to Rotate a Video with Video Rotate?
  • If you finish converting this video, click [Transform Video] to save it.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to convert portrait video to the landscape. After reading above detail introduction about free video converters, I believe that you can easily solve your problem. If you have other better tools, welcome to share with us!

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