Photo Slideshow on Mac - 3 Easy & Free Ways to Create a Slideshow on Mac

Last Updated: Aug. 16, 2021
If you are looking for the easiest way to create a slideshow on Mac, find your answers here. This post shows you 3 free and easy ways to make a slideshow on Mac.

If you want to make a slideshow on your Mac, you can do so in several ways. Whether you're going to create one for a birthday celebration, a work presentation, or just for fun, you can easily create your own one on your Mac. In this article, three useful easy & free methods are introduced. Let's check them now.


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Part 1 Make a Slideshow on Mac with Free Online Slideshiw Maker

When you try to make a slideshow on your mac, turning to a powerful online slideshow maker, like FlexClip, is highly recommended. FlexCip online slideshow maker can help you turn your photos into a beautiful slideshow on both MAC and Windows without download software, so you can directly do a slideshow online on your MAC with a few steps to save your time.

The FlexClip slideshow maker comes with templates for all sorts of occasions, including weddings, work events, graduations, birthdays, holidays, etc. Come to check out more slideshow templates or directly start to make one now!

Step 1
Upload your photos to the free Slideshow Maker and choose a template.
Upload Images - FlexClip

Image Board: Upload Images - FlexClip

Step 2
Edit the photo slideshow by tweaking the photo, text, color, filter, motion, etc.
Edit Slideshow - FlexClip

Image Board: Edit Slideshow - FlexClip

Step 3
Pair the photo slideshow with your favorite music. Click the "Music" button and select a music track you like from the stock music. Or you can upload local song.
Add Music - FlexClip

Image Board: Add Music - FlexClip

Make a Photo Slideshow on Mac Using the Photos App

Want to make a photo slideshow on mac with some built-in apps? Apple Photos can be a great option. Follow the simple steps below to create a slideshow on your Mac using the Apple Photos app.

Step 1
Open Photos app on your Mac and click the File menu on the top toolbar to create slideshow.
Create Slideshow on Mac - Photos App

Image Board: Create Slideshow on Mac - Photos App

Step 2
Then, you can select the New Slideshow option and name the slideshow in the new pop-up window. Then click on the OK button to move to the next step.
Step 3
Select your photos and click on the Add button on the top-right corner to import them to the app.
Step 4
Edit your slideshow: select theme, add music, and set slideshow time interval.
Edits  - Photos App

Image Board: Edits - Photos App

Step 5
When you're ready, click the Preview button to check the new created slideshow. If you are satisfied with it, you can save the slideshow to your Mac with the Export button on the top-right corner.

Create a Picture Slideshow on Mac Using iMovie

iMovie is also a great tool that can help you create a slideshow on Mac. It is a popular free video editing tool that comes with all Mac computers, and you can make a photo slideshow on Mac with ease using iMovie. Check out the detailed steps below:

Step 1
Launch iMovie on Mac and then click File > New Movie to start making a slideshow. You can also click Project > + button and then choose Movie.
Get Started - iMovie

Image Board: Get Started - iMovie

Step 2
Then, you can add your photos, music, and video to iMovie. You can go to the My Media tab and click the Import icon to add the media from any location on your Mac. You can also directly turn to the Photos under the Libraries tab if you have arranged all your videos, photos and music tracks in Photos app.
Import Media - iMovie

Image Board: Import Media - iMovie

Step 3
Now, it's time to arrange your photos in the timeline and adjust them. iMovie offers many editing tools for you to improve the quality of your photo, including adjust color balance/correction, crop photos, and add filters, and so on.
Step 4
Add text to your slideshow by going to the Titles option, selecting one of the title templates, dropping it to the timeline first, and entering your own words in the preview window.
Add Text - iMovie

Image Board: Add Text - iMovie

Step 5
To add music to your photo slideshow, turn to the Audio button, and you can either: find music from iTunes, use sound effects, or choose one from your productions in GarageBand. Just pick the one your desired and drag it to to your timeline.
Add Music - iMovie

Image Board: Add Music - iMovie

Step 6
As soon as you are done editing, you can play your photo slideshow and check the result in the preview window. If everything goes well, just click on the iMovie menu and then choose File > Share > File to export your slideshow.

Final Words

With the ways on how to do a slideshow on Mac we discussed above, creating a photo slideshow with music on your Mac is a simple process, simply choose one that you prefer and start making your slideshow with great ease right now.

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