How to Convert M4V to MP4 in 3 Ways

Last Updated: 2020. 02. 11

Summary:Searching for ways to convert m4v to mp4 without downloading any software? Stop searching cause we're going to show you 3 free ways to convert m4v to mp4 online.

"I have downloaded many players and can't open the m4v files on my computer. I can't play them with the built-in playback software of the computer. Adding the conversion format also shows an error. It feels like the file is damaged.What software can I use to watch this?"

There are many other users facing the same problem that they can't open or play m4v video on their devices. Developed by Apple for the iTunes content, m4v is a special type of MP4 format, and its suffix is often M4V. M4V format is mainly used by iPod, iPhone, and PlayStation Portable, and it is based on the second version of MPEG-4 encoding. But m4v videos can't be played on some smart phones and devices, that's why people want to convert m4v to mp4, which is much more compatible.

Some users may have already tried to modify the file extension directly. This may succeed but it may also damage your file permanently. Just to be safe, use a professional conversion tool.

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How to Convert M4V to MP4 Online

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