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Video Storyboard Guide: How to Storyboard Your Video Effectively

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Last Updated: Jul. 03, 2020

Summary: This guide covers how to make a storyboard the easy and the right way. Check out and learn how to make a video storyboards, short film storyboards, animation storyboards, and pretty much any storyboard you can imagine.

Whether you're going to make a video for your business or want to create a short film or a funny animated video, planning is essential.

Careful planning can help you produce a great video easier. Making a storyboard for your video may sound like an extra step in the process, but it will definitely make your video production much easier and save you a lot of time.

Before you start grabbing the camera and hitting the studio, make sure you've got a great storyboard to back it up.

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What is a Storyboard?

A storyboard looks like a comic strip, but a comic strip is the end product in itself, while a storyboard is an intermediate step in the video, animation, and film making.

A storyboard is a visual representation that shows how your story will play out, scene by scene. In other words, it is a tool for sketching out how a video or film will unfold.

To be specific, a storyboard should:

  • Composed of a sequence of drawings, sketches, reference images, or photographs of stand-ins.
  • Provides visual guidance for the look, feel, and movement.
  • May include dialogue and sound direction.

How to Make a Storyboard?

Ready to learn how to build a storyboard? Here’s your guide to building a storyboard like a pro.

Step 1 Start with a Script

Each good storyboard starts with a script.

Before you start gathering images, drawing storyboards, you need to make sure what story you’re telling with a script. It means you need to consider the details of every scene before making things visual, including the key point you want to hit, describing transitions, voiceover, and more in great detail.

Step 2 Create a Template for Your Storyboard

Draw a series of rectangles, and take it as the template for your storyboard. Here you need to make sure you leave room for notes or lines of the script under each rectangle.

Create a Template for Your Storyboard

Image board: Create a Template for Your Storyboard

Step 3 Add the Script to the Template

Write the line of your script or dialogue that corresponds to that scene under each rectangle. This step can remind you what's going on in this scene so on you can draw your storyboard easier and faster.

Step 4 Sketch Out Your Story

Now, let’s turn a script from something written into something visual by sketching them out.

Worried about you’re not an artist? Never! Just do it! You don't need to be storyboard artist - stick figures or rough sketches can suffice!

Sketch Out Your Story

Image board: Sketch Out Your Story

Do not want to sketch the shots by hand? You can use some images cut from a magazine or a comic book.

Step 5 Finalize Your Storyboard

Now you have visualized the script you've created, it's time to review and revise your storyboards to make sure the narrative is flowing, and any script amendments are signed off.

Besides, you can also add some additional notes on your storyboard to help you start creating a video easier, like camera angles or movement when your shot your video, and any special effects you want to use for the scene when you edit your video.

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Image board: Video Templates

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Storyboard Mode

Image board: Storyboard Mode

Final Words

Now that you know how to create a storyboard, just start your video production with a custom storyboard now! Do not forget to use FlexClip video editor to level up your video and turn your project to a masterpiece.

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