How to Do a Voiceover on Instagram Reels

Posted on: Dec. 24, 2021

Instagram Reels is trending and attracts millions of users to update their lives in real-time. When browsing Reels on the device, you may notice that most videos have audio clips. Indeed, the audio segment is an essential part of Instagram Reels, which makes your video stand out from the rest. Are you looking for ways to insert audio into Instagram Reels? You can easily do this by adding voiceover on Instagram.

Voiceover is designed to increase accessibility for people who have visual impairments. As long as you open the video, the screen reader will play automatically, letting people enjoy this video without reading or watching. It's absolutely accepted that the emergence of voiceover brings much convenience and makes the video more interesting.

It's easy to do a voiceover on Instagram Reels without professional editing requirements. This blog will teach you how to do it and answer some common questions. Can't wait anymore? Let's get started right now!

How to Do Voiceover on Reels

Step 1
Open your Instagram and log in to your account.
Step 2
Press the Plus icon on your page and slide to find the Reels panel.
Step 3
Create a reel by recording or uploading a video from your camera roll.
Step 4
You'll see several icons at the top of the page. Find the microphone icon and click it.
Step 5
Tap and hold the red button to record your voiceover. When it's finished, hit the "Done" button.
Step 6
Make further adjustments like adding stickers, texts and mixing audios.
Step 7
With everything settled down, press the arrow button to share this reel.

How to Make a Reel with Voiceover

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my voiceover be attributed to me?

Reels including licensed audio or original audio from another Reels creator: Only your voiceover will be attributed to you and appear as a microphone icon next to your username.

Reels with only your original audio: The audio page for your reel will be attributed to you and include your voiceover.

Are there Extra Ways to Do Voiceover on Reels?

Recently Instagram Reels has rolled out a new feature called text-to-speech, enabling you to convert text to audio. If you're shy to narrate in video or want to use a robotic voice, this function is optimal for you. Besides, to modify the sounds, use the inborn tool called Voice Effects to help you.

The Bottom Line

Now that you've learned how to do a voiceover on Instagram Reels. AS the old saying goes - actions speak louder than words. Open your Instagram Reels and practice the tutorials now! If this post is helpful, share it with your friends.

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