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What is your purpose with FlexClip?
What is your purpose with FlexClip?

The Complete Guide to Create Instagram Video

Summary:In the first two-part, this blog introduces the importance to create an attractive Ins video and the length and specs of Ins video. Then, the main body helps you figure out how to create your stunning Instagram video.

Part 1: Why You Need Create Instagram Video

Instagram absolutely is one of the best choices of video marketing for small businesses. It breaks the stereotype of big budge for video marking. 81% of businesses use video to promote their products and create their brand awareness, Instagram was no exception.

Instagram offers a very good platform to post an advertisement and share real-time and authentic product experience through photos and different types of videos to dig your feelings, attract more visitors, and increase the conversion rate.


Image board: Let’s start to create an Ins video

Part 2: The length and Specs of Instagram Videos

As customers, you are friends here. As a business, your customers are here. Thanking Instagram videos, we get more engagement with our friends and celebrities.

The length of Ins Videos

There are mainly three types of ins videos, such as Instagram Feed video, Instagram live video, IGTV, and they separately have different time limits.

  • Instagram Story Video Length:15 seconds per individual story.
  • Instagram Feed Video Length:3 seconds - 1 minute
  • IGTV Video Length: 15 seconds - 10 minutes
  • Instagram Live Video Length: up to an hour

(See more details of different types of Instagram video and video length, check the article on Facts You Need to Know About Instagram Video)

The Specs of Ins Video

When you upload videos to the feed, you need to decide of which 1-minute video you select and make sure you choose the right format and size for Instagram.

  • Feed video
  • Size: maximum 4 GB
  • Length: 3 seconds - 1 minute
  • Width: Minimum 500 pixels
  • Recommended Ratios: Square (600 × 600); 1.9:1 horizon (600 × 315); 4: 5 vertical (600 × 750)
  • Ins Story
  • Length: Up to 1 min (15 seconds per individual story, but you can get four 15-second pieces)
  • Format: MOV & MP4
  • Recommended Size: 1080 × 1920 pixels

Part 3: How to Create A Stunning Instagram Video

Whether for sharing your wonderful story or promoting the brand, as a believer of Ins videos, you are required to create an eye-catching Instagram Video to engage with friends or get more potential customers, but how? How can I use text and content to grasp attention?

There are the 2 options to you, one is the Ins camera which can record footage. For another, it’s no doubt that FlexClip is a good choice.

Option 1: Shooting the video by Instagram stories directly.

# 1 Click the switch right to go to the Ins story camera. And select one camera mode among 9 options, such as focus, rewind, and hands-free.

shoot with Ins camera

Image board: Record a video by Ins camera

# 2 Edit the video - You are able to add text and drawing lines in different colors and switch right or left to change the filter, then send and post it.

edit the video

Image board: Edit the video with Ins features

Option2: Best Instagram Video Creator - FlexClip video maker.

FleClip helps you to edit the pre-filmed video, even including the video recorded by Ins camera. Then, upload the saved one to Instagram (if the video doesn't work, click the right-button of mouse and show controls to watch the guide video again).

Depict video: “How to create a stunning Ins video with FlexClip

Step 1Login and create ‘my project’. Use FlexClip to update the animation text.

animation text

Image board: FlexClip animation text

Step 2FlexClip also offers a big data of footage templates to support you enriching video content.

commercial video templates

Image board: FlexClip commercial video templates

Step 3Don’t forget to add your creative logo image and background sound.

add logo image

Image board: Add a logo image on your video

Step 4 Last but not least, check it again, make sure the format and specs are all right, and then choose the resolution and export the video.

Upload the edited video to Instagram

Tab the ‘plus’ symbol, go to the library and select the video you wanna post.

upload your video

Image board: Upload the edited video to Instagram

There is an example of video editing by FlexClip video creator (if the video doesn't work, click the right-button of mouse and show controls to watch the guide video again).

Depict video: “Example of Instagram video by FlexClip

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, Instagram becomes a very important promo platform. Start to use FlexClip to create an eye-catching video to share your story or your business. Besides, Make sure you choose the right format and ratio for the Instagram video, don’t reinvent the wheel.

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