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Last Updated: 2021. 11. 24

While most other genres of movies rely on dialogues and a great plot, the horror genre is about all setting the right tone and screenplay for the movie. No horror intro is complete without the proper visual and sound effects. The music, cinematography, overall tone, and visual design are what add a particular horror effect to any screenplay. Horror intro is usually used to engage viewers or make them stick to the plot by adding that extra ounce of thrill to the main storyline. Horror intros are usually seen in thriller as well as horror movies, as they keep the viewer engaged throughout.

From designing interesting short clips and movies to making good horror movies, the only thing that matters is how well you incorporate all the essential factors in that one horror scene. To achieve the perfect horror effect, your video must have the right balance between animated visuals that don't look too unrealistic along with good cinematography and sound effects. That being said, we bring to you some effective techniques that can help you create the best horror movie intro. Follow the below-mentioned steps to deliver an excellent horror intro.

How to Create a Horror Intro

If you're someone who's into making interesting visual clips or maybe are interested in learning how to achieve the perfect horror effects in your screenplay, FlexClip is undoubtedly your best shot at this. FlexClip is a multi-featured and easy-to-use online video maker and editor. The user-friendly interface, along with a variety of video templates to choose from, gives you a lot of creative liberty.

The video templates are ideal for all beginners out there, while experts can also use the variety of features available to design their videos from scratch. As mentioned before, no horror clip is complete without proper sound effects that help create a tense atmosphere along with dark color shades and tones.

Moreover, creating a horror intro in FlexClip comes with the option that allows you to use your own media during the editing process as well. If you're someone who's new at this, don’t fret because we're here to give you a brief overview of how you can create your own horror movie intro.

Create a Video View Templates
Step 1
Set the Intro Video Background

The primary step to design any video is selecting and designing a video background to give your video a proper setting. Since your clip has a horror genre, it's best to go for something that's dark and gloomy as it'll further highlight your genre.

FlexClip Horror intro maker free has a wide range of stock media online for you to choose from that is just a click away. Search relevant keywords in the library to find the right fit for your video and add it to the storyboard.

Find Templates in FlexClip

Find Templates in FlexClip

Step 2
Upload Your Logo

Logo is one of the main parts of any video clip because it gives it a particular identity. To add a distinct logo to your horror video, upload the file from local files first. Once done, select the Logo Overlays option. Now, choose the logo you find the best, customize and edit it. Click on the Replace icon on top to add your logo exactly where you want.

FlexClip includes another picture-in-picture feature that allows you to upload your logo in the media section. To use this feature, all you need to do is upload your logo image and then use it as an overlay with the picture-in-picture feature. To make sure your logo fits perfectly in the video intro, you can use the design features to customize it as well as adjust its size and appearance.

Use Picture in Picture Effect

Use Picture in Picture Effect

Step 3
Edit Your Intro Video

Showcase your creativity and graphic skills by editing the video and making it look more interesting and thrilling. FlexClip provides its users with a wide range of design features that can help level up your horror intro game. From adding animated texts to adding music, transitions, and emojis, you have the creative allowance to design the video just the way you want.

Edit the Video with FlexClip

Edit the Video with FlexClip

Tips to Create a Great Horror Intro

Now that you know how to go about the basics of making a horror intro, let's move on to how you can improve some of the aspects of your video clip to make it look more visually appealing and realistic.

  • Focus on Choosing the Right Video Colors
  • In any horror video setup, background color and overall color theme matter a lot. If you want something to look spooky and gloomy, it is best to use dark colors like black, gray, and brown instead of any bright colors. However, if you want to create contrasting colors, you can always go for a bright shade to make it look more thrilling.

  • Select the Right BGM
  • Sound effects and music are other vital aspects of any horror clip. By using the right sound effects, you would be able to make any scene look way more exciting and thrilling for the audience. Try using music that fits well with the running scene and further adds to the horror element of your video.

  • Use Contrast for Prominence
  • Even though grey and black shades fit well in any horror clip, using these colors throughout your video will make it look bland and monotonous, which is why it is best to go for some contrasting shades that will help add life to your video.


    To make sure you nail every part of your video, FlexClip Horror intro maker also provides users with rich background effects, graphics, and visuals to make your trailer or intro video stand out. You can also include the high-quality stock media available on FlexClip in your videos to achieve the perfect horror effect. With FlexClip, you can not only create the most impressive intro videos, but you can also use the multi-featured maker to make interesting outros and trailers.

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