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Ultimate Guide to Embed Video in Email - No Attachments or Uploads

Last Updated: Jul. 23, 2021

Summary: This guide will show you how to embed video in an email in 2 different methods, and provides you with some practical tips to make it works well. Besides, it also shares you the easiest way allows you to create a video that inserts to your email in a few minutes.

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the first-ever email, marked the beginning of the modern communication era. Years later, Gary Thuerk sent the first commercial email that the message reached a list of email addresses. Then, email marketing emerged.

Today, as one of the best marketing strategies, email marketing is still going on strong. According to 2018 data, email marketing is still listed as the most effective marketing channel.

Then is email marketing a priority for your business in 2020? Are you looking for the best email marketing software? Or struggle to find a way to turn your email marketing game from good to stellar?

There is no denying that video is a powerful medium, and we spend much more time on a web page with videos than the one without video. Marketers try to use videos in their email marketing. And it works well indeed. Just by mentioning the term "video" in the email subject line, you can increase the email open rate; not to mention embedding video in email.

Read on for the best way to embed video in your email marketing, and proved tips for using video in email to make it works well.

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Part 1 Why Embed a Video in Your Email? - [Advantages]

A study performed by MarketingProfs shows that video is a powerful keyword that attracts people to check their mails. When mentioning the word "video" in your email text and title, the open rate of the email increased by 18%, the unsubscribe rate reduced by 26%, and click-through rate increased by 20%.

How about use video in an email?

According to another research, using video in email increased its click-through rate: 55%, time spent engaging with the email: 44%, sharing and forwarding: 41%, conversion rate: 24%, ROI: 20%.

What an amazing effect! Besides, videos are definitely crucial for email marketing as they can make your email unique and the content easy to understand. Indeed email embedded with video stand out from other email communication.

Part 2 How to Embed Video in Email? - [2 Ways + Practical Tips]

Embed video in emails is a great idea for email marketing. But for reasons of spam and security, most of the email clients don't support video in email. In other words, they can't support play video right inside the email. For this reason, we can only use some workaround to achieve our goal, like links; for those clients that support video in the email, you can embed a video directly in email with HTML5.

Here we'll share you two ways to embed video in email: direct embed with HTML5; image with a link.

2.1 Embed Video in Email – Method 1: Direct Embed with HTML5

When it comes to embedding video in the email with HTML5, the first thing you must notice is that there is limited support for HTML5 videos. Not all email providers allow playing embedded videos. Email clients like the native iOS client, Apple Mail allows playing your video within the email client itself, while others like Gmail and the Android devices will only display a fallback image.

Email Clients Support List

Image Board: Email Clients Support List

If it's right for you to embed video in your email directly, then you can make it with HTML5.

With HTML5, you can change the video width and image poster that displays before the video plays. Inserting <video width="x", height="y", controls> to adjust video width and height; using <video poster="/URL"> to change the placeholder (cover) image.

Note: If the video is not fully supported by a client, it will display as a static image linking to another page or even a broken image.

2.2 Embed Video in Email – Method 2: Video Image with Link

We recommend not embedding a video directly in your email with HTML5 because popular clients Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook do not support embedded video; this alone is enough to make us put it away.

So, the other solution? An image with a link - adding an image from the video in your email and superimposing it with a play button, then linking the image to your video page.

In this way, make the image look like a playable video (all thanks to the play button). Once you click on the image, it will take you to a new page where the video is hosted (either on a social video site like YouTube or your own website).

2.2.1 Two Step Image/Link Workaround

Step 1 Create a click-worthy image

Creating an appropriate and attractive thumbnail for your video. It could be a screenshot of the video, a cover, or a graphic designed especially for your video. Remember that this image should set clear expectations about your video and has enough appeal to entice the reader to hit the play button.

Once your video thumbnail is ready, place it in your email.

TipUsing animated GIFs instead of static images can effectively make this method a bit further( if the mail client supports them). Are you interested in trying animated GIFs? Learn more information by clicking here: How to Make A GIF from Photos or Videos Online >.

Step 2 Link the image to your video location

Linking the video thumbnail to the page where your video is present - a specific landing page or the platform where your video is hosted.

2.3 HTML 5 Videos Vs. Links: Pros and Cons

Both two methods have their strengths and weaknesses. Here is a brief comparison of the two approaches.


  • Direct Embed with HTML5
  • Play right in the users' email client;
  • Flexible - it allows you to adjust the fallback image and video width;
  • Video Image with Link
  • Works for all email clients;
  • Offers greater control over user experience;
  • Access to better analytics;


  • Direct Embed with HTML5
  • Most of the mail clients don't support the embedded video;
  • Increase the chance of ending up your video email getting tagged as spam;
  • Video Image with Link
  • More steps than using HTML5 embedding video in the email;
  • Video plays on another page;

2.4 Practical Tips on Embed Video in Email

Add the word video in the subject line

You can increase the open rate of your emails by using the word video in the subject line. It may give more chance to make your subscribers to open your mail.

Don't abuse or overuse videos

Although videos are attractive and powerful, you need to avoid abuse or overuse them. Make sure the video you're using is right for the email.

Pay attention to the file size

If your video file is too large, subscribers may have to wait for the video to load for a long time. And then they will likely close your email. Check out the 5 strategies to send large video by email.

Preview the email

Any mail, not just one embedded video, needs to be previewed. Preview it to catch mistakes and improve them before sending to subscribers.

Part 3 How to Make a Video That Embeds to the Email? - [Quick & Easy ]

Don't have a video for embedding in the mail yet? Try FlexClip to create one. Everyone can make video easily and quickly with FlexClip, even a layman. It is easiest-to-understand and powerful video maker. No design experience requires! No download!

Create your videos for embedding in the mail with FlexClip, here we go:

Starting by visiting FlexClip and making a free video. You can either choose a video template or start from scratch directly.

Step 1 Add Footage to Storyboard

Click on the "+" icon to add footage to the storyboard.

Make a Video That Embedded in Email: Add Media

Image Board: Make a Video That Embedded in Email: Add Media

Step 2 Customize It as You Wish

Add text (title or subtitle) or logo to your video with the "T" icon;

Add background music to your video via the "music" icon;

Record voice-over to your video by pressing the "record" button;

Make a Video That Embedded in Email: Customize

Image Board: Make a Video That Embedded in Email: Customize

Step 3 Preview and Save

Preview your video with the "Preview" button. If you like the video, just export it out.

Make a Video That Embedded in Email: Preview

Image Board: Make a Video That Embedded in Email: Preview

The Takeaway

Email marketing has always been a powerful tool; keep using video in your emails to make it a bit further, two ways are available to you: direct embed video with HTML5, but not all email clients support it; use the image and link. Choose one ways you like to embed your video in your email. No right video for embedding in email yet? Try FlexClip video maker to create one in a few minutes with great ease. Go for it!

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