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Top 3 Movie Subtitles Webs: How to Add Subtitles to a Movie or to MP4

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Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary: This blog shows you top 3 webs to help you to figure out how to add subtitles to MP4 or movies, and introduce top 3 subtitle download sites to get SRT files for adding subtitles to movies.

Many film fans continually find different latest movie and drama sources. However, not every newest movie has subtitles, so if it’s a foreign-language movie, film fans cannot enjoy them. This is one of reason for why fans like to add subtitles to MP4 or say to a movie. Besides, It’ll take long time to translate every sentences in film, so why not to go to free subtitles download websites to download SRT file, adding it to the movie.

The other reason why you need add subtitles to MP4 or a movie is that subtitles help you to listen, and understand the story well. It can help you to learn new words and phrase faster, and improve your writing and reading skills, so it’s also a good way to learn and practice other language.

Top 3 Movie Subtitles Webs (Subtitles Download Sites)

Before you add subtitles to a movie / MP4, in most cases, you need to download subtitles file (SRT file) first. Here, we recommend the top 3 subtitles download websites for your movie subtitles.

1. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY offers subtitles for pop movies, you can find the latest movies’ subtitles easily. It’s really a good place to download movie subtitles, just search for the name of movies you want to download subtitles in searching bar, then click download!


Image board: YIFY movie subtitles webs

2. Subscene

Subscene is one of the most popular subtitles sites to download movie subtitles, offering subtitles in different languages. It also regularly updates new subtitles for pop movies and TV series.


Image board: Subscene movie subtitles webs

3. Podnapisi

As you can see the name of Podnapis, it’s a international web to offer you movies subtitles in various languages. The subtitle site includes over 2 million subtitles to download, with over 58,000 movies subtitles.


Image board: Pod movie subtitles webs

Top 3 Sites to Add subtitles to MP4 / Movies

1. Use YouTube Tool to Add Subtitles to a Movie/MP4 Video

If you are a YouTuber, everything will become much easier for you. After get your SRT files by top subtitle download websites, you can use YouTube Tool to add subtitles to movies.

Upload your movie or MP4 video to YouTube: You can either choose to directly drag your video into the circle or select the video file you want to add. 


Image board: Upload movie to YouTube

◎ Select the subtitle language and Go to ‘add’ your SRT file: Choose the uploaded movie and select the language first, then start to add the subtitle file.


Image board: Select the subtitle language and Go to ‘add’ your SRT file

◎ Add subtitles to the movie: Click ‘Upload a file’ and browse your SRT file downloaded by movie subtitle webs before.


Image board: Upload a SRT file to movies.

If you wanna export your new video with subtitles from YouTube, you can check out these YouTube video converters to save the new video.

2. Create Your Own Subtitles by FlexClip

With only 3 steps, you can easily and efficiently add subtitles to a MP4 video by FlexClip video maker.

◎ Upload your video clips to FlexClip storyboard.

◎ Add subtitles to MP4: Choose what kind of subtitles you want to add, FlexClip offers you the simple text and animated text to help you meet your needs.


Image board: Add subtitles to a movie/MP4 by FlexClip subtitle adder

◎ Export Your video with subtitles

3. Mocavi Subtitle Adder [Download Software]

Movavi supports the installation file for both Mac or Windows computer. Follow the 3 steps you can easily add your subtitles to MP4 / movies:

◎ Add your MP4 video to attach subtitles

◎ Select the subtitles: Choose the state of ‘No Subtitles’ in output information section. Then, tab ‘+Add’ and select the subtitle file to insert into MP4/the movie. If SRT file has the same name as the video and they are located in the same folder, Movavi will suggest to track the subtitles automatically.

◎ Add subtitles to MP4/movies: Before click ‘Converter’ button to add SRT to the MP4/movie, please save your program first. Then, export your video with subtitles.


Image board: Movavi subtitle adder

Bottom Line

These are top 3 subtitles download sites for you to save your SRT file and top 3 webs to add subtitles to MP4 or a movie, come to check them out!

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