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How to Crop Video and Photo Online

Last Updated: Dec. 18, 2020

Summary: This blog shows you the best 5 photo croppers and also you can get a method to crop videos online for free. Let's read through this article and get more.

Cropping videos helps you to get the perfect video size for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and so on. What's more, Having right video size also can give the best viewing experience. So, come to check out how to crop videos easily and quickly with top 5 video croppers!

How to Crop Video and Photo Online

Image board: How to Crop Video and Photo Online

Part 1. How to Crop Photos Online

1. FotoJet Photo Editor [Free Online Photo Cropper]

Crop photos

Different exported formats

Effects, texts, cliparts

Cropping images has never been a easy thing. FotoJet allows you to crop and modify any photo to the exact size without Photoshop skills.

You can change the specific number to crop the photo’s size or modify the cropping box. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can edit your photos online.

Besides, you can resize the size, modify the light, and add effects into your photo. In addition, when you export your picture, you can export the different formats of your photo.


Image board: FotoJet photo editor

In addition, when you export your picture, you can export the different formats of your photo.

2. PiZap [Online Photo Cropper - charge]

Crop photos

Effects, stickers

High quality image

PiZap is a fun and easy cropping tool to learn online photo editor. You can select the crop photo's shape (ratio), such as the shape of Facebook cover, but it doesn’t support you to change the specific number to modify the image’s size.


Image board: piZap photo cutter

piZad is not a free online photo cropping web, which charges you 2.99$ per month, it’s not expensive though. After updating your account, you can add different stickers and enjoy high quality image.


Image board: Update your piZap's account.

3. Befunky [Free Online photo Cropping Tool]

aspect ratios

portrait and landscapes

Crop photos

Different formats

Effects, texts, cliparts

Befunky provides 5 different types of aspect ratios and allows you to change the 2 different orientations of portrait and landscapes. Also, you can crop and customize the number of the width and height.


Image board: befunky photo cropper.

Similar to FotoJet, it can export the different formats and modify the size of the image.


Image board: export the image by Befunky.

4.PicResize [Free Online photo Cropping Tool]

Crop photos

Reverse photos

PicResize is a good cropping tool for picture, and perfect for people who wanna reverse the photo upside down or flip right to left. It also supports to batch resize your photo.


Image board: Crop or flip the pics up to down or right to left by Picresize photo cropper.

5.IMG2GO [Free Online Photo Cropping Tool]

Crop photos

Aspect ratio

Change the size

Different exported formats

You can also change the exact size or different aspect ratio of the picture in IMG2GO. Besides, it has more options of exporting formats and quality choosing, and even you can design your DPI of the photo.


Image board: IMG2GO photo cropper.

Part 2: How to Crop Videos Online

FlexClip [Free Video Cropper]

Crop MP4 videos

Available to change different aspect ratios

Different exported video formats

Video editor: more video templates, background music, effects: transition...

FlexClip is a very great online video cropper, it not only can crop your MP4 video but also offers more editing features for you such as adding animated text, logo, sound effects, music, and watermark.

◎ 2 Ways to Crop Videos by FlexClip video cropper

1. Crop videos online by zooming in

Step 1: tab “ ” to zoom in or out

Step 2: Consider which part of frames you want, you can zoom in the video, save that part.


Image board: FlexClip video cropper: How to crop videos by zooming in.

Step 3: Save your adjustments and exported the cropped video.

2. Crop videos online by changing its aspect ratio

FlexClip video cropper provides 3 different aspect ratios to help you crop videos easily and quickly:

1:1 aspect ratio: This is perfect square for Instagram videos.

9:16 aspect ratio: this is vertical view, perfect for your IGTV and Instagram TV.

16:9: aspect ratio: This is default aspect ratio of YouTube. 16:9, the new standard for videos, is the landscape view. Professional videos are now made in 16:9.

Also, with only 3 steps, you can crop videos efficiently. Upload your video clips > Click the 'setting wheel' to choose which aspect ratio you want for video cropping > Export.


Image board: FlexClip video cropper: How to crop videos by changing its aspect ratio.

Bottom Line

There are 5 online methods to crop videos online and FlexClip can help you crop videos online for free. Also, it's an impressive video editor as well as video maker that offers a lot of video templates. Just try it now and explore more!

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