10 Most Subscribed YouTubers & Channels [2020 Complete List]

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Last Updated: 2021. 07. 29

Opening Words: Subscribe to 2020 top 10 most subscribed YouTubers & channels. Find smart tricks they've used in their enticing videos, learning business logic behind those successful, rich YouTubers.

Whether you want to start your own YouTube channel or follow interesting YouTubers, the complete list of most subscribed YouTubers & channels will help you know YouTube trends.

Top YouTubers have their own ways & tricks to choose "what to video" and "how to build channels from the ground up to win one-million-plus subscribers". For average video producers or marketers, you can learn from the most subscribed YouTubers & channels to gain subscribers.

Part 1 - Most Subscribed YouTubers & Channels

The list of most subscribed YouTubers & channels is updating each year: New YouTubers come top, and some previous top YouTubers sink in the list simultaneously.

Two factors - subscriber base and growth rate of new subscribers - will determine how this very YouTuber ranks next year. Check the secret to getting more views and followers on YouTube.

YouTube: The updating name list of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels during 2012 - 2019.

#1 Most Subscribed YouTuber - T-Series Channel

- 144M+ Subscribers

YouTube: T-Series YouTube channel.

An Indian music record label and film production company - Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited- owns T-Series business. It's famous for its Hollywood music tracks and Indian pop music.

What makes T-Series rank much higher than other famous music channels? The reason could be its targeted audiences - Indians (the world's largest population group).

Music Festival Video

Lyric Music Video

#2 Most Subscribed YouTuber - PewDiePie Channel

- 105M+ Subscribers

YouTube: PewDiePie channel.

When the topic is about most subscribed YouTubers & channels, we can't miss PewDiePie.

PewDiePie was started on Apr 29, 2010. Pewdie's first YouTube video was a shooting gaming video, but it is not very successful, according to Pewdie's own words. To summarize most of Pewdie's videos, one word shall be enough - "interesting".

Pewdie is a person who is real, funny, optimistic, and willing to share. His videography tricks are professional. Also, he loves to use exaggerated, emotional expressions and voiceovers to make his video engaging.

#3 Most Subscribed YouTuber - Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes Channel

- 87.6M+ Subscribers

YouTube: Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes Channel.

Cocomelon is a top YouTube channel, offering educational videos for toddlers to learn basic English words. It uses adorable animations and beautiful songs to make English learning full of fun

#4 Most Subscribed YouTuber - SET India Channel

- 76.2M+ Subscribers

YouTube: SET India Channel.

SET India is No.1 Hindi TV for TV shows and soaps. Its channel ranks 4th in the list of world's most subscribed YouTube channels. It's another channel based in India that ranks top effortlessly.

Romantic Music Video

Tour Music Video

#5 Most Subscribed YouTuber - 5-Minute Crafts Channel

- 67.3 M+ Subscribers

YouTube: 5-Minute Crafts Channel.

5-Minute Craft channel is world top channel for life hacks. Everybody can find amazing tips to make his life creative and comfortable. They also share psychology tips and help audiences understand their daily behaviors.

It helps subscribers create, change and innovate, so why not subscribe to such an amazing channel?

Craft Class Video

Craft Easter Video

#6 Most Subscribed YouTuber - WWE Channel

- 62.7+ Subscribers

YouTube: World Wrestling Entertainment Channel.

WWE is an American commercial sports TV show for wrestling, boxing, and mixed battle. The channel cuts the best parts of recent WWE competitions for its fans. Of course, as the world's richest wrestling commercial group, WWE has a world-leading video editing team to produce its videos.

If you are keen on wrestling or boxing sports, just subscribe to WWE channel. If you are a video producer, popular WWE ranking tells you that sports are always in the blood of humans, and it's a good video topic worth considering. When you don't know what to video, sports can never be a bad idea.

Create Fitness Video

Make Biking Video

#7 Most Subscribed YouTuber - Canal KondZilla Channel

- 58.7+ Subscribers

YouTube: Canal KondZilla Channel.

KondZilla is a Brazilian music record & video production company, found by the Brazilian screenwriter and director "Konrad Dantas".

KondZilla YouTube channel performs as the company's social media. They often share new music releases.

#8 Most Subscribed YouTuber - Zee Music Company Channel

- 57.7+ Subscribers

YouTube: Zee Music Company Channel.

Music company channels are always easy to rank top 10. Here again, it's Zee Music Company, a part of India's leading TV media and entertainment companies. Here, you'll find famous Bollywood music and songs by Indian musicians.

#9 Most Subscribed YouTuber - Justin Bieber Channel

- 55.2+ Subscribers

YouTube: Justin Bieber Channel.

The world-famous Canadian musician Justin Bieber is world's top English singer on YouTube. Justin uses this channel to share his new singles. Justin Bieber became famous via YouTube, where his manager Scott Samuel Braun found him and changed his life.

Concert & Party Video

Anniversary Music Video

#10 Most Subscribed YouTuber - Dude Perfect Channel

- 52.3+ Subscribers

YouTube: Dude Perfect Channel.

Different from other topmost subscribed YouTubers, Dude Perfect channel is an educational channel. Dude Perfect is running by a group of youngsters who have a passion for science, sports and nature. They upload experimental videos to this channel, and without doubts, they are funny experiment videos.

Create Preschool Video

Make School Video

Part 2 - Do's And Don'ts for Most Subscribed YouTubers

If you check these top subscribed YouTubers & channels, you'll find some tips for a cool channel that audiences want to subscribe to immediately.

Do's Tips for Most Subscribed YouTubers:

  • Find meaningful/helpful content to video, and help viewers solve their issues.
  • Make video content engaging, cheerful and amusing.
  • Try exaggerated pitches, words, expressions to create fun.
  • Use videography tricks to shoot high-quality videos. For instance, compose video properly, shoot smoothly, choose right ISO, use negative space when necessary, switch between A-rolls and B-rolls or try multiple angles to reduce visual fatigue.
  • Make video soundtrack crystal clear - Process your voiceover and remove background noise during recording.

Don'ts Tips for Most Subscribed YouTubers:

  • Don't make your audiences wait long for a new video. At least upload a new video per week.
  • Don't make fun of things that are serious, moral or religious. Don't go across the boundaries.

Part 3 - How to Create Video for YouTube Channel?

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  4. How to upload videos in FlexClip to make your own youtube video?

    Image: How to upload videos in FlexClip to make your own youtube video?

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