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How to Vlog: Top 10 Videography Tips To Be A Super Vlogger

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Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Last blog I talk about 8 Tips to Trave Video Production with any camera, starting from storyline to color grading.

Summary: This time I conclude the top 10 tips of videography to help you vlog a fascinate video with any cameras or even iPhone 11 pro (max), and then you can share your vlogging video to YouTube and other social media platforms.

After looking through the vlogging videography tips, you can learn more how to start a vlog and varieties of vlog ideas for different types of videos.

Part 1: Vlogging Camera You May Need

Panasonic Lumix GH5 (Mirrorless)

Panasonic GH5 almost have everything that a vlogger looked for in a high quality vlogging camera. It shoots a video clip in 4K and has a autofocus helping volggers get different perspective shots effectively and quickly. GH5 also supports dual memory cards, HDMI, an external microphone and ports for all headphones for people who do the vlogging things.

However, the camera is made of magnesium alloy, which means it’s quite heavy. ($1299,99 at Amazon)


Image board: Panasonic Lumix GH5 (Mirrorless)

GoPro Hero7 Black

Don’t ignore this vlogging camera because it’s small and lightweight. GoPro 7 Black is able to shoot 4K video at 30 frames and 2K at 60 frames per second. Moreover, the depth of field is very deep which means vloggers can still stay on focus whether close up or film far away without autofocus.

However, because of the same reason, the depth of field, you won’t get the bokeh images with a blurry background. ($3599,99 at Amazon)


Image board: Gopro hero7 black

The best vlogging camera you have may be in your pocket

When you’re traveling or on a holiday, or when you saw something very interesting around you. You cannot catch up a good shot because you can’t be bothered to bring a camera. But there are many moments you wanna capture, so you can use your handy iPhone to vlog, for example, especially the iPhone 11 pro (max) for vlogging which supports even 4K slofie and extra wide angle camera.

Depict video: Video footage for vlogging

Part 2: Top 10 Videography Techniques For Vlogging

1.Plan Your Shots

If you wanna film travel video or make a music video , you have more freedom to schedule your shots from start to end. You can Create The Storyboard In Sequence and then plan your desired location, the appropriate time for shooting, what words you may narrate, and which camera you wanna use, etc.


Image board: Storyboard template for video

On the other hand, if you’re going to participate in a event, you would like to make as more preparations as you can. For instance, for wedding videography, everything happens so quick that you may miss romantic shots or emotional laugh if you don’t plan your shots in advance.

There are some tips for aforehand videography plans you won’t miss:


  • Make sure you know the timeline and different situations for lights in the event to avoid missing or destroying the must-have shots, like the vow and kiss.
  • List your shots and create a storyboard: list every shots you wanna to film. Consider and practice different angles and perspectives to get a perfect and creative footage. Moreover, film as more b-roll shots as you possible, which will make your editing work easier.
  • Choose a special videography style: there are many visual styles to be selected such as romance, modern and suspense. Stick to a special visual video style and be consistence.
  • Think twice about the compositions, settings, light or subtle movements. Do a lot efforts and practice to get your shots, and film something with so much care.

2.Manual Setting

Don’t let the automatic setting limit your creativity. You can choose the frame rates when you shoot up, and allow you to add the grid over your viewfinder so that it’s more convenient for you to use the rule of third/ the rule of odds.


Image board: Add the grid.

What’s really important is to put the camera in manual exposure. Changing exposure in auto way is going to make your color correction process horrible, but if you put it on manual exposure, then the scene exposure yourself, you will get more consistent look. It’s a really good way to color grade.


Image board: Manual exposure.

What’s more, another thing you have to pay attention is manual focus. Basically, by manual focus you can start focus from the foreground to background.

Depict video: Manual focus

3.Adjust white balance manually

If you shoot in auto mode, some of indoor pictures turn out yellow tone and some of outdoor pictures have a blue tone. This is because auto mode will choose the white balance for you. So, it’s recommenced to manually switch the incorrect white balance to the correct white balance.


Image board: Change white balance manually.

4.Portrait /Landscape

Landscape format has been a very typical and traditional format of vlogging video. Landscape now is super wide especially filmed by GoPro, and Landscape mode is more suitable for background and b-rolls filming.

For portrait, usually you know especially what you wanna shoot and emphasize. Moreover, 80% of social media use portrait video format, and 61% on smart phone alone. In general, landscape video and portrait video also offers you total different visual angel.


Image board: portrait image and landscape image.

5.Improve your Film Composition

Beginner can’t realize that good videography allows visual elements to tell its own story and makes the scene looks like more aesthetic. Composition enables to reappear the three-dimensional reality on the two-dimensional frames and images.


Image board: Improve your vlogging video composition.

6.Set Your Light

It cannot be overstated how important light in videos is. It has the power to change how a shot looks and affect the mood and overall quality of a scene. 


Image board: Three-point lighting

Key Light - A key light shines upon the subject and serves as vlogging video’s primary light. It usually from the front right or front left of the subject, and it establishes the overall look of the shot.

Fill Light - Fill light is often placed at a lower position than the key light. It aims to offset and diminish any shadows on your subject's face caused by the key light.

Back light - Backlight shines on the subject from the behind side; it is used to separate your subject from the background, creating depth and dimension.

7.Time Lapse Mode

Film frames are captured at the frequency which is much more spread out in the time lapse mode. Hence, when you played the video in normal speed, time appears very fast and lapsing. In the following clip, the process that the motion of sun in this mode becomes very pronounced.

Depict video: Example of the time lapse mode -- sunset time lapse(source from LoungV)

8.Slow Motion and Fast Speed

Apply the feature of ‘slow-motion’ to emphasize your story, and complete the story with the combination of slow motion and fast speed modes which can catch more attentions for your vlogging video.

Depict video: Combination of slow motion and fast speed mode

9.Don’t get everything in one footage, just get short clips

Another vlogging tip is that don’t film everything you experienced, although I know you don’t wanna miss a single moment. You would find very annoyed when you returned and faced hundreds of video clips. Many of them, such as the footage of eating or tour of hotel, are very useless and meaningless for your story.

Therefore, set aside some time to think twice what kind of story you’d like to shoot, and which footage you may need. In this situation, you will save a lot of time, camera memory, and battery.

10.Shoot to Edit

Last but not least, you should think like an editor when you filming. When you shoot a scene, you need to know how you wanna tell your story, and what exact angles and transition you want to have between this scene and the next one. So that, you can use some in-camera transition as a professional to have a professional and creative vlogging video.

In-camera transition can save your editing time. You can pan shot alone one thing, ending up the shot with a real quick movement, and then transit into another shot which is panning on the same direction.

Depict video: Video clip: In-camera transition

Or you can use reveal shots wisely. Reveal shots are a cinematic panning motion. It’s involves to hide yourself behind something. Using reveal shots creates a distinct and unique view.

Depict video: Video clip: reveal shots

When you edit your vlogging video, you can use simple video editing software to add animated subtitles, watermark, music, sound effects and also transition effects. You can learn from our blog of video editing tips which helps you use dead simple editing tips to make a thrilling vlogging video as a pro.


Image board: Flexclip video editor

The Bottom Line

Wish these 10 vlogging videography techniques can give you some inspirations, and if you’re interested more about videography, you may wanna read the blogs of how to make my video more cinematic, and Mobile Videography: Talk iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max)

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