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iPhone 11/ 11 pro (max) Review: The Ultimate camera (especially for vloggers)

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Summary: This blog will talk about 7 incredible features of iPhone 11/11 pro, hoping help you figure out how it can work on mobile videography. (sources of images & videos from Apple)

The biggest argument for most videographers is that the best camera is the camera on you. Your phone is always on you, this is the reason why this becomes a professional tool. So, when you suddenly meet something very crazy and interesting around you, you can capture it.

comparison display

Image board: Display of pro and pro max.

Basic information

Apple now has announced three different sizes. iPhone 11, the medium size phone, is the cheapest one. It has one wide-angle camera and one super wide-angle lens.

iPhone11 camera

Image board: iPone 11


26mm f/1.8

6-element lens

Optical image stabilization

100% Focus Pixel


13mm f/2.4

5-element lens

120°field of view

Pro model phone has the third camera on the back with the 2X telephoto lens.


Image board: iphone 11 pro

Talk iPhone 11/11 Pro (max): 7 videography features, especially for vloggers

What makes them so different is the extra cameras, you can have a wider shot with the ULTRA WIDE CAMERA so that you can shoot a complete landscape portrait.

change wideth

Image board: Ability to change the width

1.iPhone 11 wide-angle camera

Many people like the GoPro for sports, for vlogging, because it’s so wide. Therefore, for people who’re doing short videos or vloggers, you can get the highest quality footage at arm’s length and don’t need to worry about missing the frames.


Image board: iPhone 11 wide-angle camera


What’s more, it’s 4K for the selfie camera, you can slow-mo yourself with no worry about resolution, and it’s wider than the previous camera. This is the best experience for vloggers.


Image board: Selfie camera test (slow motion)

3.Four cameras at the same time

The most exciting thing with iPhone 11 pro (max) is you are able to use their app (Filmic demo) to show all four cameras at the same time. And you can choose two of them at the same time to record 4K (at 60fps) clips, even the selfie camera.


Image board: Show selfie and what you saw at the same time

What I really mean is that in this way, you can film something with a long lens and ultra wide-angle lens, so you can get the tight shot and establishing shot at the same time and, even more, both the shots are 4K.

As you can imagine, for a vlogger, he can record himself and what he saw in the-real time. It’s a totally different interaction and engagement with your audience.

4.Camera microphone

Now that it enables people to choose two cameras at the same time, I may wonder what microphone it can be used. Technically, it needs one for camera facing away and the other standard microphone for the camera facing yourself.

In the iPhone 10, we have the one back and next to the camera, which always has more wind noise. And the other one down to the place where we normally speck. So far, we don’t know whether iPhone 11 (pro max) has the dual recording, what’s more, whether we need to use its app to use them or pro version itself can support the different micros.

5.Night mode feature

For photography, it expands the ISO and has a longer shutter. You could have a very extraordinary picture in a very low-light environment.

night mode

Image board: Night Mode

Nevertheless, on the other hand, how it works may relate to apply some algorithm to find the frames that aren’t blurry, and combine them together, which means it’d have more frames and a faster shutter to increase exposure. (Besides, Apple didn’t say any about the application to video officially) so, so far I don’t think it’ll work very well in videography.

6.Deep fusion

The idea is to use multiple lenses and high frame rates to get a high-quality image which shows you more details.


Image board: Deep fusion: more details

7.High-key light mono mode

The studio-style means images have lots of brights and whites, but what’s really incredible is the iPhone 11 pro removes the background, which seems you were taking a shot in a white seamless backdrop.

Hence, now you can use your iPhone to produce a professional studio shot instead of a cumbersome DSLR or mirrorless camera.

high-key modehigh-key mode 2

Image board: Picture of high key mode

However, many professionals doubt how much these features have anything to do with hardware or software. All the stuff that determines the depth only works on the newest camera or it’s just a marketing software. Anyway, it does provide people an extra option when it comes to producing a studio-lighting image.

The Bottom Line

Talk about 7 features of the newest favorite, iPhone 11/ 11 pro, although there are some functions and information that are not clear enough, it still seems like the greatest tool if you do lots of vlogging things! (see more mobile videography tips at

If you’d like to learn more video filming on pre-production or post-production, you may wanna look through the article of how to make a travel video.

Besides, if you are bothering lack of footage, there are thousands of video templates you may wanna use.

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