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Travel Video Production: 8 Tips for How to Make a Travel Video

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Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary:Time up to best trip? Don’t forget make a travel video to memorize the exciting things. This blog will give 8 tips for how to make an engaging travel video with any camera, including the tips for

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There are plenty of preparations you need to consider and many important tips you need to understand for your upcoming adventure. Now, I’ll give you 8 tips for your travel video production to make your travel video the best they can be. So whether you are starting your trip or just got your traveling plan, this article is for you.



The first essential thing of making a travel video is what kind of story you wanna tell. People don’t care what you do, but they care why you do. Wanna make a popular travel video? As a storyteller, you need to tell people why they should watch this video, why you choose this place, this story, because of the locals? the history? Or the landscape? And then you need to elicit a series of emotions to keep viewers stay.

Directionless film-making leads directionless film. The best video is not decided by the equipment but decided by the story, your motives. You need always keep in mind your purpose and the reasons why making this video , in this way, the question of which shots you need will automatically be solved.

2.Theme / Style

Style of filming: A purposeful manner of achieving some vision. Different video style could elicit very distinctive emotions of viewers.

There are very cool and upbeat styles. For example, you may would like to choose GoPro and use selfie stick to have a 360 degree shots of spinning around with fast cut. Usually, choosing this film style means operator is an experienced traveler. He/she may have been to many countries and met different people, so he/she has sufficient traveling footage and funny materials to make this video.

Depict video: 360-degree selfie video

On the other hand, others prefer more emotional film with slow movement. They wanna gradually and slowly tell you the story. They have their own pace, slow motion would be used to emphasize parts of story and tell viewers what they saw and how they feel.

Depict video: Emotional clip of dog along the beach

Stick to one kind of style, don't mix two extreme styles

If you choose a cool style first and then you wanna use a emotional track with very slow motion which is complete different from the selfie filming of 360 degree with fast-cut, so this is where the question is gonna be generated. You will end up with very jumble and chaos.

You are required to consider these all before you start shooting. It may be better to pick one style in between those more extreme ones. Some styles exclude certain things and include others, and other style may do it oppositely, so you need to think twice on what you really wanna express and why you make this travel video, and then all you need to do is stick the one style and go for the end.

3.Understand Your Equipment

Many of you are bothered by which camera I should select and which tools/accessories I should take. Actually, before you choose a camera, you need to understand the equipment first, and accordingly you will know which camera you should pick.

By understanding the equipment, I mean you need to know how focal length, and the camera you may work with will affect the image you are getting. For example, one thing you need to know is the shorter the focal length is, the wider the angle of view can be.

Depict video: Example of the focal length is, the wider the angle of view can be (source from Udacity)

In fact, if you use a wide lens, the subject will seem big and up front, and the background, like the architecture, appears very small, especially with the fisheye lenses.

fish eye lens

Image board: Example of the fish eye lens

Using wide angle lens is great for the landscapes and real estate. So, when you go diving down towards precipice, for instance, you may choose to upper-hand hold a GoPro camera, and tell a unique story.

Depict video: Example of diving with gopro-wide lens

However, if you use a more medium lens, so it not only means the background becomes a bit larger, but also the subject appears closer to the background. For instance, if you use the telephoto lens, the background will become very large and close.

For another, if you wanna change different lens to stress distinct frames, you need to pick up a camera like T5i rebel camera. Furthermore, what’s the most important for you is that you need to understand different lenses allow you achieve what kind of shots.

wide lens or long lens

Image board: Example of different lenses - one is for wide angle shot, the other is for long lens

What’s more, if you find cameras are so professional and complicated, surely you can pick up your cell phones, which is portable and also helps you get very catchy shots. If you wanna find more about how to use iPhone to shoot an excellent travel video, recently I really find a good guided video

Except camera, what you may wanna carry is stabilizer, if you pan camera with long lens (especially telephoto lens) or heavy one, the shake is very noticeable. Wide lens is less shaky, but still you can compare the video with stabilizer and the one without stabilizer.

Depict video: stabilizer vs no stabilizer (if the video doesn't work, click the right-button of mouse and show controls to watch the guide video again).

A good recorder also plays an non-negligible role. If you have awesome shots but the sound is bad, audience may feel annoyed and probably would close the video. Therefore, when you have some interesting statement, or say for a v-loggger, an external microphone is very necessary.

  • Video micro: It can help you wipe out the wind noise when you are outside, .

Depict video: video mic vs no video mic

  • Wireless microphone: It’s perfect for an interview and v-log video, because it's handy, you can have certain movements with a very clear sound.

Depict video: “wireless mics

4.Shots Schedule / Shots List

Shot on purpose. As I mentioned, keep in mind your motives and the style you chose, next you can write down the shots list in advance. Do not shoot everything you saw, you ate, many of them may not make any sense. Think twice about what your story wanna tell people.

Surely, It doesn’t mean you must follow the list by rote, you can get first 5 footage and again think twice your story, do some modification, and then get other shots.

shot types

Image board:Shot types and meaning

Video Production

During the filming, the very significant point is that you need to understand slow motion and fast speed shot, and when to use them. Beginner like shooting five times slower than real life or triples time to speed up. However, it’s very easy to overuse such a cool effect.

Slow motion should be used to emphasize a story, if it doesn’t add the emphasis, don’t use it. The same principle can be said with doubling up the speed or tripling the speed.

Depict video: An example of slow motion clip

Especially use drone shots, many people like to go 10 times speed and all of a sudden they’re rushing through the air. Moreover, drone shot is easy to be shaky pushed by wind. So that it forms a weird speed up and stop effect. And you can see the bird flies 10-time fast, which is not natural at all.

Therefore, if you’re gonna speed something up with fast motion -make sure it’s part of the intended effect. What I usually do is to have normal speed time 2/ 4 in the middle. In this situation, it gives you like pyramid effect- not jarring speed up and stop effect - it’s more of a flow.

Depict video: Good example of slow motion and fast speed


If your camera can’t do slow motion or fast speed, don’t think it’s a disadvantage of your video, sometimes best story are just told by shooting 30 frames a second. So, how to make the most of the trip: definitely angles.

It doesn’t matter what camera you’ve got, you can surely tell a different story with different angles. For example, there is a dog along the seaside, the sunshine is bight, the sea is peace. Definitely a beautiful frame, but don’t shoot just by the stand, the angles such as this are the ones people used to see, their eyes ’re already tired to see these images, noting special. So try to stand down on the dog’s level, very low angle, it’s totally unique and newfangled.

Depict video: dog clip(low angle)

Nonetheless, it doesn’t simple mean getting on the ground or getting up high, sometimes camera operator just flies under the tree or film in the archway. So go the extra mile, and find unique angles, tell different stories which separate a mediocre travel video from a masterpiece of travel video.

Depict video: angles

Besides, angle also can be on distance such as how close your subject is. Use different lenses close up your subject, some lenses can give you a very beautiful blur.

angle & lens

Different angle and different lens

6. Movement

If you would like to shoot cinematic sequence, you need to think of movement as a continuous motion. There is an opposed example. If you shooting a nice pan to the right, but suddenly, jerk back to the left, it gonna be very dazzling and weird. Your sequence is better to be filmed in an uniform direction. Meanwhile, don’t have random and sporadic movements, which all means to go back to be very shaky and dazzling.

Like this example, he flies his drone, shooting a pan clip but you can see the obvious readjusting (good shots should be smooth).

Depict video: Not usable clip with readjusting

Bonus: Although I said there are only 8 tips for you guys, I’ll give you one more bonus tip. I’ll tell you how to make a fun transition by hand motion. If you do a pan shot along the seaside, what you need to do is end up the shot with a real quick movement, because you move very fast in the end, people’s eye can’t catch up with what’s going on then, it’s also a good way to engage your audience. And then, you can cut this clip right here (the quick movement), and transition to another shot, for example, that may be panning on the same direction.

Depict video: Funny transition (source from Lost LeBlanc)

Post Production

7. Music (matching the video)

Music makes all different. What kinds of music you choose will control what types of emotions audience may evoke. So if you’d wanna tell a emotional story, or film the style like the dog along the seaside, don’t use hardcore EDM song unless you’re intended to do so. And surely if you film a high pace and energetic one, you can choose electronic song which gives blood flow.

Depict video: different background music

So remember the genre of music has to complement the scene in the story. One more thing you need to consider is the copy write. You need to get a permission to your song, so that When you decide use a music, make sure it can be posted on YouTube, Facebook or wherever you wanna post your travel video, in case it’s struck down by a copy write.

Cut clips on the beat

For a mellow one, I may do a each clip draw on any time from 3 to 7 seconds.

Depict video: Cut for emotional one

But for a high pace one, there will be more individual cuts.

Depict video: Electronic music with fast-cut

8. Color Grading

Last but not least, you may often have a doubt that why my videos don’t seem like as great as those on the camera official web, or say my iPhone image isn’t as great as that on Apple web. The reason is the footage they shoot has been done much color grading work. Color grading is so significant for your travel video filming. You may shoot a gray cloudy sky, but color grading can help it look like a pink and warm sunset.

Depict video: “How to do color grading

Yes, it may take you some months or even a year to get an excellent color. To me, it’s kind of art. But if you wanna make an engaging and impressive travel video, then go and learn to color grade.

The Bottom Line

Those are 8 tips for your upcoming travel video. If you wanna learn more tips about video such as how to use camera lenses, how to edit my video, how to create a birthday video, visit our web blog. Or if you guys have other problems, you can go to contact service leaving your problem here or email us at [email protected]

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