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How to Make a Travel Video: Definitive Guide for Beginners

Last Updated: Nov. 02, 2020

Traveling is more than visiting the places on your bucket lists.

It's also about sharing the unearthly landscape, telling your unique adventure, and bringing the on-the-spot feeling of your local discovery to more people who are not there.

In this respect, nothing works better than making a travel video.

In this post, our seasoned travel video expert will share her years of experience as to what to prepare to make a travel video, the cool travel video ideas for actual filming, and how to edit your travel video like a pro, plus inspiring travel video samples.


How to Start Making a Travel Video

Well, there are plenty of preparations you need to consider before hitting the road.

Travel Essentials to Consider

The very first step is to decide where to travel and the best travel season to visit.

Though it sounds silly, yet it's arguably two of the most important factors for making a travel video.

Whether you go for the fleeting cherry blossom season in Japan in April or the mesmerizing northern lights in Iceland in Sept, make sure you arrive in the right place at the right time. Otherwise, your travel video could be compromised.

Besides, you should also consider your means of travel.

Trekking, road trip, cycling, voyage or travel by train, etc. It is your choice that defines a once-in-a-lifetime story in your travel video.

What to Capture in a Travel Video

A great story makes a great travel video.

So do think about the storyline of your travel video. What kind of story you wanna tell? Why you choose this place, this story, because of the locals? the history? Or the landscape?

Create a storyline for your travel video

Create a storyline for your travel video

Besides, It's advisable to come up with a rough screenplay and jot down the story ideas that pop up into your mind to be included in your travel video.

It's also extremely helpful to refer to the travelogue of the same places you want to visit on Youtube or Vimeo for inspiration.

Make your travel video engaging by offering valuable and thrilling discoveries you found on the road, or be open to show how you run into unexpected trouble and overcome it.

Your emotional ups and downs and the adventure will add up to a captivating travel video.

Travel Video Camera and Other Gears

Traveling light and versatility of your camera gears are the two crucial issues to be considered for making a travel video.

Travel video cameras and gears

Travel video cameras and gears

Here are our recommendations:

*GoPro hero9 and mirrorless cameras (like Nikon Z7; Sony A7R IV and Canon R5,etc.) are the best choices to put into your camera bags for their lightweight body and powerful performance for 4K videos and internal vibration reduction.

*The versatile zoom lenses, such as 24-70mm F2.8mm and 16-35mm F2.8 or F4, will help you handle 90% of the scenes and landscape during your journey. For panorama or close-up filming, 14-24mm F2.8 and 70-200mm F2.8 are the best.

*Use a gimbal or tripod for filming instead of handheld shooting. In most cases, having a stable image for filming is key to a quality travel video while shaky videos lead to disturbing viewing experiences and quickly lose audiences.

Use a gimbal to avoid shaky clips for travel video shooting

Use a gimbal to avoid shaky clips for travel video shooting

*Pick an external audio recorder. To simply put, an external audio recorder works 10 times better than an internal audio recorder. It can filter unwanted noise and is essential for the quality of your travel video.

*Bring your drone. Nowadays, using a drone for making a travel video or Vlog has become mainstream. It is your ultimate weapon to use multiple perspectives for filming and composition that are unavailable on the ground.

*Other gears: extra batteries and SD cards for the backup of your camera; battery recharger; global travel adapter; SIM card for 4G and social media feeds, etc.

Insider Tips:

Remember to film your travel video with log files, which give you the advantage of having a wider dynamic range to do color-grading or bring back the details of the shadows and highlights of your video in the post-editing.

Cool Travel Video Ideas for Actual Filming

Once you have a clear mind about what to capture for your travel video, then take your time to shoot and be flexible with the unexpected change.

The following cool travel video ideas will offer some help for the actual filming.

Stick to One Kind of Filming Style

The style of filming means a purposeful manner of achieving some vision. Different video style could elicit very distinctive emotions of viewers. Check how to make the best travel vlog.

If you choose a cool filming style first like selfie filming of 360 degrees with fast-cut and then you wanna use an emotional track with very slow motion which is the opposite video style, you will end up with very jumble and chaos.

So, you'd better consider these all before you start shooting. It would be better to pick one style in between those more extreme ones and stick to it from beginning to the end.

Slow Motion VS Fast Speed Shot

During the filming, a very significant point is that you need to understand slow motion and fast speed shot, and when to use them.

Beginner likes shooting five times slower than real life or triples time to speed up. However, it’s very easy to overuse such a cool effect.

Slow-motion should be used to emphasize a story, if it doesn’t add the emphasis, don’t use it. The same principle can be said with doubling up the speed or tripling the speed.

An sample of using slow-motion video clips

Tell the Story with Different Angles

If your camera can’t do slow-motion or fast speed, don’t think it’s a disadvantage of your video, sometimes the best story is just told by shooting 30 frames a second.

So, how to make the most of the trip: definitely use different angles.

Use different camera angles to film the same subject

Use different camera angles to film the same subject

It doesn’t matter what camera you’ve got, you can surely tell a different story with different angles.

Try lowing your camera to the eye level of ants or using your drone to give a panoramic view of the seashore, etc. the new perspectives will add new interests and glamor to your travel video.

Use Long-takes for Filming

If you prefer to add cinematic looks to your travel video, using long-takes (or continuous filming) for a particular scene can be a great choice.

Classic samples of using long-takes to film in Hollywood movies

Using the long-take or continuous shot gives the viewers a feeling that you are right there in the middle of your video and compels audiences' attention.

It also works perfectly for a smooth transition from one scene to another. It's a great technique to show a bustling night market in Bangkok or carnival festivities in Brazil.

Bonus Tips:

Besides, it's also important to capture the emotions of the subjects and the particular aura of an interesting place. For example, the welcoming smiles of Nepalis or the holiness of Tibetan monasteries will enhance your storytelling for your travel video.

The timing for shooting also matters a lot. Sunrise and sunset, with ideal ambient light, are fantastic scenes to begin a day's adventure or sum up your discovery in a fulfilling day.

How to Edit a Travel Video

Editing the footage of your travel video is the final touch to transform the random video clips into a masterpiece of travelogue.

Color Grading Your Travel Video

Color grading is so significant for your travel video filming. You may shoot a gray cloudy sky, but color grading can help it look like a pink and warm sunset. It gives a distinctive character to your travel video.

A free and flexible way to color-grade your travel video is by using FlexClip travel video maker. Dozens of expertly-designed filters are available. Or you can adjust the details like saturation, tint and highlight, shadow, and vignette, etc. to match the mood of your scene.

Color grade travel videos with Flexclip

Color grade travel videos with FlexClip

Add Music to Your Travel Video

Music makes all different.

It helps the storytelling of your travel video and creates the atmosphere for a particular scene.

You may look for the ideal music from FlexClip's 100,000+ royalty-free music library or upload yours and add it through FlexClip video editor to your travel video. Besides, you can trim the music to match your video clips.

Add music to a travel video with FlexClip

Add music to a travel video with FlexClip

Or you may also use the voice-over feature to record an audio narration to your travel video to make it more personal and engaging to like-minded viewers.

Use the voice-over feature of FlexClp to add audio narration

Use the voice-over feature of FlexClp to add audio narration

Add Texts to Your Travel Video

Don't forget to add subtitles to your travel video. It's a great way for you to reach wider global audiences and for business cooperation, etc.

Feel free to use hundreds of eye-appealing fonts and 100+ animated texts and dozens of dynamic widgets to make your travel video pop.

Add animated text to your travel video with FlexClip

Add animated text to your travel video with FlexClip

You can also use pre-made templates to add your email, logo, and social media account to your travel video for branding and promotion. It works like a charm.

Add an outro to your travel video for branding

Add an outro to your travel video for branding

Export Travel Video in High Definition

Travel videos with a higher definition always gain the favor of viewers.

So, after you've done the editing with Flexclip, do export your travel video in at least 1080p for mainstream video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo, etc.

Export travel videos in high definition

Export travel videos in high definition

You may use the user-friendly pre-built templates to add a closing line to your video as well. Just feel free to play with it.

Great Samples of Travel Video on Youtube

Having discussed so much, we guess now you may need some great samples of travel videos to make the first move.

Hopefully, our handpicked a couple of travel videos on Youtube will give you more great ideas for making your travel video.

A Secret Place in Nara, Japan

Sample of a travel video in Japan

Though barely a word can you hear in this travel video, this peaceful and isolated Japanese village is skillfully displayed via some of the panoramic views from the drone and long-take shots on the mountain ridge and narrow alleys of the village.

Hiking 70 Miles Alone on the Sawtooth Loop Trail

A travel video on trekking in the USA

Kraig Adams' vlog gives a stunning visual narration of his 3-day trek along the Sawtooth Loop Trail in Idaho, USA. The heavenly lake scenery and lovely wildflowers and harmonious relationship between mankind and nature really pull you in.

Besides, by the end of the travel video. Kraig shares his feeling and experiences and bonus tips for this loop trekking, which makes the whole journey more persuasive and compelling.

Final Thoughts

It will be a terrific idea to make a travel video to document your journey and share it with your friends and more people.

Like what Buddha has said, " It is better to travel well than to arrive." Just get fully-prepared for your journey, bright the right gears, and be open to capture and discover new things.

When you go back home, use the versatile Flexclip travel video maker to share the journey of a lifetime to the world.

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