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10 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2020

Posted on: Dec. 30, 2019

Summary: This blog shows 10 ideas hoping to help you get more followers on Instagram in real, rather than get a inauthentic boost in a short time.

Part 1: Preface & Data

2018 witnessed a dramatically increase in monthly active users of Instagram from 9 million in 2013 to 1 billion. It’s worth for business to put a large quantity of efforts to Instagram to get more potential customers.


Image board: Statistics: Instagram active users

But how to get more followers on Instagram? Admittedly, you can choose the shortcuts to buy followers or use bots, but these inauthentic activities only boost your the number of followers in a short time, they won’t do a favour for a long time.

To get more followers on Instagram, your business needs to have the supports from the real people who engage your brand and care about your products/services. The following part indicates 10 tips for your Instagram strategy to get more followers and potential customers on Instagram.

Part 2: How to Get More Followers On Instagram

1.Perfect your profile

Instead of Google to search for a brand or product, more and more people devote into Instagram. The profile of Instagram become a new home page of your business. So if you want to get more followers on Instagram, you need to modify your profile.

Your profile should be include:

√ Profile photo

√ Bio

√ Websites

√ Name And Username


Give a clickable link to bring more traffic in your business home page.

2)Name and Username

Put a keyword of your business or brand into name

3)Profile Image

2/3 of business profile visits on Instagram are from non-followers, so you need a clear, complete and appealing profile to convince them to follow your instagram account.

As Instagram will crop your profile image into a circle automatically, the perfect Instagram profile photo is at 110 × 110 pixels. You can test it in the ‘Edit Profile’ to make sure it’s clear and complete.


Image board: Edit your profile


  • your profile photo should be relevant to your business. A company logo can be a good choice.
  • If you are a public figure, celebrity or a popular brand holder, then get a verified Instagram badge can increase users' trust and make a good first impression.


You have a limited space (150 characters max) to make an impression and get users’ follows.

As for the Instagram bio, you can introduce your products and services, add your websites or sum up the business details or features here.


Image board: Examples fo Instagram bio

2.Use hot hashtag

Your post and stories can be discovered expediently by related content and hashtag, in this way, Instagram users can reach your account potentially, so it has more possibility to get more followers and higher conversion.

However, before you use hashtag to get more followers on Instagram, make sure you do look through the Do & Don’t of Using Hashtag on Instagram. Otherwise, your hashtag will be useless.


  • We recommend you use the popular hashtag related to your brands or products, services, so you can set up a stream to get the kind of people’s respond and resonance.
  • Also, we encourage you to create your own hashtag in order to motivate your customers to share your photo or products on their initiative.

3.Make the most of Instagram nametag

Instagram nametag is a kind of scannable code. You can see the feature at the top of the picture, Instagram allows you to scan others’ nametag to follow instantly.


Image board: Make the most of nametag to get more followers on Instagram

This is a perfect offline way to get more followers on Instagram, which gives a chance for offline communication materials to promote your Instagram account.

You can add the nametag code into your packing slips, product packaging, promo poster, flyer or business video, so that people can follow your Instagram account easily and effectively without any typing or searching .

4. Define your target audience

Target audience analyses give you direction of your marketing. When it comes to Instagram, you can get more followers and build strong relationship with customers, if you clearly know (4W):

√ What kind of customers you plan to target, in this way, you’ll know what you should to speak and prepare, and where you should find them.

√ What the language preference of your target people have, so you can apply the relevant keywords and SEO strategy to absorb their eyes and get more followers on Instagram.

What your customers want, you’ll enable to meet their specific need or solve their pressing problems by applying the value proposition.

√ What concerns your consumers have when comparing and choosing a product, so that you can give the corresponding offers to get higher conversion.

To target your audience more accurately, you may also wanna consider the elements of age, geography, personality and demographics of customers.

In general, if you present and offer what your target audience is looking for, you’ll definitely get more followers on Instagram.

5.Tag your location

Tag location to target: adding a location tag is the easier way for users to find your contents on Instagram.


Image board: Add location on your Instagram account

Having location tag also encourages customers to click on the location to see all your photos and stories of your local store or office. This is beneficial to increase your credibility of Instagram account and reinforce your brand awareness, in this situation, more and more users would like to trust and follow your Instagram account.

6.create great story highlights

A great way to catch users eyes and get more followers on Instagram is using ‘highlights’ feature to organize your Instagram stories.

  • You can create a promo trailer help users understand what your account is about, or say, what your business is about. When you reach 10K followers, you can add swipe-up links into your promo video to direct users to your business’ web.
  • Also, Highlights enable you to categorize your Instagram Stories into different themes.
  • Using Story Highlights explains your business, products and services by images and videos.
  • Want to share more info (like, a spoiler or storytelling)? Tweet with a Twitter video!
  • story-highlights

    Image board: Create your own Instagram highlight

7.Share stunning content

Your every post should be engaging to your target audience. Great contents get people to follow, like, comment on and share, so gradually you’ll get more and more followers on Instagram.

Make a stunning image post: visual image can use the color, characters or landscape to grasp users eyes, and your promo strategy and goal can be delivered and understood more clearly.

Instagram image post

Image board: Click the image to make a engaging Instagram post for free

√ Use Instagram video editor: A good promo video grows your business and helps you get more followers on Instagram. So what is the most effective promo video ideas? Your business video should be funny but also effective, engaging but also beneficial to get more followers and let them stay with you for a long time on Instagram.

You need a compelling caption

People may make the decision whether to follow your business or not in seconds by looking through not only your profile, visual post but also your caption.

Good captions increase the engagement with customers which is the keyword to get more followers on Instagram.

You need to add:

* the keyword/most important words at the top

* a question or call-on action to encourage audience to leave their comments or to try your products.

* emojis to make your caption visual and funny

* Try the different length of caption to tell a story, and use Instagram insights to analyze which is better for your content and business.

8.Schedule your post through Instagram insights

To make the most of your social media strategy and expose your posts to as many users as possible, you should know when it’s the best time to post on Instagram. .

According to Sprout Social, a management platform of different social media, makes a form indicated the different level of Instagram global engagement from every Monday to Sunday.


Image board: Insagram Global Engagement from Sprout Social

Generally, the weekdays are better time to post your business Instagram posts, and it recommend you send the posts within 9 am to 3 pm.

As for the best time of your personalized account, you need use the Instagram Insights to analyze the data, and you can use DesignCap to make a table diagram to show what time is the best time for posting to get more followers on Instagram each day.


Image board: Make the most of Instagram Insights

You can also see your customers preference of age range, gender and top location through Instagram Insights.

9.Consider Instagram Ad

Instagram ads have driven more than 1 billion users since the feature of ad launched. It is a powerful method to get more new followers, too. You can can target your audience by demographics, locations, and interests, etc.

For more details on how to advertise on Instagram, you can check out the Ultimate Guide on How to Advertise on Instagram.


Image board: apple watch ins ad example

10.Create your own Instagram style

Develop your own visual style to stand out on Instagram to make customers instantly recognize your brand or products. Use the element of color, or unique visual-style videos / images to get users’ preference.


Image board: Create your Instagram style

Bottom Line

Try out these 10 tips to get more followers on Instagram, and Leave your comment or suggestions! Or if you have another ideas, you can also let us know.

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