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How to Delete YouTube Video On Both PC And Mobile 2019

Posted on: Dec. 02, 2019

Summary: Some video are outdated, you want to disappear them? This blog helps you clean up your channel only with 4 easy steps either on Computer or Mobile phone. There are two parts of the article:

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Uploading a video last minute was a mistake? Not satisfied with last video, wanna edit the video again? Don’t worry, it’s quite easy to delete a video from YouTube. You can use mobile app or login web to get the job done quickly.

Part 1: How to Delete YouTube Video On Computer

Step 1: Go into ‘YouTube Studio Beta’.

Login your YouTube account first, and then open navigation menu by click your account’s picture. When it drops down, tab “YouTube Studio”.


Image board: Login and click into YouTube Studio

Step 2: Tab ‘videos’ to manage your videos.

Once you enter into YouTube Studio, you can see the latest updates, channel analytic and top video, etc. Tab “videos” on the left side of the screen. You can see your past uploads and manage them.


Image board: Go to 'Videos'

Step 3: Select the video that you wanna delete.

Select the video you’d like to delete first and tab “More actions” . You’ll see two options appearing, then click the “Forever delete”.


Image board: Select and delete

Step 4: Check again and delete the video.

After you choose “Forever delete”, there is a pop-up box to let you make sure you wanna delete the video forever.

If you ready to commit, check “I understand the deleting is permanent”. You, then, can delete it successfully.


Image board: Check again and delete

Part 2: How to Delete YouTube Video On Mobile Phone

Step 1: Open the app and login your account.

Open your YouTube app, which brings you to the homepage. Sign in your YouTube account first.


Image board: Sign in your YouTube account

Step 2: Navigate to your channel and manage your videos.

Click on your profile picture (on the right top of the screen) which will bring you to ‘account menu’ . Tab ‘Your Channel’ to manage your videos.


Image board: Manage your channel

Step 3: Select and Delete.

Find the video that you want to delete, you will see “” on the right of the video, click it and select the “delete” button.


Image board: Select and delete videos on mobile

Step 4: Delete Forever.

If you are ready to delete, then tab “ok” on the pop-up box. Your YouTube video is officially permanent delete.


Image board: You can now delete videos on mobile forever

Bottom Line

Either On PC or Mobile, Using 4 steps can permanently delete a video from YouTube. Try out the 2 ways and clean up your channel!

After deleting, whether you wanna change the idea to re-edit the video again and make a perfect video, try FlexClip video maker which is friendly for video-editing beginners and provides thousands of templates and many transitions helping you make a stunning video and get more views/likes on YouTube.


Image board: Flexclip video editor

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