How to Combine Videos on YouTube Online in 2022 (Easy & Quick)

Last Updated: 2022. 07. 06

As a YouTuber or content creator, very often you need to combine your YouTube videos or use parts of someone else's videos on YouTube to be merged to create a new video for a video tutorial or product view, etc.

So, in this tutorial, we will walk you through 2 easy ways to combine videos on YouTube online and offer you helpful tips as you combine or merge multiple YouTube videos.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

Here is a quick takeaway:

  • YouTube Studio used to have a video combining feature that allows you to directly merge multiple YouTube videos online. However, such a feature was removed in Sep 2017.
  • So, to combine videos on YouTube, you either need to download YouTube videos (if they are not yours) beforehand and use a video editor to merge them or directly combine videos on YouTube online using their URLs. Read on to find out the detail.
  • How to Combine Videos on YouTube Online by FlexClip

    If you don’t have time to download and install a bulky video editor on your computer, a great workaround is to use a free and powerful online video editor to combine videos on YouTube. In this case, FlexClip’s free online video merger is your best bet.

    Use FlexClip online video maker to combine videos on YouTube

    With FlexClip, you can easily trim, split YouTube videos and add video transitions and combine multiple YouTube videos into one on the Google browser and easily share it to your YouTube channel or Dropbox and Google Drive.

    Step 1: Upload YouTube Videos to FlexClip from PC or Phone

    You can use any free YouTube downloaders online to download the YouTube videos to be combined and upload YouTube videos either from your PC or scan a QR code to directly upload YouTube videos from your phone to FlexClip. Then click the "+" button to add clips to the Timeline.

    Upload YouTube videos to FlexClip from your PC or directly from your phone

    Upload YouTube videos to FlexClip from your PC or directly from your phone.

    Bonus: Add Clips to Create Picture-in-Picture Effect in the Video
    If you need to combine YouTube videos as a B roll, you can click the picture-in-picture icon to add a YouTube video as a video overlay over another video. Meanwhile, you can apply a crop mask or video frame to add styles to it.
    Use picture-in-picture effect to add B roll for storytelling

    Use picture-in-picture effect to add B roll for storytelling.

    Step 2: Edit the YouTube Videos to Be Combined

    Make more edits for combined YouTube videos by FlexClip

    Make more edits for combined YouTube videos by FlexClip.

    Here is what you can do:

  • Drag the slider inward to trim YouTube videos, or use the split tool to cut a clip into two and remove the unwanted video movement. Then drag and drop the slider to adjust the sequence on the timeline.
  • Select from dozens of video transitions to combine two YouTube videos for a smooth scene transition.
  • Add animated texts, emojis, stickers, royalty-free music, sound effects, or even GIFs to videos.
  • Use designer-made and fully-customizable YouTube video templates to add styles to your YouTube video.
  • Youtube Intro For Sports
    Youtube Intro For Sports
    Use This Template
    Food Vlog Youtube Outro
    Food Vlog Youtube Outro
    Use This Template
  • Click the Text or Element tabs to add YouTube share and subscribe animations for strong call-to-action and branding in combined YouTube videos.
  • Step 3: Export and Share

    Done with the editing. Click the “Export” button to download a 1080P MP4 video file to a local computer or directly share it to your YouTube channel, Google Drive or Dropbox. FlexClip will also generate a clickable link and embed code for easy sharing.

    Share the combined YouTube videos in multiple ways

    Share the combined YouTube videos in multiple ways

    How to Combine Videos on YouTube Using YouTube URLs

    Don’t wanna download YouTube videos to be merged? Another quicker option is to paste YouTube videos’ URLs and directly combine them into one using Kapwing online video merger. Awesome!

    Combine videos on YouTube using YouTube video’s URLs by Kapwing

    Combine videos on YouTube using YouTube video’s URLs by Kapwing

    Step 1:Copy and Paste a YouTube’s URL to Kapwing Video Merger

    Then, the exact YouTube video will be imported to the Kapwing video editor for editing.

    Paste a YouTube video’s URL

    Paste a YouTube video’s URL

    Step 2: Click “Add Media” and Paste a New YouTube’s URL to Add Another YouTube Video

    You can repeat the first two steps to add multiple YouTube videos.

    Add another YouTube video’s URL to add a new YouTube video

    Add another YouTube video’s URL to add a new YouTube video

    Step3: Drag and Drop to Place Each YouTube Video in Sequence

    Meanwhile, you can add a video transition in the “Animate” Tab like Cross Dissolve, Cross Blur between 2 videos.

    Step4: Edit, Export, and Share

    Then you can trim or split YouTube videos or add animated texts, etc. Finally, click “Export Video” for the local download or share it to Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

    Things to Consider When Combining Videos on YouTube

    Fantastic! Now, you know how to combine multiple videos on YouTube using online video combiners like FlexCLip and Kapwing. We’d also like to offer you 5 bonus tips to help you avoid the pitfall as you merge YouTube videos.

    1. Avoid Copyright Issues

    Well, if you decide to use portions of other YouTubers’ original videos and get them combined in your YouTube videos, it’s would be a wise decision to DM the YouTuber and ask permission. This will minimize the chance to get your YouTube channel flagged or struck by copyright rights issues.

    2. Properly Use the Trimmer and Cutter

    No one expects to use a YouTube video from the start to the end as you combine multiple YouTube videos. So, move the playhead in the video editor to spot the frames you need and trim unwanted clips or split a clip into different sections when ended.

    3. Add Video Transitions

    No two videos are the same colors and tones. So, to ensure different YouTube videos can play naturally and smoothly, adding a video transition between two clips is highly recommended. You may even add fade-in/out effect for the audio as well.

    4. Video Qulaity and Aspect Ratio

    It would look abrupt if a video with 1080P pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio is combined with a 720P and 9:16 video. Just make sure all the YouTube videos are with the same video quality and aspect ratio.

    Now, It's Your Move

    Combining videos on YouTube is much easier than you thought. Hopefully, you find our tutorial helpful and will love using the two online YouTube video combiners to merge videos on YouTube. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach us on your Facebook or email us.

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