Best ChatGPT Video Makers to Speed Up Video Creation Process

Last Updated: 2023. 12. 26
Meet the pioneers of ChatGPT video makers in the market, check their main features and pick the best one to make every frame a masterpiece of innovation!

Currently, the most developed language process model by OpenAI is ChatGPT 4. Lots of software are integrating ChatGPT 4 to better serve their users with more intellectual power.

Here in this post, we will dive into the best ChatGPT video generators in the market to help you create videos with great themes, stunning AI voiceovers, and visual assets. Check them out.

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What Are ChatGPT Video Makers

As is known to all, ChatGPT can generate realistic and engaging responses according to your queries. The latest ChatGPT 4 update added the image generation feature, however, the long-waiting text-to-video feature is still not available in ChatGPT 4.

ChatGPT video makers are video editing tools powered by ChatGPT. They allow users to get the best-ever video script, pull up video clips and photos that are related to the script, and automatically optimize the video by adding filters, transitions, titles.

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Technology Company Show Business Ai Introduce
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Ai Tech Agency
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5 Best ChatGPT Video Makers for 2024

5 Best ChatGPT Video Makers for 2024

FlexClip - Best ChatGPT Video Makers Online

Kickstart your business promo video, or personal video like birthday wishes video, TikTok video, sports video in seconds at FlexClip! If you are a newbie, 5000+ video templates and millions of visual, and audio assets will offer you shortcuts to a satisfying project. As for seasoned designers, the clear interface and powerful editing tools help achieve all effects in high efficiency. All assets are listed on the left panel. Click on any assets, all editing tools you can utilize are above the preview window.

ChatGPT Video Editor FlexClip Overview

ChatGPT Video Editor FlexClip Overview

Create a Video View Templates

Here are some of the ChatGPT-related features to take your content creation to the next level.

  • Generate unique video scripts for prospective customers or audiences, making your video more engaging than any other video.
  • Create a video with millions of visual assets from storyblocks, pixabay, etc. based on your script. FlexClip also automatically adds filters, transitions, animations to enhance your storytelling.
  • Effortlessly add natural-sounding narrations to your video with 140+ languages, 400 voices, and customized speed, tone. Find the voice you love at the first generation.
  • Auto caption your video in 95% accuracy, saving you from the trouble of manually typing your script, and syncing the subtitle to your video.
  • Turn your text into stunning images. Even though ChatGPT 4 can help you generate images, but it doesn’t harm to embrace more image styles, ratios at FlexClip!
  • Here is a video about how to use the ChatGPT video editor - FlexClip.

    ChatGPT Video Editor FlexClip Overview


  • The free account offers limited AI tokens.
  • FlexClip can’t automatically add titles, outros to your video.


  • Free accounts are capped at 5 times of AI text-to-video, AI text-to-image, AI script, AI auto subtitle, 1000 characters of AI text-to-speech per month. Other basic video editing features are free to try.
  • $9.99 per month to gain 2400 times of AI text-to-video, AI text-to-image, AI script, 6000K AI text-to-speech per month.
  • FlexClip Pricing

    FlexClip Pricing

    Visla - Video Editor Plug-in for ChatGPT 4

    When Visla meets ChatGPT 4, you can get a video instantly without turning to other software. Install and launch Visla plug-in on your ChatGPT 4, enter any video prompt, you are able to generate a video in just seconds.

    The video creation process in Visla is quite similar to that of in FlexClip. Visla firstly asks ChatGPT 4 to generate a video script, create a video with the resources in stock library, then add narrations automatically to the video. However, the whole process is automated and you don’t have to switch between different video generators.

    Visla + ChatGPT = Miracle Video

    Pros of Using Visla ChatGPT 4 Video Editor

  • You don’t have to switch between different video editing tools. Each step of video creation is automated.
  • You don’t need to download anything to your computer. Add it to your ChatGPT 4 and you have access to Visla plug-in anytime.
  • Free customization feature. You can edit the subtitle, adjust the footage, change the voice, etc.
  • Cons of Using Visla ChatGPT 4 Video Editor

  • Free customization feature. You can edit the subtitle, adjust the footage, change the voice, etc.
  • You can’t download the video unless you pay for Visla’s add-on, even with watermark.
  • Visla only offers you limited editing features. You can only change the subtitle, change the footage, and the background music.


  • Free to get 100K characters AI voice generation, 200K characters AI text generation, 3 hours of transcription time per month.
  • $19 per month to get more AI tokens and the ability to download Visla-generated AI videos.
  • Visla Pricing

    Visla Pricing

    Synthesia - ChatGPT Powered AI Avatar Video Maker

    No need to turn to ChatGPT for video scripts and images, Synthesia has everything you need. You can easily get ChatGPT-generated video scripts inside Synthesia, choose an AI avatar, and let it speak out anything for you. Speed up video creation by up to 80% now!

    Currently, Synthesia offers 150+ realistic AI avatars from all nationalities. The wide language support range also makes Synthesia a perfect tool for creating multilingual videos.

    Synthesia ChatGPT Video Editor Overview

    Synthesia ChatGPT Video Editor Overview

    Pros of Using Synthesia ChatGPT Video Editor

  • Wide support range of languages, and rich realistic AI avatars to speak anything for you.
  • Over 60+ AI avatar video templates to get started quickly.
  • You can create an AI avatar of your own.
  • Cons of Using Synthesia ChatGPT Video Editor

  • Synthesia focuses on AI avatar videos. You can’t add fancy video edits like masks, overlaying, PIP and so on.
  • The lip movement sometimes looks unnatural, especially for some minority languages.


  • $22 per month to generate 120 minutes of video per year, access to 70 AI avatars.
  • $67 per month to generate 360 minutes of video per year, access to 90 AI avatars.
  • Synthesia Pricing

    Synthesia Pricing

    Filmora - ChatGPT Video Editor for Desktop

    Filmora is a renowned video editor working on both Windows and Mac computers. Currently, it has an app version, but Filmora still works best on computer desktop. To better serve its users, it added the ChatGPT-powered AI copyrighting feature, helping everyone to create the best video scripts, and generate titles and descriptions.

    Filmora is also equipped with other AI features like AI speech-to-text, and subtitle generator. Even though those features are not too fancy, they are quite practical for video creation.

    Filmora ChatGPT Video Editor Overview

    Filmora ChatGPT Video Editor Overview

    Pros of Using Filmora’s ChatGPT Video Editor

  • 1000+ video templates, 100+ advanced video editing features.
  • Over 5M+ stock media items and 150K+ creative assets.
  • Practical AI video editing tools like AI copywriting, Speech-to-text, and subtitle generator.
  • Cons of Using Filmora’s ChatGPT Video Editor

  • Filmora can’t create a video from text or generate AI avatars.
  • No free trial is available.
  • Filmora is a large software that requires a computer with big storage room and CPU.


  • $29.99 each quarter to access all features on a computer.
  • $49.99 each year to access all features on both computer and mobile devices.
  • Filmora Pricing

    Filmora Pricing

    CapCut - ChatGPT Video Editor for Mobile Devices

    CapCut means free access to all popular songs, stickers, filters on TikTok. Now with ChatGPT, it can analyze footages and recommend edits based on each clip. In addition, CapCut is also integrated with other AI tools like video background removal, automatic subtitles, speech-to-text and so on.

    CapCut ChatGPT Video Editor Overview

    CapCut ChatGPT Video Editor Overview

    Pros of Using CapCut’s ChatGPT Video Editor

  • Offering recommended edits based on each clip by ChatGPT.
  • All AI tools you need to generate captions, voiceover, or even change voiceover sound.
  • Generating videos with popular video clips, music.
  • Cons of Using CapCut’s ChatGPT Video Editor

  • CapCut doesn’t offer an AI video script-writing feature.
  • You are likely to encounter errors like lagging, export quality bad issues.


  • Free to use most of its features and export video up to 1080P.
  • Subscribe at $7.99 per month to access all AI features and effects.
  • The Bottom Line

    The ChatGPT video editor brings fresh experience in video editing, free generating free video script, to refine video content by adding AI voiceover, captions and more. ChatGPT and video editor integration will open more possibilities for all.

    As the technology evolves, more ChatGPT video editors will emerge. We will update this article on time to make sure you always get the newest information. Do come back often and check it out.

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