How to Create Custom App Explainer Videos That Sell

Last Updated: 2022. 08. 10

Creating a great mobile app is only half the battle. The more challenging thing is to make it sell, esp. in the App Store where every app provider engages in the rat race for app downloads and sells. That’s why creating a compelling app explainer video can be your game changer to boost sales.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to create a great app explainer video online using the custom app explainer video templates and offer you multiple alternatives to making mobile app explainer videos, plus actionable strategies. So, let’s dive into it, now!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

What Is App Explainer Video

App explainer videos are 15-30 second app previews that explain the use of the mobile app while focusing on its key features and the best selling points. A great app explainer video connects target consumers, solves their pain points, and most importantly can quickly convert to app downloads and sales.

Google Calendar app explainer video

App explainer videos range from popular 2D or 3D animated explainer videos to screencasts, stop motions, video footage, interviews, illustrations, motion graphics, etc. you’ve probably seen every day. As to which one works best for you depends on your brand, style, budget, and aesthetics.

Why Create App Explainer Videos

With animated texts, upbeat music & sound effects, trendy motion graphics, and user-friendly demonstrations, an app explainer video works far better to trigger the target consumer’s decision-making nerves to install the apps than plain texts and screenshots in the App Store.

Benefits of creating app explainer videos for sales

Benefits of creating app explainer videos for sales.

Based on the survey conducted by Storemaven in 2022, a professional App Store optimizer, that:

  • Visitors who watch the app explainer video are 3x more likely to install the app.
  • An app explainer video can increase install rates by more than 25%.
  • In the top 50 grossing apps in App Stores and Google Play, 84% of app providers (App Store) use app explainer videos while more than 50% of the app providers (Google Play) add app explainer videos to boost app installs.
  • Also, read the top 7 animated text generators online.

    How to Create a Custom App Explainer Video Online

    Well, if you currently couldn’t afford both the budget and time to hire a professional camera crew or an ads company to help you create an app explainer video, a great workaround is to use an app explainer video template and customize it into yours.

    To this end, a perfect online solution is using the FlexClip app explainer video maker.

    Use FlexCLip app explainer video maker to create engaging app explainer videos.

    With FlexClip, making professional app explainer videos is easy. You can select from designer-made and fully-customizable app explainer video templates and drag and drop to customize all the video elements on the intuitive timeline in clicks away.

    App Presentation
    App Presentation
    Use This Template
    Software Review
    Software Review
    Use This Template
    App Explainer
    App Explainer
    Use This Template
    New App Explainer
    New App Explainer
    Use This Template

    Besides, you can make the most of 4M+ royalty-free stock assets, including videos, photos, music & sound effects, GIFs, and dynamic elements, and effortlessly use image background remover, and picture-in-picture effects, text animations, speed control, trendy liquid transitions, filter, etc. to make your custom app explainer video that vows the target consumer.

    It can be as easy as simple drag and drop or as complex as you could possibly imagine.

    Step 1
    Select an app explainer video template to your liking.
    Select a free app explainer video template to begin with

    Select a free app explainer video template to begin with.

    Step 2
    Upload your app’s photos, footage, and audio files to FlexClip from a PC or phone.
    Upload your app’s video assets to FlexClip

    Upload your app’s video assets to FlexClip.

    Step 3
    Replace the pre-made app explainer video elements with yours.

    Drag and drop your app’s screencasts or photos to the pre-made iPhone frame. Then your app’s photo or clips will be automatically embedded into it. Magic! You may also click the “+” button to add footage to the timeline and trim, split clips, or adjust the sequence of clips.

    Replace the premade video elements with your photos and footage and trim or split clips

    Replace the premade video elements with your photos and footage and trim or split clips.

    Step 4
    Customize the text and text animations.

    Double-click the readymade text > type in your texts > customize the font, color, size, spacing, etc. Then click the Motion tool and select from dozens of text animations, such as typewriter, glitter, bounce, burst, stomp, etc. to make your app explainer video come alive. You may also set text animation duration on the timeline.

    Customize the texts and set the text animations

    Customize the texts and set the text animations.

    Another trick is to browse through the Text tab, where you can add helpful callout text animations, etc. to explain the key functionality of your apps to viewers.

    Use callout text animations to explain the mobile app’s functionalities

    Use callout text animations to explain the mobile app’s functionalities.

    Step 5
    Add more video effects.

    You can add your mobile app as a picture-in-picture to highlight its user-friendly functionalities.

    Use picture-in-picture to explain your mobile app’s functionalities

    Use picture-in-picture to explain your mobile app’s functionalities.

    Or click the in-between areas of two clips to add a trendy liquid transition to spice up your app explainer video. Or look for the animated elements like illustrations, marks, 2D animated characters, etc. in the Elements tab to add styles to your app explainer video.

    Add trendy liquid transitions and other dynamic elements in the Element tab

    Add trendy liquid transitions and other dynamic elements in the Element tab, etc.

    Step 6
    Add royalty-free music and sound effects.

    Music and sound effects are essential to adding rhythm and vibes to a great app explainer video. Click the Music tab, and search for multiple music and transition sound effects needed for different scenes. You can easily trim, split audio and move the playhead to cut to the beat on the timeline. Audio fade-in/out effects are also available.

    Add multiple royalty-free music and sound effects to your app explainer videos

    Add multiple royalty-free music and sound effects to your app explainer videos.

    Step 7
    Preview and share.

    Done with the editing. Click the Export button. Then, you can download the 1080P video to your PC or directly share it on YouTube, Google Drive, or Dropbox. A clickable link and embed code are also available for private share or blogging. Pretty handy.

    Other App Explainer Video Makers and Services

    Apart from the FlexClip app explainer video maker, we've also rounded up 3 other alternatives to creating great app explainer videos. Hopefully, they will meet your budget and needs.

    1. Renderforest

    Formally known for its powerful AI logo creation, Rendderforest nowadays evolves into a versatile online app explainer maker. Featuring arresting and futuristic 3D app explainer video templates, Renderforest allows you to customize an awesome 3D app explain video with your app images in minutes.

    Create a 3D app explainer video by Renderforesst

    Create a 3D app explainer video by Renderforesst.

    Below the featured 3D app explainer video templates, you may also browse through other app explainer videos made by global users. The editing process is super simple: customize texts, replace images, select style, and color schemes and add built-in music and export. No designing experience is needed.

    The only drawback we found through the hands-on test is that you have no control over the video transition in the pre-made app explainer video template. While the fonts and built-in music are limited. Another inconvenient thing is that the position of video elements is fixed, not to mention the frustrating rendering time.

    However, if you really need the fancy 3D app explainer video, Renderforest can be a great option, esp for the beginner of video editing.

    2. CreateStudio

    Speaking of app explainer videos, the latest trend is using attention-grabbing animated characters to shout out your app's functionalities. In this respect, CreatStudio animated app explainer video maker can be your ultimate choice to create 3D app explainer videos with cartoon animations.

    Create Pixar-like animated app explainer videos by CreateStudio on your PC

    Create Pixar-like animated app explainer videos by CreateStudio on your PC.

    Unlike any other online app explainer video makers mentioned above, CreateStudio is a powerful animation creator and a versatile video editor combined. You can select a pre-made 3D character, props, or an icon and decide its action and animate it with motion presets. So, creating Pixar-like app explainer videos has never been easier before, even if you have no design experience.

    Another cool feature worth mentioning is the camera tool. With it, you can create a zoom in/out and pan camera movements to grasp viewers' attention to the interface and functionality of your app. Of course, text preset animations and built-in stock library, video templates, etc. are also available.

    The only downside is that if your video project is long or involves many video elements, the rendering can be laggy or even get struck. Other than that, it is a flawless animated app explainer maker for creating Pixar-like animated app explainer videos.

    3. Get Best App Explainer Services on Fiverr

    Another viable option to create custom app explainer videos is by outsourcing professionals on Fiverr, a popular online marketplace where people with different skills can offer services for you.

    Hire freelancers on Fiverr to create app explainer videos for you

    Hire freelancers on Fiverr to create app explainer videos for you.

    You can use filters to quickly locate the creators that fit your requirements and browse through their sample app explainer videos, reviews, price tags and communicate with the freelancer about the styles, tone, delivery time, etc. of how you wanna your app explainer videos to be.

    With thousands of talents offering app explain video services at diverse pricing, there will definitely be the one that fits your needs and is worth the long-term corporation. A small trick is to pick quality gigs with tags like Fiverr's choice, pro verified, etc.

    Well, the only downside of hiring talents on Fiverr to make app explainer videos is that it takes tons of time for first-timers to select the service provider and if the collaboration doesn't go as expected, the Fiverr platform can do little to penalize the freelancer.

    FAQs about Making App Explainer Videos

    1. Should I create landscape (16:9) or portrait (9:16) app explainer videos?

    Well, if you plan to submit the app explainer video for App Store. Then, the video aspect ratio should be the landscape or 16:9. We also recommend the 16:9 aspect ratio, because it offers better viewing experiences than the 9:16 aspect ratio and would be easier for repurposing for blogging or sharing on YouTube or Vimeo, etc.

    2. How long should an app explainer video be?

    Make it short and sweet. For app explainer videos on App Store, the official video duration is 15-30 seconds. If you intend to create an app explainer video on YouTube, make it around 60-90 seconds.

    3. How can I create great app explainer videos?

    Plan ahead: Write a storyboard for your app explainer video, including scene, camera movement, action, and audio (voiceover/music/SFX needed), with a focus only on showing the key features and functionality of your app.

    Have target customers in mind: Your app explainer video should be user-intended and show your app's key features to solve target customers' pain points in real-world scenarios.

    Avoid potential copyright issues: Make sure you have all the legal rights and permission to use the footage, audio, images, logos, etc. in your app explainer video.

    Pay attention to rhythm: Use upbeat music and sound effects and cut to the beat to add rhythm to a short and punchy app explainer video, just as you've seen in Apple's ads. All the video effects and transitions should be used for the sake of introducing the app, rather than complicating it.

    Now, It's Your Move

    If you've made it here, we have reasons to believe that our tutorial helped you in one way or another. So, start creating an app explainer video with FlexClip's app explainer video template or share this post and leave your comments for us. Hopefully, you can create a great app explainer video that boosts your app's downloads and sales with our advice.

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