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What is your purpose with FlexClip?
What is your purpose with FlexClip?

Stop Motion Video Tutorials

Summary: This blog talks about what stop motion video is, how many categories it has, and how to make a stop-motion.

Stop motion video (animation) is a video that brings static objects to life, which is captured one frame at certain time, with physical objects moved between frames.

You’re basically taking individual frames (individual pictures), and when you get these frames together, you can get the idea that motion is involved.


Does anyone know Gumby, classic one, which falls into the word ‘claymation’. Dolls with clay figures/ plasticine figures in this form of stop motion video.

Image board: Clay motion: Gumby

Then you got this stuff(object motion), which is moving object, it’s one of categories of stop motion. Or you can take paper cutouts, this is the category called cutout motion. Last but not the least, you can even animate people. Just recognized people as figures in stop-motion set, which is called pixilation.

different categories

Image board: except for clay motion, the different categories of stop motion

How to Make a Stop Motion Video?

Step 1 Pre-poduction:3 preparations you need to make

1.Keep Camera Still

The first important thing is choosing an equipment for your stop motion video. You don’t need very professional camera, you can just pick up your phone. Surely, it couldn’t be better, if you have DSLR, but don’t forget to use a tripod to avoid hand shake. Again, if you decide use your smartphone, remember to find a stable table for stabilizing.

2.Story boarding

If you’re planing on using different camera angles, it’s always good to have a idea/plan before shooting, thinking what kind of story you wanna film, and which pictures(movements) you may need. In this situation, you can be more efficient and save more time.

It doesn’t need be showed in very detailed, but seeing what you wanna shoot in visual way helps a lot.


Image board: Continuous movements

3.Control the background and light

The worst thing is the light is changing quickly in intensity and color while you filming and you don’t realize it. You may easily cast a shadow which makes your shots useless. Therefore, the artificial lights/studio lights are recommended.

light and background

Image board: Light and background

The other thing you need to avoid is random movement in the background, which usually ruin your animation, it’ll break the illusion of time you just created. The things/objects are changing without any continuity. As you can see, making stop motion requires a lot time and patience.

Step 2 Create Your Stop Motion

1.Taking still pictures and put them together

The process that photos put next to each other and play together creates the stop-motion movement, the video. Hence, what you need to do is taking one picture for every movement, and after getting all the pictures, you’re going to play them consecutively.


Image board: How to put images/frames together

In this way, you can get better quality images and you have more options to make objects fly, float and so on, but this method is more time-consuming for the other one.


Image board: Still pictures: stop motion video

2.Film the scene

This way is much easier to shoot and you can also get good results. First of all, you’re required to plan a movement motion, and then shoot every movement the objects will make. Last, use editing tool to put the different frames together.

A to B: film every movement

Image board: Film the every movement the objects make (source from Gerard Regot)

3.How to edit all the pictures / frames together

After you get all the still pictures/frames, you can upload your images / clips to FlexClip video maker to put them together and make your stop motion video.


Image board: How to put images/frames together to make a stop motion video

4.Frame Rate

It's not about how many frames per second you should shoot, but saying how many frames will take in each second.

For example, the figure needs to move from A to B and all the movements have to happen in one second. If you work with a camera that is set with 30 frames a second, so that the movements of your figure will be taken 30 frames, which means I need to take 30 pictures for the 30 movements from A to B. However, usually 30 pictures are quite a lot for this motion.

So what do you need to do, if you only want to take only 15 pictures?

You need to take 15 movements, but each movement has 2 frames per second, and then put them together.

Image board: what does frame rate mean for stop motion video

The Bottom Line

I hope this tutorials are useful, go and be creative to make your stop-motion video. If you’d like to learn more video filming on pre-production or post, you may wanna look through the article of how to make a travel video), film composition and how to make you video more cinematic

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