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Stop Motion Video: Definitive Guide for Beginners

Last Updated: Dec. 03, 2020

Well, firstly what is a stop motion video?

A stop motion video is an animation film-making technique in which you use a posable model like a toy, then move it slightly and take a picture, and repeat it until a sequence of photos is put together to make a stop motion animation.

In this post, you will learn the categories of stop motion videos and how to make a stop motion, and how to edit a slow-motion video with a free stop motion video editor.


Categories of Stop Motion Videos

Before we dive into how to make a stop motion video, it is worth briefly discussing 3 kinds of motion videos you probably have seen on TV.

Well, in theory, any kind of object with movable joints is the perfect subject for stop motion video making. In this regard, clay or plasticine figures and puppets are the most classic subject for stop motion video and it is also called 'claymation'.

And a perfect case in point is the hilarious stop motion animation Shaun the Sheep (2015) and A Grand Day Out (1989), etc.

Classic stop motion film: A Grand Day Out

If a real actor or actress performs in a stop motion video, it is known as Pixilation. While you can also use paper cuts to make a cutout motion, which is often referred to as cutout motion.

Pixilation: stop motion videos performed by real persons

How to Make a Stop Motion Video

Whatever stop motion videos you are into, it takes great patience and lots of time to make it. First and foremost, let's find out what you need to prepare for a stop motion video.

What to Prepare for Making a Stop Motion Video

1. Stop Motion Video Camera :

The first important thing for stop motion video making is choosing the right equipment. You don’t need to buy a very professional camera, many popular stop motion videos are even made with an iPhone or an iPad.

Surely, it couldn’t be better if you have a DSLR, but don’t forget to use a tripod to avoid handshake or camera movement. Check more for video making techniques.

2. Compose a Storyboard in Advance :

If you’re planning on using different camera angles, it’s always good to have stop motion video ideas before shooting.

Think about what kind of story you wanna film, and which pictures or movements you may need. In this situation, you can be more efficient and save more time.

Easy way to use storyboard

Easy way to use storyboard

Your storyboard doesn’t need to be shown in detail, but seeing what you wanna shoot visually helps a lot.

Make a storyboard before shooting stop motion videos

Make a storyboard before shooting stop motion videos

3.Control the Background and Lighting:

The worst thing is that the light and color are changing quickly while filming and you don’t realize it. You may easily cast a shadow which makes your shots useless. Therefore, the studio lights are recommended. Check how to adjust video brightness.

  Use studio light for the lighting of stop motion video

Use studio light for the lighting of stop motion video

The other thing you need to avoid is random movements in the background, which usually ruin your stop motion videos it’ll break the illusion of time you just created.

The objects are changing without any continuity. As you can see, making stop motion videos requires a lot of time and patience.

How to Film a Stop Motion Video

The process that photos are taken next to each other and play together creates stop-motion movements. Hence, what you need to do is taking one picture or film every movement of the object. for every movement from A to B.

Take one picture for every movement (source from Gerard Regot)

Insider Tips:

You should also pay attention to frames per second (FPS) as you film the video. if you are dong 40 frames per second, you need to figure out how much to move your object for each fourteenth of a second.

Put your iPhone or camera on the tripod and don't bump into it and keep even and constant lighting. Be careful with the composition, etc.

How to Use Stop Motion Video Maker to Edit it

Next, how to convert these photos and video clips to a stop motion video?

A free and easy way is to use a flexible online video editor FlexClip. No software download is needed and extremely easy-to-use for everyone, with multiple key features free of charge.

Simply upload your photos and video clips of every movement to the storyboard of FlexClip video maker to put them together and start to make your stop motion video.

Put all the photos or video clips together in FlexClip

You may also feel free to add subtitles or dozens of eye-catching animated texts or widgets to add a special character to your stop motion video.

 Add animated text and widget to stop motion video

Add animated text and widget to stop motion video

Besides, you may also choose from 100,000+ royalty-free sound effects and music in the music library of FlexClip to evoke a particular mood for your stop motion video. It saves you awful lots of time finding the right music.

Add sound effects to stop motion video

Add sound effects to stop motion video

After finishing all the editing, you can easily export the stop motion video in HD (1080p) and use premade outro templates to add your name, logo, and social media address to draw more new followers. Sounds fantastic, isn't it?!

Export stop motion videos in HD

Export stop motion videos in HD

Final Thoughts

I hope these tutorials are useful to help you learn more about stop motion videos and learn how to make a stop motion video for yourself. Go and be creative to make your stop motion videos with free FlexClip video maker!

Wanna learn more about video filming or video editing, check our latest blogs now.

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