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How to Make a Great Meet the Team Video for Brand Image (with case studies)

Last Updated: 2022. 05. 31

Meet a team video is a crucial brand image video content that helps your company build trust with the target customers by introducing them to your team members behind.

When used properly, a meet the team video can benefit your business in multiple ways. So, in this tutorial, we will walk you through how to make a great meet the team video with many examples and proven strategies.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

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Why Create a Meet the Team Video

Seeing is believing. There is no better way to gain the trust of customers than showing them the expertise and faces of the strong team members in your company.

Create a meet the team video for brands

Create a meet the team video for brands.

With a well-crafted meet the video, you can:

  • Establish the authenticity and credibility of your brand to the customers.
  • Showcase the team's spirits, know-how, and dedication through the behind-the-scenes videos.
  • Add a deep sense of humanity and care for the customers through team members’ infectious smiles, eye contact, dialogues, working scenes, etc.
  • Repurpose the meet the team video for the about us page of the company’s official website or post it on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to build brand image and boost engagement.
  • 5 Best Meet the Team Video Ideas You Need

    Here, we broke down the formula of a great meet the team video into the following essentials with sample videos. So, you will know what should be covered in filming and making a great meet the team video for your team.

    1. Brand Recognition

    As a brand image video, a great meet the team video should clearly display the brand’s logo, name, and brand slogan either in the intro or outro of the video. Those are the holy trinity of a brand to install brand awareness into the target customers.

    2. Identify Team Members and Display Teamwork Spirits & Work Environment

    This is one of the most vital elements for creating a successful meet the team video.

    What you can do is:

  • Film a typical staff smiling to the camera or offering proactive services for the customers in each department, let’s say sales manager or product manager, or customer service.
  • Use the following shot to track the movement of an employee for a seamless scene transition from one post to another and showcase their expertise and dedication at work.
  • Combine close-up sense, with middle distance, and panoramic scenes from multiple angles to show the smooth working flow and pleasant work environment of your company.
  • If your company has a large team members, using a video collage of friendly employees or company group photos will also do the trick.
  • Below is a creative meet the team video, made by MadeComfy, a professional property management company in Australia. Watch closely how the narrator and multiple camera movements and scene transitions are used to introduce the team members, workplace, and brand image.

    Meet the team of MadeComfy.

    An interesting thing is that through the introduction and interaction between the narrator and the team members in different departments of the company, the high working efficiency, and harmonious workplace relationships between staff, the brand’s services are deeply imprinted on the viewers.

    Bonus: Gear You Need
    Well, nowadays, so long as you have any smartphone or mirrorless camera, capable of filming 1080P/30FPS FHD videos, you can use it to record a meet the team video. You may also need a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer to help you produce stable video as you hold your phone or camera with your hands.
    Besides, you also need a lavalier mic that can hang around the speaker’s neck to record quality audio and affordable 2-3 LED light to have consistent lighting when shooting indoors.

    3. Use Employee’s Interview or Narration

    Using employees’ interviews or narration to describe their daily work, and job responsibility and share stories of personal growth in the team or how they dropped other offers and joined your company will make customers learn more about your team and add a sense of humanity and drama to a meet the team video. Highly recommended.

    Check how Amazon skillfully introduced her People Technology team through interviews and narration in the meet the team video below:

    Meet the Amazon People Technology Team.

    4. Add B-rolls to Enrich a Meet the Team Video

    Aside from the on-the-spot meet the team video footage, it would be a great idea to add b-rolls such as an award-winning scene of your team in the industry, a high-end business exhibition your team attended, and a joyful celebration of a team member’s birthday, annual trips overseas, etc. to the video.

    These precious videos, images, and shared memories will add value to your team video and make it more trustworthy with emotions viewers can relate to.

    A case in point is the Peak Support’s meet the team video, in which tons of flashbacks and b-rolls of different scenes, interviews, narrations, photo memories, etc. give viewers the impression that the company itself is a big family and it grows together with expanding and dedicated teams.

    Meet the team at Peak Support.

    5. Be Creative, Sincere, and Customer-oriented

    Well, apart from the traditional meet the team video where you get to know a company’s staff and corporate culture through job titles, dialogues, and interviews, you may also prepare the video as follows if your company offers tangible products for customers:

  • Source the FAQs of customers from the customer service team and prepare the scenes to be shot accordingly.
  • Think creatively about how you can display the workplace, expertise, and dedication of each team member through collaborative efforts at all levels.
  • Keep the meet the team video short (around 2min), sweet, and punchy, and speak for itself.
  • Here, we’ve found a textbook meet the team video example made by the famous camera corporation—Nikon.

    Meet the team of Nikon.

    In this nerve-soothing video above, there is no dialogue and no fancy edit, yet through the nerve-smoothing melody and sound effects and the display of the stunning craftsmanship of each team member in the workplace, you get to know the team members work with each other in the behind-the-scene and how the quality of the products is guaranteed. Awesome!

    How to Create a Meet the Team Video Online with Templates

    After on-the-spot filming and video assets gathering are done, now it is time to come to your PC and edit all the footage into a compelling meet the team video. A versatile and easy-to-use tool you can use is FlexClip. It is a feature-packed online video maker that unlocks your creativity to create a thumb-stopping meet the team video in clicks away.

    Create meet the team video by FlexClip online

    Create meet the team video by FlexClip online

    With FlexClip, you can

  • Select from hundreds of designer-made and fully-customizable business video templates (aspect ratio: 16:9, 9:16,1:1,4:5) to customize your meet the team video in a breeze.
  • Team Work
    Team Work
    Use This Template
    Medical Clinic Presentation
    Medical Clinic Presentation
    Use This Template
    Company Explainer 2
    Company Explainer 2
    Use This Template
    Team Year In Review
    Team Year In Review
    Use This Template
  • Enjoy free access to 3M+ royalty-free and high-quality stock assets, such as BGM, sound effects, videos, images, photos, GIFs, dynamic elements, etc.
  • Easily use the intuitive timeline in your browsers for video editing. No software download and no experience are needed.
  • Discover many user-friendly image and video tools, such as speed control, overlay video transitions, tons of text animations, picture-in-picture, image/video masks, video filters, trimmers, splitter, etc, to make a captivating video that wows the viewers.
  • Step 1
    Select a business video template, preview it and click the Customize button.
    Select a meet the team video template to begin with

    Select a meet the team video template to begin with.

    Step 2
    Upload your footage, images, and audio files to FlexClip directly from your phone or the local PC.
    Upload team member’s footage and images to FlexClip

    Upload team member’s footage and images to FlexClip.

    Step 3
    Drag and drop an employee’s clip or image to replace the default image/video in the video template. You may also drag its slider to trim its duration as well.
    Drag and drop to replace default elements in the template

    Drag and drop to replace default elements in the template.

    Step 4
    Customize titles and text animations: Select a premade text > customize the titles, its font, color, motion, style, position, layer, etc. or you may click the Text tab and select more text animation styles there.
    Customize the titles and text animations for the meet the team video

    Customize the titles and text animations for the meet the team video.

    Step 5
    Add video effects: You can add an overlay video transition between two scenes, or go to the Elements tab and select funny dynamic elements such as arrows, speech bubbles, emojis, call-to-action-buttons, flowers, etc. or adjust video speed (0.2x-8x), etc. to add styles to your video.
    Add dynamic elements, transitions and other video effects

    Add dynamic elements, transitions and other video effects.

    Step 6
    Go to the Music tab and add multiple layers of free music and sound effects to add emotions and rhythm to the video.
    Add free BGM, sound effects, and voiceovers to meet the team video

    Add free BGM, sound effects, and voiceovers to meet the team video.

    Step 7
    Preview and share: Click the Export button to directly download the video to your local PC, or share it on YouTube, Google Drive, or Dropbox; or use the auto-generated clickable link and embed code to your blog, etc.

    Now, It's Your Move

    Creating a meet the team video offers an easy gateway for the target customers to learn more about your team and corporate culture behind the scenes. And it’s easy and worth creating one to build trust with customers and boost brand awareness. So, if you find this tutorial helpful, don’t forget to share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and leave your comments for us. Looking forward to your views.

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