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How to Add an SRT File to a Video

Posted on: Sep. 14, 2021

Loving the new season of your favorite Spanish show? Or the advertisement for an Italian brand? You might be bilingual, but would there have been the case that the subtitle is foreign to you? Even for videos that are in your language, subtitles play a huge helping part in helping provide visual aid along with the auditory voices. Doubtlessly, it is often crucial that subtitles are added to videos you want to enjoy.

An SRT file, which is short for SubRip Subtitle file, is elemental in the addition of subtitles in a video. The SRT file contains all the critical data, and program-related information, such as the time codes of the subtitles, when the subtitles appear, the format with which they appear, and the sequential numbers. SRT files can either be downloaded, and applied, or edited, or can be created from scratch based on the skills of the operator.

The SRT files are supported by almost all platforms where videos are uploaded or found, either be it the video hub YouTube, the social media giant Facebook, or the relatively new social media sensation, Tiktok. What makes the use of SRT files ever more beneficial is the fact that one single SRT file for a video can be used across these different platforms and even in downloaded versions.

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Part 1 Add SRT File to Video for Displaying Subtitle During Video Playback

The Movies & TV app on Windows 10 allows you to add SRT file to a video for displaying subtitle during video playback. It helps the user be able to control whether or not they want to watch their video with subtitles, by just a toggle in the CC- caption control option. Viewers can switch between having captions while their video plays, or not having captions.

Here are three easy steps by which you can add SRT files to video during playback:

Step 1
1.Download the SRT file along with the video, and ensure that both, the video and the file are located in the same folder on your storage folder on your device.
Step 2
Name your video, and the SRT similarly, for this to work. Such as if the video is named "Funnyvideo21.mkv" the SRT file should be named ""
Step 3
Play your video, and it will have captions.

Part Add SRT File to Video Permanently

There are multiple ways by which you can permanently embed subtitles in a video that whenever you or anyone views them, the subtitles appear sideways at the right timings within the video. We prefer using the famous subtitle embedding tool, Veed.

Veed helps you download and merge your SRT files on a video permanently, and also offers the option to customize the subtitles by editing them for font style, size, format, shape. With Veed the users can also quickly translate the subtitles in a different language from the original version with a simple click.

How to Use Veed to Add SRT File to a Video?

Step 1
Visit the website:
Step 2
Select the video you want to embed subtitles in and drag it to the editor option on Veed online
Add SRT File to Video Online with Veed

Image Board: Add SRT File to Video Online with Veed

Step 3
Clicks on the "Subtitles" option, and then click on the "Upload Subtitle File" option, select the SRT file that you have downloaded for the video.
Add SRT File to Video Online with Veed

Image Board: Add SRT File to Video Online with Veed

Step 4
Click on the "Explore" button and wait for Veed to do its magic. Your subtitle will be permanently hard coded to the chosen video in no time.

Bonus Tip: How to Manually Add Subtitles to Video?

It is easy to add an SRT file to a video, but the problem is sometimes the subtitles won't sync with the audio and the scenes. Therefore, sometimes adding subtitles manually to video could be a good option.

FlexClip is one of the most widely used, and super user-friendly, free tools that can be used to manually add subtitles in a video with perfect synchronization. It is a very to use application that is free of cost, offers free downloading of the final video without a watermark, and offers several options for its users to edit and customize the subtitles. Not only can the user change the font color or style, but they can also animate the subtitles and add vibrant elements to the video text.

Here's how can manually add subtitles to videos using FlexClip by using these simple steps:

Step 1
Open the FlexClip online video editor online, and upload the video you want to add subtitles to, then add it to the storyboard.
Manually Add Subtitles to Video Online with FlxClip

Image Board: Manually Add Subtitles to Video Online with FlexClip

Step 2
Manually add subtitles or animated text to the video, by simply clicking on the "Text" tab and exploring and using different animation styles, text styles, etc. available on the FlexClip website. Go crazy with the abundance of creative options.
Manually Add Subtitles to Video Online with FlxClip

Image Board: Manually Add Subtitles to Video Online with FlexClip

Step 3
Once you are done editing, click on the playback button and watch the final product, if you are satisfied and do not wish to edit further, simply hit on the "Export" option and download your watermark-free MP4 video to your device.

Final Words

The importance of adding subtitles in a video is ample, and If you want your videos to be easy to understand, and globalized then adding subtitles is the best option. Free tools like FlexClip can help video creators or editors to edit the text in the videos in an aesthetically or creatively pleasing way and can help with making even the subtitles of the video, the star of the show by the plethora of creative options offered. Use such tools as the FlexClip for yourself and like and share if you find it a satisfying experience, which we can bet you will!

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