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How to Combine Several MP4 Files into One on Windows/Mac & Online

Last Updated: Jul. 22, 2021
How to combine several MP4 video files into one? Whether you are on Mac or Windows, here are the solutions. Pick the easiest method to start merging MP4 files.

Most filming devices store video clips in MP4 format. If you just shot some nice videos, you will surely want to combine those MP4 files together in order to share on social media platforms or watch on TV.

Stitching MP4 files together seems to be quite easy because you have access to many MP4 joiners. Yet, you are exposed to the risks of complex operation, video quality loss, and slow export speed, or worse, information leakage. It is just unwise to join MP4 files with any video merger you can find.

Here in this post, we will provide you the easiest solutions to merge MP4 files on Windows/Mac and online. Follow one of the method below and get started.

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Method 1. How to Combine MP4 Video Files into One Online

As for combining MP4 video files online, we recommend all use FlexClip. It is a free easy-to-use MP4 video joiner that doesn't lower your video quality. Lots of video editing tools like video collage maker, filter, transition are also available. Now, click on the Start Merge button and follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1
Drag and drop your video to the Media section and apply to the storyboard.
Step 2
Adjust the consequence. If necessary, trim the video so the two videos combines naturally.
Step 3
(optional) Apply some transitions to level up your video.
Step 4
Preview and save. Clicking on the Preview button to preview the merged video. Download the merged video to your computer.

How to Merge MP4 Files Online

1. The downloading time depends on your Internet speed and video size. Please wait patiently.
2. FlexClip can be used to make cool video edits, like adding text, adding background music, making duets. Give it a try to touch up your videos!
3. It is completely free to use FlexClip. You don’t have to pay a penny to join MP4 files together.

Method 2. How to Combine MP4 Video Files on Windows

Windows 10 has Photos app that helps people make video edits. Photos app can be somewhat hard to operate and it only contains some basic editing features, but it is worth trying Photos to merge MP4 videos.

Step 1
In the search tab, type Photos and launch this app.
Step 2
Go to the New Videos > New Video Project.
Step 3
Name the project.
Step 4
Click the Plus button in the Project Library and upload your video project.
Step 5
Click the Plus button in the Project Library and upload your video project.
Step 6
Adjust the consequence of your videos, the export.

Method 3. How to Combine MP4 Video Files on Mac

iMovie is a video editing software for professionals because of its powerful editing features. When it works as an MP4 joiner, iMovie is actually quite user-friendly.

Step 1
Launch iMovie. Go to Files > New Project.
Step 2
Go to File > Import > Movies. Select the clip you want to bring in.
Step 3
Drag the video clips to the storyboard and then arrange the order.
Step 4
Preview and export.

How to Merge MP4 Files on Mac

The Bottom Line

That's all for how to combine MP4 files. Which method works best for you? Is this post helpful? Share your ideas with us via Facebook.

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