Write the Best Prompts to Generate AI Videos You Need

Last Updated: 2023. 06. 06

It has only been a few months since the release of the text-to-image AI generators, like Dall-E2 and Midjourney, now text-to-video generators are saying Hi to everyone. It allows people to produce videos without filming.

Feel like giving the AI text-to-video generator a try? Here in this article, we will talk about what is the text to video generator, how it works, and how to write prompts so that AI creates the video you need.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. What Are AI Text-to-Video Generators

AI text-to-video generators uses artificial intelligence to quickly grab valuable textual information and turn it into a video for you. You can choose to input either a long article or a short clause to the AI text-to-video generator. The results are always satisfying, even though you need to regenerate a few more times.

Amazed by the Text-to-Video Generator

Amazed by the Text-to-Video Generator

Sounds awesome, but how?

If you put a sentence or a long article, AI text to video generators will immediately send the text to ChatGPT. This language processing tool will generate a script by either summarizing or enriching the prompts. Then, the video generators will pick up the photos and videos, normally they are photos and videos from a fixed stock library, and combine them automatically.

Part 2. Tips to Write Great AI Text to Video Prompts

The descriptive text you enter into the AI text to video generator is called a prompt. You can also understand it as the basis of the video output. If you only give a less understandable prompt, the AI text to video generators may fail to generate a video you really want.

What a prompt is to an AI text-to-video generator is what a pen is to a picture. It is important to have a nice pen to draw! Here are some tips to help you refine prompts.

  • Avoid Complexity
  • AI understands most of your sentences, but it may have problems in dealing with complex and ambiguous prompts. As mentioned earlier, ChatGPT creates a detailed script for the video, and then the AI video generator searches for videos and photos that match the keywords. If you use complex words, it may fail to find relevant resources for your video.

  • Add More Details to Prompts
  • This one is pretty easy to understand. AI generates video according to the prompts you provide. Normally the video AI generated is neutral and in plain words. To make a video catering to your needs, you have to add more details.

    You can tell AI text to video generator, how long is this video going to be, who is this video for, which platform you are going to post the video on, what are some of the specifics of your product/service, which style you want the video in (funny/eye-catching/serious), etc.

    If you like, you can even ask AI text-to-video generators to create a video in 4K so that all media resources are in high definition.

  • Be Concise
  • Adding more details doesn’t mean you can’t be concise. Being concise means leaving only the necessary words. Otherwise extra words may confuse the AI.

    Remember AI text-to-video generators will remove some of your text before generating a video. The problem is that the generator may delete the important part of the article. The solution is trying to summarize the article in a bullet list with some examples to support the main points. In this way, no important information will be missing.

  • Don’t Leave an Open Question
  • ChatGPT has the ability to search and generate an answer for all questions. However, if you leave it an open question, it can only give you a neutral answer, which sometimes can be out of your expectation. Most of the time, people need a positive or negative answer, instead of a neutral one.

    Part 3. What Are the Limitations of the AI Text-to-Video Generator

    Even though there are tons of AI text-to-video generators in the market, we have to say, AI text to video generators are under development. There are lots of limitations you have to keep in mind before using any of them.

  • AI text to video generators can’t always provide accurate data.

    AI text-to-video generators may add some data to the output according to your prompt. However, you should always be aware of the statistics. Even though AI is trained on a large amount of data and information, it is not possible for it to provide completely correct numbers.

  • AI text to video generators can’t use the latest photos/videos.

    You can’t use AI text-to-video generators to create a news video because every photo used is from stock libraries, like Shutterstock, Splash, which can’t be possibly updated on a daily basis.

  • The video generated are so far slideshow videos.

    So far, AI text-to-video generators only use photos to generate a slideshow from your prompts. It can’t use videos because finding videos of perfect length takes extra time and work.

    Please don’t feel disheartened after seeing all those restrictions. AI text-to-video generator is just a new thing, and it is under development. We are expected to see an AI video that is equal to a human-generated one very soon.

    Part 4. Must-try AI Text-to-Video Generator

    Besides refining the prompts, an AI video generator that understands your prompts well is also crucial if you want an AI video. There is no such a thing like the best AI text to video generator because AI is developing. What's new today may be regarded as the old tomorrow. However, there are some AI tools worth a try!

    FlexClip is one of the must-try AI text-to-video generators! To begin with, FlexClip is integrated with the most powerful language processing tool - ChatGPT 3.5. It can always understand you well and create the best video script you've ever seen. Secondly, FlexClip is integrated with one of largest stock libraries - Splash. The photos used in your video will surely match the script and be in high quality.

    Besides working as an AI text-to-video generator, FlexClip can also help generate images from text and write video script automatically, making it a comprehensive AI tool to create videos.

    FlexClip AI Tools Overview

    Create a Video View Templates

    The Bottom Line

    That’s all for the tricks and tips to write a good prompt for text to video generators. If you find this post helpful, please do remember to share others.

    We also recommend you try excellent AI text-to-video generators like FlexClip. Enter several sentences and get a video instantly. The whole process takes less than 1 minute. Enjoy video creation now!

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