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Easy Square Video Tutorial: How to Make a Video Square

Last Updated: Jul. 23, 2020

Summary: Why you should use a square video? How to make a video square quickly and easily? Check out this blog to find the answer.

Without a doubt, video is the most efficient content type for social media. How can you make your video go viral on social media? With valuable content, interesting editing, best video format, all of them make a difference. Besides, the video aspect ratio also has a significant impact on the success of your video.

Data shows, square video takes up 78% more real estate in a mobile feed than does landscape video ( that's a lot of space, the more real estate on a user's screen your video content takes up, the better); more than 90% of people use their phones to engage with social platforms like Facebook.

So you must make your video-friendly when users see your video via mobile; make your video square to perform better across the board on social media.

Here in this blog, we'll talk about why square video works great on social media and show you how to make a video square.

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Why Should You Use Square Videos?

The dramatic rise of social media consumption on mobile content results in the needs of square video. Square video is better for your phone display, and it occupies 78% more real estate in a mobile feed than landscape video.

Besides, square video outperformed landscape video in views and engagement (likes, comments, and shares).

Here, I want to share a study by Buffer/Animoto to you. It is a comparison of regular landscape video, letterbox video, and square video, and how they work on desktop and mobile. The below image shows the result:

Square Video Perform Study

Image Board: Square Video Perform Study

Obviously, square videos perform better both on desktop and mobile than landscape video and letterbox video.

How to Make a Video Square with FlexClip

FlexClip is the best choice for you to make your video square. No download is needed! No design experience is required!

Thanks to its easy-to-understand interface, anyone can make a square video in a few clicks with ease, even a layman.

It supports multiple video formats, without fear of encountering a failure to upload your videos.

It provides you with high-quality video after making it square. You can export it in 480p, 720p, 1080p as you wish, no quality loss occurs.

Detailed steps to make a video square with FlexClip

Step 1 Launch FlexClip with Chrome and sign up, then click on the Get-Started Free button to create a new. (Here, a new page will pop up asking you to choose a video template or start from scratch, here we choose the latter. )

Step 2 Upload your video with the "+" icon: [Add Local Media]. (FlexClip's media library offers various images and video footages, you can make use of them to furnish your video by Add Stock Media.)

Make a Video Square: Upload Your Video

Image Board: Make a Video Square: Upload Your Video

Step 3 Make it square by clicking on the setting icon, then choosing the video aspect ratio 1:1.

Make a Video Square: Change Video Aspect Ratio

Image Board: Make a Video Square: Change Video Aspect Ratio

Step 4 (Optional) Customize your video as you like: trim it, add text or logo, add music, record voice-over.

Make a Video Square: Customize

Image Board: Make a Video Square: Customize

Step 5 Preview your video with the "preview" button on the top right. If you like it, just export it.

Make a Video Square: Preview

Image Board: Make a Video Square: Preview

The Bottom Line

Make a video square can't be easier with FlexClip. By the way, besides making square videos, FlexClip can do more, like loop background music, mute video, and more. Go for it and explore more.

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